Friday, June 29, 2012

What We Can Learn from Ann Curry

First off, I love Ann Curry I'm a huge Today show viewer... I miss Katie, but Anne always seemed to be Katie's more responsible and concerned sister.

She's perfect for the news desk.  I was a little surprised they didn't try her in the main role when Katie left, but when they put her as the Anchor when Merideth left I still just felt like she was a bit too responsible.... somewhat awkward.  Still amazing and such a fantastic person, just maybe not the right fit.

So, when I saw ratings were down, and NBC gave her the boot to a different spot I felt bad for her.  I felt REALLY bad when I saw her goodbye on the Today Show.  Here's this perfectionist getting fired from what she considers her dream job.  It has to have hurt.  To be frank, it was awful TV.  She's been with that "business" for 20 years and they give her the boot just like that... ouch.

But then it clicked for me.

The truth, to me, is that Ann was MEANT to do the reporting that she's being sent to do now.  International stories, stories that touch your heart and really bring the world into your view.  THAT is her thing.  Interviewing Maroon 5, umm... not so much.

I think it's just a reminder that sometimes it hurts to get booted to the thing that really is for you, which is obvious to everyone else, but not so much to your eyes.

It sounds like Savannah Guthrie is going to replace her (I felt bad for her yesterday, and she was wearing glasses, I wonder if she didn't sleep well, hence no contacts).  We'll just have to see how she fits in.  I like her alright.  But I will miss Ann (I secretly wish they could somehow bring Katie back, I sure do miss her!).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Year Later: Watching the Circus is More Fun then Living One

And, my final a "year later" post, because it truly has been a year.  On year ago tomorrow, actually.
A year since we packed up our hopes and dreams, and brought them to the desert.

And I'd have to say it's been a goodie.  I know where I was, I was putting wash in my washing machine, a mundane task -- when I knew we were moving.

I just knew it.

No more was my focus on hating the school board (I will admit that took a bit of my focus, maybe 1%, I tried not to hate them too much), but it was knowing that we had a new home somewhere waiting for us.

I'm going to now interview myself on the move:

What was the hardest part:  Actually, changing schools -- which surprised me.  I really thought it would be the church that I'd miss the most.  School was hands down the hardest though.  Church seems very similar here, but the school doesn't.  I like the new school and God made it a really easy transition, but it was the hardest.

What was the easiest part:  I think my job.  I was really lucky to land where I did and feel really welcome in a new environment.  That isn't to say it's been a piece of cake, but it was alright.  I'm still dealing wtih doctors and other staff trusting me, but I've done it long enough to know that will come with time.

What do you miss the most:  The greek restaurant.  Athena Grill.  Oh, and Stan's doughnuts.  Ok, maybe not.  It would obviously be the friends.  We had some friends who had a horrible tragedy this week and I HATE that I'm not there to take them a casserole.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  I can send a card though.  Does anyone have their address?

What do you like most about AZ?:  The house.  Hands down.  I have no idea how I lived in under 1200 square feet.  We made it work, and I suppose if we had to do it again, we could -- but I love this house.  It's perfect.  It's just under 2400 sq feet, btw.  I don't think I'd want bigger, this is just right.

Do you have advice to people who are moving?  Come now, I always have advice.  Here's my top 5 moving tips, a year later.

1.  Unpack one full room.  Have a room that you can walk into and breathe.  That was our kitchen, for us -- I had it fully unpacked the first night.  I did one full room each day.  It felt good to have rooms that were "good" -- better then meandering through the house doing a box here and there.  It als helps that our movers moved the beds and set them up for us.  That way we could have some place to sleep amidst the boxes.

2.  LABEL BOXES -- I didn't always take my own advice.  Put the room and the stuff that's in it, if you can.  Helps a ton.  Buy a million sharpies, you will always be searching for one.

3.  New Bedding.  I saw on a today show segment this week, that their real estate advisor was selling her house and giving tips.  She said she put new bedding in each room when she sold.  Not only because it makes it look good, but also it reminds you that house is not really yours, because new bedding really changes everything.  I will say this helped.  It was like ripping off limbs to get us out of that town, sometimes.  But, I remember the day I came home and our realtor had staged everything and put up new photos etc.  It was a big deal for me, and it did help me separate from the home a bit easier.  I thought it was a good tip.  We, actually didn't buy bedding.  We borrowed from friends, so that helped too.  I am also glad we didn't BUY new bedding, because we ended-up buying a king mattress here.  Horray!

