Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s day to all the Pulling Curls readers out there!

Man oh man, being a mom is the biggest blessing and trial I have ever had.  I won’t lie.  I’m overwhelmed, tired, and feel like it is never-ending.  But I’m exhilerated when I see changes that I’ve enacted, and proud when my kids do something that I’ve been working to teach them.

My kids are my everything.  When I had them, I became a new person.

The LDS church has a WONDERFUL video

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about mother’s day.  Feeling they aren’t enough, or their mom wasn’t so great.

Where would you be without your mom?  Where would I be without my kids?


My mom was a wonderful example of a bright, independent woman who raised good children.  She tried 100% her hardest at a job you feel like you are failing in 99% of the time.  I adore her.

Here’s a one of my favorite Mom posts here at Pulling Curls, if I think of more I’ll add them here. :)

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  1. Natália says

    Thank you for this! Im just starting out as the ward Primary president and your agenda will be so helpful to me. Warm greetings from Brazil!

  2. Aubrey Jones says

    Heaven help me…we start today. She has ho idea what is coming. I’m secretly afraid that she will hate me for the next 2 weeks.

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