Ronconciling Terror

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I’ve thought a lot about the school shooting this past week, just like you guys.  My husband is a teacher, and 2 of my children are in public school and I’m training another one to head there in a few years.  I will rejoice when she goes.  I’m sure those parents were happy to see the school day start and send their little ones off for a fun day in first grade.

The construction of the Gilbert Temple.

And then to arrive at the fire house and wait, and wait.  To see other children come and be reunited.  And just to wait.

{the horror}

But to me the horror came in one thought.  My children were afraid and I wasn’t there.  And the fact is, my children are likely to run into situations in this world in which they have intense fear, and I won’t be there.  I don’t want to be there all the time, I love the fact that my children have a lot of adults in their lives who love them and teach them amazing things.  I love that they’re finding autonomy in the world and finding out who they are.

And then it came to me.  Their fear would be met, just like my own when we were moving.  On several occasions I felt like my grandmother was with me.  She knew how hard it was for me to do what I was doing and she just wanted me to know that everything was OK and that she loved me.  I have always had an intense love for this grandmother, but I haven’t actually felt her with me after her death until that moment. In my head, I imagine countless angels being with those little children that day.  Whispering words of comfort and then also being there as their spirits went back to our Heavenly Father.

Because the only thing that makes this right is the faith that God will make it alright.  God will hug those little kids as will other angels who love them dearly.

A world that produces someone who can shoot darling little 6 year old girls (and boys, but somehow I think it takes someone with an extra void of darkness where their heart should be, to shoot a sweet little girl) has to have someone who is supremely good watching over all of this.  That is the God who created the amazing teachers.  That is the love that fills those teachers hearts, who have only known these children for 4 months, and yet were willing to tell them how much they loved them and protect them with their lives.

That is the God I know.  And until we raise kids who know that God and let Him fill our children’s hearts with things that are good and happy we will continue to have these days of sadness.  I am thankful for a season where I can help to fill hearts and fill my own children’s hearts with what God wants them to know.  He wants them to know peace and love and charity.  And those are the things that can fill in the fear and the worry that this could happen to any of us.

Merry Christmas, may we spread the good around a little extra this week.

*On a side note, the LDS church teaches (and it is what I strongly believe as well) that all children under the age of 8 who die automatically go to heaven.  They have had their test on earth and didn’t need it to continue.  They will receive God’s highest glories.  That is a happy thought indeed.

*Another side note, I’d love to know what you said to your own children about the event.  I told both of my school-aged children about it.  I told them about the amazing teachers that were there, as well as their own teachers and how so many good people tried to help, how lucky we are to have so many good people around us each day.  I also reminded them that our family is sealed forever and that if any of us was to die we would see each other again.  I bore testimony that I knew this was true and that we WOULD see each other again.  And then they asked what was for dessert.

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    Well said. Just today we started talking about it. They had heard a little from other kids. I talked to them briefly and just told the gist of it. And as little kids do, they just took it stride without internalizing alot. But the point I wanted to make with them is that we can pray for those families. And turn our faith to God. That’s the only way through anything like this.

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