4.  Communicate.  we've actually had an "Arizona night" monthly on the date that we moved here (or around that date) where we go to the waffle house and just talk about the move and how everyone's doing.  It's been a good time to get the kids to open up with how they're feeling with everything.  It's hard, when you're in your own turmoil to really realize your kids are in flux too.  It's been a great tradition, and one that I'd highly recommend.

5.  As you open those boxes, open your mind.  I think I hated CA so much when we moved because I didn't think we'd stay there.  I missed Utah so much, and I wasn't putting down roots easily.  When I came here I vowed to put those roots in and really love my life here.  And I have.  Attitude is everything on that one. 

So, that's the final word.  We love it here.  We were meant to come, and as much as we miss our friends in CA it is SUCH a good feeling to know that you're in the right place doing the right things. 

I think it's funny that we're headed to the circus this week, we'll celebrate the circus that was our lives last year.  It's fun to look back (and not be moving, yuck.  I sure hated moving!).

Want to read more about moving?  Read more here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Put Your Head Down

Work's been crazy.  Not sure if it's a new reality for us, or if it's just a bump in the road.  BUT, it's been insane.  Sometimes I feel like an ox.  I'm just supposed to put my head down and work.  Honestly, when you take that as your policy it often gets you through.

Too many times I put my head up and see what everyone else is doing.

That's a mistake.

I make the same mistake at home.

I mean, really -- if everyone had their head down and just worked, and if the work wasn't there -- we could help others, wouldn't live go so well?

Of course, I've been thinking a lot about last year.  I remember working a ton and packing when I wasn't working and constantly being in movement.  But, I made it through my just working, and working and working.  And it got us here.

This isn't to say that we need to work all the time, but I think when we work, we work hard, and when we play we play hard.

and I wish someone in this house would nap hard.... and that's not me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wait for it... wait for it....

It's true, I had another Sister Wives Marathon yesterday, before heading to work.  It's good I did because I ended-up staying late.  I needed my "completely stupid" tank filled before I headed off. :)

A few thoughts:

1.  Why don't they just build a gigantic house?  I mean, I really thought what they did have in the old house was perfect.  Wings for everyone and just call it good.  I somehow have it in my head that one house would be cheaper then 4 lots.... but I digress.  Thoughts? 

2.  I hate how he's pressuring Mary.  I mean, part of me thinks he wants to get Robin pregnant again, hence the pressure, but I do get it.  I just think it's weird, but I think I may just be biased with that Kody...

3.  They do have pretty decent teenagers.  They seem to make an alright product, which is often an indicator of the process.  I was creeped out when the dad said he wanted to know if they were kissing anyone.  Dear Dad, I would've rather pulled a Romeo and Juliette then come tell you I was kissing someone, just so we're clear.

4.  Comcast cut a lot of the episodes short for some reason.  Mean Comcast.

5. How are they surviving?  I mean, I guess he "markets"... I live in a bubble where my job is actual work so I'm not sure what he's doing, or any of the rest of them are doing.  I hope someone starts doing some actual work soon.  I don't need another Jon and Kate on my hands....

I still like the show.  I'm getting bored with the "find a house" plot line.  I hope that gets resolved asap.


Wind Beneath My Wings... instead of a lot of hot air. :)

I have been using google play more and more on my phone.  I love how all my tunes are out there for me to listen to.  I recently updated my music scene... I'm rambling.

Anyway, Beaches soundtrack came on with the "Wind Beneath my Wings" and as I cleaned my counter for the 5 millionth time today I was thinking about how I feel like I've had both parts of that song.  Sometimes I'm in the background, and sometimes someone is holding me up.

And I wonder how often I don't even notice the wind beneath my wings.

My patient last night adored me.  She was really sad when I had to go (I even stayed an extra 4 hours becuase I liked her a lot too and they needed help).  She said how helpful I had been.  I felt so useful and like I'd met my calling that day.

There are plenty of times I leave work and don't feel like I've met my calling.  I've must put a little chunk in the ol' checking account.  Horray for that, at least.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is thanks to all the people who have ever helped me.  I just don't think it is humanly possible to notice all the people who are helping you.  I don't get to adequately thank them, like my patient so profusely did last night.

I'm rambling....

Did I mention I've been working a lot?

