Family Systems: How to Automate your Housewife Life 

Is here to change all of that.

As a mom you can easily feel like each day is just another Groundhog day.  Day in,  day out with no changes.

As a mom you can easily feel like each day is complete chaos...

The kids are screaming, the house is a mess, and you have no idea what you will making for dinner. But I have learned a secret that will completely transform how you get through your days!

The secret is systematizing your routine. When you create a system for each part of your day you can break free from the turmoil that defines your day. You will become calmer and freer because you will know what comes next instead of winging it all of the time.

Family Systems is being turned into a course to help more parents with more problems!

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Hi, I'm Hilary

A few years ago I found myself feeling like I had completely lost control of my life.

At that moment I knew there HAD to be an easier way and I was going to find it.

It turns out the answer was a simple one.


That's right! Systems. It seems so obvious now, but at the time I had no idea how important it was to have a set of routines that would help me get through each day with ease.

I no longer needed to wonder what I was supposed to do each day because I could quickly do those things and then get on with the fun part of motherhood.

After Reading This Book You Will:

Make Grocery Shopping/ Meal Prep Easier!

Several of the chapters in this book highlight ways to make meal planning and grocery shopping easier.  Dinner time has always been my trouble zone, so I have really thought about how to smooth it out!

Smooth Out The Day

What's your hardest time of day?  Is it getting the kids off to school, when they come home or meal time?  I address all these common issues and give real-life ways to make them easier.

Obtain A Magical Fairy Wand

Ok, maybe not quite -- but by organizing when you clean what, you will suddenly find that cleaning is a lot less overwhelming and somehow it just gets done!

Find The Important Stuff

Are you always fumbling to find the things you need when you need them.  With a few simple tricks you'll be sailing down the road of obtaining what you need!

What People Are Saying

D McIntosh, Amazon Reviewer 

"First off, this little ebook is just fun to read. The author has a great sense of humor. I actually laughed out loud in a couple of spots! The systems are explained well and ready to use or tweak for your situation.....I'm excited to implement some of the practical ideas."

SBAZ, Amazon Reviewer

"This book is well worth your time! I gathered valuable tips throughout and my favorite sections were: what to do with bulk chicken, living on cash, how to clean the kitchen, and organizing receipts. I know Hilary in real life and she gets a ton accomplished. It was interesting to read how she accomplishes it all."

Lara, Amazon Reviewer

"Great ideas and down-to-earth advice for the disorganized. Nothing is super difficult to implement and no system is too overwhelming for even the most overwhelmed of us."

Jessica Abegg, Amazon Reviewer

"Love Hilary's sense of humor - and she knows what she is talking about to boot!"

Smooth Out Your Day with Family Systems

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What Types of Systems are Included?

  • After School Routine
  • Planning a Grocery Shopping Trip
  • How To Track Your Finances
  • How to Plan Your Workouts
  • Filing System
  • When Do I Need a Check-up?
  • How Can I Wash My Clothes?
  • Living on Cash
  • To do List App System
  • How to Create Quiet Bags for Church Or Other Meetings
  •  How to Clean Your Kitchen
  • How to Decide What’s For Dinner?
  •  What Do you Do When Your Kids are at School?
  •  Establishing a Before School Routine
  • Organize Receipts!
  • Allowance for Kids
  •  How to Make a Grocery List
  • How to Get My Kids to Clean Their Rooms
  •  How Do I Organize Kids Clothes
  • Organizing The Fridge
  • How to Clean your Bathrooms
  • How To Pack Your Family
  • Having an Organized Pantry
  • Sunday Mornings
  •  Toy Rotation
  • Packing Lunches
  •  A System for Taxes
  • Garage Storage System
  • What to Do When You Buy Chicken in Bulk
  • Family Systems: Conclusion
  • Prologue: The 3 Truths of Family Systems 
Which time of day makes you shudder? Either way I've got some fixes for you to smooth out ALL your day!

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