Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday: Unions

What?  More union talk from Hilary?!  Who knew?

With all the brew-ha-ha over the whole Michigan Union thing I thought I'd share a few things.

When I was hired in CA I was informed it was a union hospital and I would be paying union dues to work there.  Period.  It was around 80 bucks/month if you were part time.

If you have a religious conviction that necessitates you not joining unions you have to give that money to them to give to a charity of their choosing, that's right - -you can't even choose the charity.

And that is all.

Michigan has made it so that you can CHOOSE if you want to pay those dues.  In essence, you can decide if what the union is doing, is WORTH paying for.

In my case there were times I thought the union dues (which ended up being about 50 bucks/month if you worked once a week like me) were somewhat useful.  Most of the time, especially as a per diem non-seniority employee I thought it wasn't.

But I didn't have a choice.  Its like the union owned the jobs and it was your privilege to work there.

Decide what you want about unions, but that's a little information I've found that not everyone knows.

It was the same thing at Drew's school.  Similar pricing also.

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