Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mom. You are Killing Me With Plastic.

We've had something at our house.  I have no idea what it is.  Princess P goes in and out but Spencer's been out since Sunday.
Rash, fever, sort of a cough, more fever, runny nose, complaints of joints, more fever.
It's super fun.
Such a fan of viruses.
I even had an appt. for the doctor but I chose to cancel it.  We're tough people, and I don't think an antibitotic is going to fix this.

But back to the fevers.
I'm not a big fan of taking temperatures.  It doesn't do much more then tell you that you do, in fact, have a fever and you are sick, but I am crossing my fingers that this mr middle can head back to school sometime soon.
So, we take it.  And I don't always trust axillary.  He REALLY doesn't like it pointing into his pits and he's kind of a mess about it.
Fast forward to an oral temperature.
Apparently it is abuse.  You would have thought I ripped his eyeballs out and then went for his other sockets, oh man.  The misery!  MOM, YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH THE TASTE OF PLASTIC IN MY MOUTH!!!!

I really should get a video (mind you, he is 8) of big crocodile tears running down his little face while he's trying to keep his mouth shut around the plastic that is killing him.

So, what kind of thermometer do you use?  I've heard lots of fancy stuff about the forehead kind... Maybe I should invest.

Wait, it looks like I can use my HSA to buy one of these things.  Maybe I should... I hate to kill my kid with plastic....  Torn between these two.  The one that takes the temperature of a room sounds pretty cool...


  1. Invest in a forehead one. Heaven forbid he die of plastic overdose...

  2. We like the forehead ones. Not so much for a baby who won't keep their head still long enough to swipe it across, but great for the bigger ones. It really doesn't seem fair to abuse a sick child the way you do.

  3. Digital in the ear kind that takes 2 seconds to read. best investment ever.


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