A few times where people were the "wind" for me -- off the top of my head:

1.  I had amazing roommates in college.  I felt like they always bouyed me up so I could face nursing school, or the rejection from boys.  Very lucky to have had them right at that time.
2.  My parents -- kind of goes without saying, right?
3.  I once had a director at my old job who really just wanted to make you the best you could be.  I loved being around her, and she did make ME a better person, she was only with us for a while and we were all REALLY sad when she left, but I wish I could be one of "those" kinds of people.

Anyway, do you think you always think to tell people how they've helped you?  I'm sure they'd like to know.  I once emailed an old high school teacher about how much I'd adored her class and became a nurse.  She was really happy to get the email.  I live with a husband who really likes those emails too.  Maybe we should all do that a little more often.

Oh Bette.  :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I just spent the last 1/2 hour trying to get my kids to write something heartfelt to Drew.  Those stinkers. 

But I didn't want the year to go without my own heartfelt message.

First, to my own dad.  He's amazing.  I was constantly told at BYU how lucky I was to have my father as my dad.  I'm not sure I knew what everyone was talking about.  The nursing program had particular affection for him (they were in the same building, they were SWKT buddies).  As I've grown, and called him with all my big decisions (and some small ones) I've realized that he is wise.  Wise in so very many ways.  He just knows what's important.  I'm not sure how he learned it, but he did.  Maybe it's in the 20k books he's read (you think I'm joking, don't you?).  He's s goodie, I'm glad I've had him in my life.

And then to my Drew.  He is working so hard to be a great dad.  These kids have so many differing needs and I see him trying to really stretch to accomodate each one.  Playing princess with P, showing Spencer how to be a good game player, and taking Conner to scout activity, after scout activity (not to mention the app on his ipad where he tracks Conner's progress).  I appreciate each second he spends on these kids.  He is very giving of his time and energy.

I hate how mother's and father's day has become so controversial in everyone's minds.  Maybe you didn't adore your father, but maybe you should have.  Maybe he didn't kill you when he very well wanted to, and you should be thankful for that.

Sure, every parent could be better, but as you focus on the individual, amazing acts that they perform countlessly through your lifetime they add up for some serious gratitude on this special day.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Friday: Staycation...

Wait, if I'm working is it still a staycation?

I feel like it's a vacation, and I want to spend money like it's a vacation.  Except when I'm at work.  Then, not so much.

So, we've done some fun stuff in the area:

Drew and El Presidante went to scout camp, and they both came back alive. :)

This past week we went to the musical instrument museum.  I'm not sure it's the best choice of museum for little kids, as you pretty well can't touch anything til' you get the experimentation area, but it was fun anyway.  Just sayin' if you have a rowdy crazy kid... I'd hold off.  BUT, when the parents come I'm gonna recommend it to them.

Princess P, by the way, is in love with the Ukulele... I'm talking IN. LOVE.  It was amusing.

Here's El Presidante with his musical instrument of choice:

Everyone wears headphones, and the music comes on as you get close to an exhibit.  That part was pretty cool.

We also did sea monkeys.  Man, they're getting pretty big.  Anyone want to house them while we're gone for a bit this summer?  They're pretty low maintenance and interesting...

I have real photos on my real camera, but someone's supposed to work today so I'd probably get some "real" stuff done too.

Happy summer!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Day The Clouds Parted

We are now a year from the day when I thought the whole thing may very well work out.

We trashed our prior realtor, found a new one who aggressively looked for us, and suggested an area I somehow hadn't looked in, really.

Funny how I'd blocked that out of my mind.  I mean, it was actually the name of the elementary school and the ratings of the middle school online.  I just had decided not to look here.

Funny how stuff like that works.

And amazing how it works out.

I remember that day.  I begged a friend to go look at the house (thanks Desiree), and she was sweet enough to give me a completely honest answer.

I talked to a friend's sister in law (Hi Irene!) and she gave me an evaluation. 

People are so gosh darn helpful.  A big thanks to everyone who helped that day work out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keepin' It Organized

This week's question:

What are your favorite resources (Products, Apps, Books, Websites, etc.) to help you get organized?

Well, I have my insane cleaning schedule, that really helps me stay on track.

I have a few other tidbits that keep me on track:

**I have an android phone that runs these apps... it's my favorite purchase ever.  I love, love, love it.

Astrid : It's a "task list" and Drew and I are able to share tasks so if one of us gets something done we can cross it off.  This helpful when we're just passing ships.  I have all my jobs in there with repeating due dates.  It's incredibly anal, and incredibly helpful!

