My Name is Hilary: And I am Wearing Pants to Drop My Son off at Mutual

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Some people may have seen a recent brew-ha-ha over LDS women wearing pants to church this past Sunday.  I read a little bit about it on the Facebook and frankly — I just didn’t get it.

I guess I really think that if you feel unequal, it’s up to YOU to make yourself feel equal.

I’ve had a few non-LDS friends ask me how I feel about my role as a woman in our church.  I confess that we pretty well run the church.  We are present in every facet.  I realize we can’t give blessings or be the prophet, but there is plenty on my plate without those two items.  Men and women are naturally different, and the priesthood is for men.  End of story.  Women have plenty that are just for us — bras, pantie liners, douching, umm… need I go on?

I also saw someone post that it hurts when they don’t see women giving prayers in General Conference.  I’m all for anyone who will give a short prayer.  Do we have anyone that fits that bill?  Can I somehow protest long prayers?  That’s something I could get behind.

Frankly, I’m so busy on Sundays with 4 year olds (my calling is to teach the 4 year olds in primary) and my own brigade of 3 that I didn’t even think to see if anyone was wearing pants.  Truth be told, I don’t care.  We have plenty of women who wear pants.  Whether it’s for their comfort or a personal stand I don’t care.  I’m glad they’re there.  I hope they got more out of church then I did.

I also think that most of this happened in Utah where I don’t live.  Maybe I just don’t get it after being in the “mission field.”  Maybe that’s because I realize the enormity of the church a little more.  I know what it’s like to be a YW leader where 2/3 of your young women don’t even know they belong to the church — little loan being active.  If they showed up in pants, and a black hoodie I’d still give them a hug and tell them I am so happy to see them.

Just like Jesus would.

The beauty of Jesus is that he can make you feel great about whatever you’re not feeling so great about.  He can make the difference that wearing pants to Sacrament meeting can’t.  I have a strong yerning to wear sweat pants every week to primary, so if there’s something I am missing in this thing, please clue me in.

And I’ll say it again.  If you feel unequal.  It’s time for you to step it up.  Come to the ward party early and help set up.  Call someone you didn’t see at church.  You don’t need a calling to be amazing.  And THAT my friends, IS doctrine.

**After a couple re-reads I am thinking this blog may sound a little insensitive to whatever lead people to start this protest.  I, honestly, don’t get it.  I’ve tried.  I hope that if this was important to you, you got whatever you were looking for.  Men are that they might have joy.  Women too. 

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  1. says

    Sing it. I feel exactly the same as you. I do not feel oppressed or unequal in our church, and frankly, I have a hard time understanding the women who do. I get that they are hurt, but I struggle to understand.

  2. says

    I feel the same way as you I don’t get it. I always liked how in church I would hear that to the world we are a puculiar people. On Tv and movies you see plenty of women in suites but you see very few women in modest dresses. I like to think that because of this we stand out to the world and that we are not afraid to flaunt our womenhood. It shows the world that we are not the same as men and that Heav. Father likes to show the world how important it is to be proud we are different from each other. When I see women in dress pants I see a beautiful person same as if I see them in a dress BUT when I see a women in dress I think I notice her more. When I see that women in a modest dress I know she knows she is a daughter of God who is not worried about what the world thinks of her. She already knows she is EQUIL to a man. I could also care less if I see women at church in dresses if that is how you feel most comfortable well than good. You are in the right place what ever you wait.

  3. A-me says

    I don’t feel oppressed etc. But if others do I suppose it’s their right. However, I prefer dialog over protest by pants. And, I was just reading an article about protests in India spurred by a vicious gang rape. It’s common and ignored and the police do nothing, stigma and bribery etc…Women there are truly truly oppressed. I felt sick and spoiled. And I would like to protest the brutal sexual assaults of women who then have no where to turn.

  4. says

    I completely agree with you Hilary! And I’ve never felt oppressed, or out of place, even being single in a church that’s full of families. It’s up to us individually to make our place. No big deal :)

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