Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cleaning Schedule: Thursdays

Thursdays is my "downstairs rooms" days.  We mostly live on 2 levels of our house (it's a split level, it sounds bigger then it is), and the other level has an office, a guest room and a playroom (which will one day be turned into the TV room).

So, one week I focus on the playroom.  I mostly switch out toys (we have two sets of cabinets down there and I bring toys from the higher cabinets down to the lower ones and bring other toys up -- I'm a huge fan of not having a lot of toys out, but switching them).  I pretty well set a timer of 20 minutes and just clean what I can.  The playroom is pretty well the kids domain to keep clean, but sometimes their version of "clean" and my version of clean sometimes differ.  Go figure.

The other week I do filing in the office and then set a timer for 5-20 minutes (I often work on Thursdays so it really depends on when I need to be there and how I'm doing getting us out the door) to organize stuff in there.  The office kind of turns into a catch-all and I am slowly downsizing my scrapboking stuff.  I really need to work on that part a little better.

Wash:  I wash kids clothes and whites (same as Monday)

Kids Jobs:

  • S fixes the books (makes them look tidy on the shelves)
  • C sorts the laundry
You'll notice the jobs are starting to get less and less.  My will to clean wanes as the week continues.  Thursdays is my lightest day as I often work this day and while I can get a fair amount done before I go I can't go all crazy-like.

I mean, more then I already am. :)

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