Speaking of Food Budgets

I mentioned we get 80 dollars/week for groceries.

I will admit I went over that total a LOT in the first 6 months or so while we lived here.  Just trying to build up the ol food storage and being in a new house means a lot of new expenses.

I did a budget post here.

It pretty well explains the budget and I’d say we’re pretty well on target right now.  I would guess that I average around 70 bucks/week for groceries (the other 10 bucks usually goes into a pot to go out to eat together once a month or so).  You have to remember I have a 150 dollar Costco budget on top of that.  I also have 100 dollars for clothing and household items.

If you included my Costco and food budget together it would be just under 120/week.  I have toyed with getting rid of my costco card and just trying to live through Walmart, but I don’t have the fortitude yet.  I just renewed my Costco membership.  Maybe next year….

Anywho, it’s all detailed out in that post.  I just thought I’d share it. :)

I’m trying to work on budgeting for Christmas.  That’s my own personal nightmare, but we’re doing much better then in years past, and I feel good about that. :)

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Speaking of Food Storage


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    Okay. This makes me feel better! Since we don’t have a Costco/Sam’s Club around, I obviously do have to live through WalMart and grocery sales. ūüėČ We come in around 150 a week, but my husband is a gourmand, let us not forget. We are also not buying anything processed anymore, so coupons have become fairly useless. AND that includes our household budget, though not our restaurant budget.

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