I just downloaded a new calendar app that I really like it's called Business Calendar.  It runs off my google calendar, which imports Drew's and the kid's school calendars so I can stay on track.  I also us my google calendar at work when someone wants me to work.  It has been a lifesaver.  I love having access to it anywhere.  Ha-uge!  This particular app just has a nice interface, better then what I was using.  I also use an agenda widget that helps me see a particular day in detail.

I also like -- just to stay on track of finances.

I also use an envelope system app on my phone when we are on vacation to stay on budget there.  We don't get cash out, but we do use an "envelope system" so we know how much we have to spend.

Anyway, that's all I thought of.  Do you have favorite organizational apps?  Join the conversation over here, you can even enter to win!

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Conner had 2 teacher for 2 years.  One he had for 1st and 2nd, and one he had for 4th and 5th, and yesterday... they got married.

{insert giddy Hilary dancing around}

Seriously, they are so perfect for each other.  They've dated for FAR too long and I'm so happy for them.

SO happy.  I am practically disabled at the thought that Spencer won't have her for 3rd grade, and he helped Conner in countless ways.  I am just so happy for them.

I have another good friend here who's getting married today.  She's waited long and hard for this and the day is finally here.  So happy for her.

It's made me think a lot about marriage.  There is a lot to think about, isn't there?

It's not always my own favorite thing.  This past year has been a particular low point for us.  Not that either one of us has done anything but struggle to find our own place in the world here in in the desert.

But marriage shows hope.  It shows the hope that two people can be stronger then one person on their own.

I am far too aware that people remain single for a long time.  I would guess 60% of my own patients aren't married.  I know that a lot of time people are cheating the system and getting welfare programs by not being married (annoying, right?)...

I would hope that children feel more secure knowing their parents promised each other and God that they'd stick together.

Anyway, I'm just grateful for marriage today.  I'm grateful that people around me are still doing it and finding joy in a lifelong partner.  I wish more people would do it.  It's not about your 40k wedding, it's about a promise and a commitment to hope.  And happiness... :)

Garden of Your Mind

Has anyone seen this cool re-mix of Mr Rogers?

I have a little secret that I adore this man.  He is actually the main reason we got Amazon Prime, because they have like 12 seasons of him, that I can't find anywhere else.

He has a way of talking to children that is perfection.  He understands how they feel, and he helps ME understand how they feel.

Sometimes when I say that I have my kids (Princess P in particular) watch him, I get some weird looks.  I think some people are turned off by his soft demeanor, but I sometimes think this is how Jesus would talk to kids (because I know that a lot of the time how I talk to them is NOT how Jesus would).  He loves them, and he understands them.  He likes to have fun with them, and wants them to be better.

Sometimes I watch it with P when I am particularly frustrated with parenting and he reminds me that they're children, and we're growing their little minds.

He was sure great fertilizer.  I miss him.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Unicorn

A friend recently linked to a post that  I personally found very profound.

It is true that I went door to door during prop 8.  I did feel very conflicted at the time, and I still do.  I think that the feelings of homosexuality are very real.

This man so eloquently states how amazing his life is.  I really appreciate him sharing his thoughts on his blog, they might be helpful to you, or someone you know as well.

Club Unicorn: In which I come out of the closet on our ten year anniversary

I feel the best reality, and the one that allowed me to walk for prop 8, is that families happen when a man and a woman are together (and that isn't to downplay families that look differently, but the truth of the matter is that in order to have a child you need a part from a man and a part from a woman, and no law is going to change that).  I think the most successful families have a mom and a dad (although, there are plenty of exceptions, I personally believe this to be the best "nest" to foster great humans) and I truly feel much more joy in my family then I do in any sexual relationship (although I find that to be quite important as well).

Let me know what you think!

P.S.  Also, his blog is hilarious.  I think the giggles I have had this morning may get me through 12 hours of work this afternoon...

Ode to the Single Working Mom

Drew's been, um... er... unavailable this week (more on that later)... and I worked yesterday and when I came home and realized that even after 10 hours at work I still had MORE work to do at home I wanted to die.
Sadly, I didn't.
I still had to take out the trash.
And my kids bounded in at 6 am and I have work staring at me again today.
I could've kissed the neighbor girl for putting them to bed.  That was money well spent on my part.

