Things That Are Going Wrong

Do you ever want to vomit when you read my blog.
The cleaning schedules
The lessons with P
The Organizing.
I mean, who is this woman?  Acts like she can get it all done.

And I can.

On my blog.

Real life, not so much.

Let’s name the things that are going wrong.

1.  P got lessons once last week.  Just didn’t have it in me with a sick kid.
2. Spencer’s rash/fever/blech got the best of me.  I almost took him to the doctor.  That’s bad.
3.  I had like 4 hours of PTO meetings last week that made me want to cry.  Not to mention carnival ramping up.  Why did I step into all this?
4.  My stove cleaner isn’t working well and it’s really bothering me.
5.  With C in the musical I have no idea if he’s coming or going or when he’s home.  I hope I don’t lose track of him.
6.  When you’re around sick kinds long enough you’re end-up pretty sure you’re going to die too.  I didn’t, I just thought I would.
7.  Our washing machine or dryer keeps eating buttons.  Like, I have no idea where they went, eating buttons.  WHERE DO THEY GO?  SPIT THEM OUT!
8.  Our computer turns into a place where everyone drops their stuff, including me and it drives me insane.
9.  I love Downton Abby, I wish it was on every day.  It’s a good thing I never got into soap operas
10.  Sometimes I just wipe down the tub instead of steam it.  Shhh… it’s our little secret.

So, let it suffice it to say that life isn’t always roses and candy canes here.  Just trying to slog through life like the rest of you.  Sometimes I’m running at top steam, and sometimes I’m just idling.  What speed are you at?

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  1. says

    I really do hope that this is a list of all of the major things in your life, because it sounds like a good life to live. I want that for you. I never read blogs and feel badly about myself, because I’m cynical enough to think “yeah right, I know there’s a reality behind this that looks more like my own life.” I do like getting ideas though. And if you think it’s gross that you don’t always steam your bathtub, don’t take a bath at my house. I’ve never steamed anything other than a floor. I wipe the tubs down with clorox wipes and call it good. You’re a good mommy – enjoy that.

  2. says

    I love the blog you and the real you! It’s inspiring to me to see all that you want to do and all that you still do in spite of the curveballs that life throws at you. You do more! :)

    You know, I don’t read a ton of blogs, but I’ve always kept you on my blog list. Why? The first post I came across on your blog one day was a video of you making bread. I thought, “Holy Crap! This woman is AMAZING. Not only does she make homemade bread, but she has the confidence and skill to put a video of herself making bread on her blog!” I’ve been intrigued and inspired ever since.

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