Monday, December 17, 2012

Play Me: Ker Plunk

Oh man, I loved this game as a kid.  I still love it now.

It's short.
It's great for all ages.
It takes very few brain cells to play.
Did I mention it's short?

Because it is.

Premise:  You put all the sticks in holes in the middle of the game, then you pile the marbles on top.  THEN, you pull sticks out one at a time, the person who lets the most marbles drop is the loser.

And that is often me.

But I'm fine with that.  No really.

All of us can play it, although it only has slots for 4.  I'm sure we could fix that and just put someone's marbles in a bowl or something.  For now, P plays on one of the adults team.

Do you like Ker Plunk?

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