Anyway, what my rambling words are trying to say is that if Drew dies we are all screwed.

I can't support him if he isn't home to take out my trash.

And that is all.

If you are a single stay at home mom my hat is off to you.

And even if you're a full time working mom I also take my hat off to you.  It's not for the faint of heart.

And in other news, -- why, in the name of all that is good and holy, will my kids not play outside for more then 3 minutes without me?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Summer Fun

In keeping with my "word" of the year I'm trying to keep this summer "abundant" without spending a ton.  There are a few museums we'd like to try, so we're saving our pennies for those.  Here's a few things we've done to keep it interesting:

1.  Sea Monkeys - Mr Middle got these for his birthday and has wanted to have a "pet" out of them for a while so we finally started them today.  I ALWAYS wanted these when I'd read my Archie comic books in the car on long trips {note to self, get some comic books for our car trips -- I always loved those!}. Wondering if they'll be anywhere near as cool as the pictures. :)  Have any of you ever done them?

2.  We're trying to learn to be better artists.  One day a week we have "art" -- I'm pulling out some drawing books like this one, and using different mediums.  It forces me to find something "fun" and different to do.  I have also pinned a few things on pintrist and I'm hoping to get the supplies to do them soon.

3.  Fitness testing.  I know, super lame, but it gets the kids up and moving.  WE have PE twice a week and on Mondays we do fitness testing, and the other day we try to find a sport to try out.  I wish we had badmitton rackets... I love that game.  Anyway, I know last week they played basketball.  This, sadly needs to be done pretty dang early.  I need to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow.  Fitness testing includes how many pullups, situps and knee ups they can do, as well as how long they can hold the plank and how long it takes them to run the block.  Princess P too.  She's pretty funny doing situps.  And, guess who did 30 jumps with the jump rope the other day.  I almost died.  But that's WAY more then I could do last summer.  I should practice....

4.  I'm trying to do music the other day during the week.  Not really sure what to do for this.  I've thought about going through the scales and talking about major and minor.  There's also different styles of music and maybe just some dancing.  Anyone done fun music things during the summer?  Sheesh, I'm married to a music teacher!  I hope he has big plans! :)

5.  On the days I'm home we're still trying to do science.  Today was the sea monkeys.  We also tried this that SO many people have pinned on pintrist.  The obleck was fun -- but it did NOT work on the speakers like she shows.  The kids were crazy disappointed, but life goes on, right?  There was some rippling and we tried a TON of different megahertz, but we were able to talk a little bit about sound waves and of course the obleck is fun jumping or not.  I want to make the obleck again just for playing with another day -- this recipe is REALLY thick, so not quite as fun as it could be otherwise.  I also am looking for lots of other ideas, and pinning them.

A girl at work had a giant eye roll when I told her about our summer plans, that summer is a time to live free and easy with no plans.  I should say that all of this takes about two hours in the mornings and then the rest of the day is pretty loosey-goosey.  I like trying new things with my kids and honestly, if I didn't have a schedule (printed out, and pasted in Mr Middle's book) I might not really get to it.  I mean, if I had my choice I'd lay on the couch watching Farm Girls all week... :)

What are you doing?  Do you have ideas for us?

Monday, June 04, 2012

Sister Wives Returns

I was finally able to catch up with Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin.

I have missed them.

Sometimes I wish I could "plug" myself into other people's heads as they watch things -- especially that show.

For me, these women are really similar to the ones I grew up with.  They are women of faith and of family.  They really think they're doing the right thing.  And they have times where they can't stand their husband, and so do I.  It just so happens they hate their husband for marrying another woman, and I just hate him for not taking out the trash on time.  Turns out I'm petty.

NEWFLASH, I am petty.

Anyway, here's my thoughts, in no particular order:

1.  I'm proud of Janelle.  She's working at the whole changing her lifestyle to promote weight loss thing.  Turns out, Janelle left Kody for like 2 years after her last one was born.  Then, he bought the house for all of them to live, and she came back. ALSO turns out (because I was snooping on the Internet too) that Janelle used to be married to Meri's brother, got divorced and later married Kody.  AND her mom is married to his dad.  How's that for a family tree.  I'm your aunt and your mom and your grandma and your cousin and your... well, you get the picture.  I am guessing she has a whole boat load of issues (not unlike most of us, but I think there's a high chance she has a few more) that she's working through and trying not to use food as a crutch).

