Weekly Cleaning: Tuesdays

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Tuesdays is my bathroom day.  I’m still pretty fired up on Tuesdays.  Ready to tackle a moderate amount of work.  My Tuesday work does vary quite a bit but here’s the basics:

Weekly Jobs:  Clean the bathrooms — I pretty well just use antibacterial wipes for this job.  I think they’re just as good as any cleaner I have used in the past.  A lot of what’s needing cleaning is my hair so it takes a few of them, but I think they do as good a job as anything else.  I usually use the Costco variety, unless I’ve found another variety for cheap.

Kids Jobs:

  •  C cleans his bathroom, top to bottom it’s all him — and I do inspect, I need this boy to learn how to clean a bathroom (he also changes out the towels in his bathroom)!
  • S cleans the guest bathroom, I do the toilet (although he wipes the toilet I don’t yet trust him with toilet cleaner)

Wash:  I was towels (handy, so I can just change out the towels while I’m cleaning the bathrooms) and colored clothes (just mine and Drew’s) on Tuesdays

Rotating Jobs:

  • Clean my tub (with the steamer, unless I’m really tired and then I just wipe it down)
  • Clean the mirrors (probably should happen more often, but I’m lazy — if only the antibacterial wipes did a better job at cleaning mirrors — in my defense we have giant mirrors in all our bathrooms and except for about a foot around each sink they look alright)
  • Clean out the linen/medicine cabinet
  • Clean my shower
  • Clean the kids tub
  • Clean the guest tub
  • Steam the bathroom counters (this week the kids will wipe around the tub in their specified room instead of cleaning their counters)
  • Steam the bathroom floors

I somehow calendered these out.  I think steaming the counters, the mirrors and the floor happen every 4 weeks each and somehow the other 4 rotate around them.  I don’t know, but it works.  Thank you astrid (I actually used to use Producteev, which has a handy dandy calendar function where you can see the calendar and your tasks assigned, I wish Astrid had this)!  I actually organize the bathrooms with my Wednesday jobs so Tuesdays is all about cleaning.

Princess P loves to get a wipe and help me rub stuff down (I usually just give her a washcloth as I am too cheap to give her a real wipe).  I usually have her do the tip of the bathtub in whatever room I’m working in.  I don’t really care if she gets it spotless, but any dust can be picked up by her rag).

Tuesdays I also do any mending that needs doing.  This is 90% sewing on scout patches (BLECH) or buttons that were missing.  I like having a day to just get it done, and I usually just leave the stuff on my sewing cabinet until it needs fixin’.

Anyway, that’s my Tuesday.  I sometimes work Tuesdays so this is a job that can be scaled down (not steaming, just wipe down the “area” that I’m assigned) as needs be.

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