Friday, January 18, 2013

Organizing: Laundry Room

First off, I am so thankful my laundry room isn't in my garage, as it was for 10 years in CA.  I don't miss stepping out to change it.  Although, I am also very thankful to HAVE a laundry at my house.  I did plenty of years without it also.

Anyway, we have a smallish laundry room.  Do I wish it had a sink and some delicious counter tops?  Yes.  I do.  But I am living without them.

The previous owners put in good shelves that stand a lot of weight, so I'm very happy about that.  You all know I love me some shelves.

For the longest time I didn't have it really organized.  But one day I got a bee in my bonnet, and then I've just refined it from there.

It seems like the key is making "spaces" for everything.  Things you want to store, and then figure out a space for it.  I have a few spaces here:
So, the main thing is to decide what you need to hold and then try and get spaces that work.  Oh, I forgot.  There's a little container next to the food bags (on the left -- it's an old ice cube box for a fridge) that holds all our glues.  Like, super glue and things like that.  Things I REALLY want out of reach.
On top of the washing machine I really try to just keep the things I really use for washing.  And a lot of vinegar.  I haven't found a better spot for that.

Anyway, that's my laundry room.  I think long/large shelves like that can be daunting until you just figure out what you need to store and compartmentalize them in your head.

Do you have a space like that?  Blog about it, inquiring minds....

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  1. Looks great! My new house has loads of storage in the laundry, so it'll have to be multi-purpose storage in there! I like your areas...they'll help me sort!


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