Thursday, December 06, 2012

TMI Thursday: Boobs

I did that carb fast in the fall.  Totally useless.  I proved something to myself, but I didn't lose weight and I actually felt kinda awful the whole time.

Fast foreward to me still snacking of candied yams a week after Thanksgiving and I come *MALES, TUNE OUT NOW* to that "time of the month" and my boobs are killing.

Do you think it's the sugar?  Now, two lines of thought:

I did like 50 pushups with Fitness Blender on Monday and my pecs (is that the muscle by your boobs, so much for my medical knowledge) are pretty sore, but slowly feeling better.

Maybe I'm just a pansy.

But my boobs are a nightmare.

Don't anyone say it.  I'm not pregnant.  And if I am, I will most likely be on a psycho ward with a prozac drip swan-ganz catheter.  Just sayin'.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone thinks it's related to my dive back to the carbs?  I have been eating carbs for well over a month, but I know I've had more refined sugar in the last week then in a long time previous to that.

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