2.  I feel sorry for Christine.  I honestly don't know how you can REALLY work on a marriage, when you have one wife who just had a baby and 2 other ones in the wings.  She's hoping time will heal it.  Time does heal many things, but she's obviously VERY hurt, and he's not really making things better.  I do agree with Meri that the only person you can fix in a marriage is yourself... but when you're married to Kody.... uh, huh -- you get the picture.  Good luck to her.  I'd love to be her friend, she's spunky and a good mom.

3.  I see them living polygamy, but I don't really see them living much more of their faith.  Church, prayer, all that kind of jazz.  They did celebrate Hanukkah.  Bully for them. :)  I think they're all about faith, but they're not really living faith.  I dunno, maybe they don't show it.

4.  I hope they find houses.  I mean, the only perk I see to having sister wives is having them nearby to help out.  Across a few blocks isn't much of a perk.

5.  Again, I tell you that we Mormons have this whole sister wife sans sex with the husband thing worked out.  I feel like many of us are husbandless for a time, and I just see people jumping in to help out -- looking for needs.

6.  How in the heck are they making money?  I don't get it.  I guess just the show?  I hope so, I want them to get houses together.

7.  If my kid punched my other kid and drew that much blood, I think they'd have to do more then hug.  These kids have a lot of aggression.  I don't blame them, their family situation is hard.  I also see that one playing video games almost constantly.  I think Mr Sax might have something to say about that.

The truth is I find these women to be smart, intelligent women trying to live their faith.  I am not sure what part of their life is faith and what part is tradition.  I make a pretty firm distinction between the two in my own mind.  I think you can live a hard tradition for only so long, but faith brings happiness and joy.  I hope they have plenty of that too.

Have you watched this season?  Do you have thoughts?

Thoughts on Today

a.  Raise your hand if you're ready for a nap!  Sheesh, I wish my job would stop calling me at 5 am, especially today when it was to put me on call, but not til' 1:30.  I really could have waited longer for that info.

b.  I love games.  I love kids playing games.  SO many great things can be learned from kids playing games.  My two younger are playing this one right now:  Ok, this isn't exactly it, but it's pretty close.  P loves this game!

c.  Whenever Drew goes somewhere I'm always left feeling a little like I did the first day he went to work after I had Conner.  I mean, it's not like I'm not fully capable of running things around here, and frankly I do it a fair amount of the time alone... does anyone else ever get that feeling?

d.  We had a fire alarm in church yesterday.  The primary kids were INSANE afterwards.  I think it's a smart idea, but i-yi-yi...

e.  Back to the naps.  Who else wants one?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Might As Well Face it....

I hear more and more about addiction on the news lately.

Addicted to food.  Addicted to sugar.  Addicted to porn.  Addicted to 50 Shades of Grey.

I'm bugged by them outlawing large drinks in NYC.  I mean, we seriously need a LAW to outlaw DRINKS?

Blah, blah, blah.

A friend sent me this article to peruse.  I love how the rats ignore eating and just keep hitting the button for their pleasure sensors thousands of times a day.  I know how this feels. I think we all do.

But that article was about video games, and I have 2 little gamers who would spend their life's duty playing games.  They love the computer, the wii, the DS, and all that is button-driven.

And I worry about it, a lot.

But isn't addiction part of the plan?

My dad gave a devotional at BYU while I was there (I said the prayer... take that!) about how so many people say it's in their genes to be pre-disposed for a certain problem.  But YOU are the one making the choice day in and day out.  It's entitled "Remember that Ye are Free to Choose".

I'm free to choose, to win or lose.... no matter who.... oh crap, now I need to see if it's on Youtube....

Ok, I'm not finding it (Mormon reference to awesome Seminary film strips of the 80's).

ANYWAY.  I think my job as a human is to overcome my urge to view pintrist all day, or fix my sprinkler system while voiding out everything else (because I could).  It's also my job as a parent to teach my kids to do similar things.

I am tired of us making rules for everything.  And I am also tired of our healthcare/welfare system that practically rewards people for eating too much.  They both bug me. 

But I personally, have a super addictive personality.  Give me a bag of cheetos and you might as well open the cupboards and pour the contents into my mouth.  They are the gateway to all evil for me.

Speaking of which, it's national doughnut day.

I just think we need to think about improving PEOPLE more then improving LAWS.

And that is all. :)


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