Monday, December 03, 2012

Play Me: Life

Thanksgiving afternoon we laid princess P down for a "nap" (she does well with a little quiet time, even if she doesn't sleep), and I decided to play Life together with the boys.  I found it a Goodwill a few months ago and brought it home for them.  I'd LOVED the game as a child.  The romance of getting married, learning how important insurance was -- all that jazz.

Anyway, we were going to play it.

MAN that game has a lot of rules and it doesn't seem to really help if you go to college.  Conner ended-up winning as he was an "entertainer" who made it big (there were two 10's spun right in a row).

So did I love it, no.

But it did bring up a few things.  I went to college and had a steady income, while Drew picked the teacher card (ironic, no?) and his income wasn't so great, but tolerable.  It was a good game to kind of bring up conversations about life -- stuff we don't normally talk about like how insurance is important and the kids realized Drew was in "night school" and would get more money when he was done.

I think we may make it a Thanksgiving tradition.  The kids really liked it, even if I made a rule that you owed the bank 10k if you started singing at any point. :)  It was a good rule, btw.  And it stopped the singing.

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