Free Printable Birth Plan - Pulling Curls

Not sure what to put on your birth plan?

Are you not sure if making choices in advance will even help?

  • Learn about your best choices while in labor including IV's, inductions and more.
  • Learn some of the choices you will need to make after baby is born, so you can enjoy that precious time!
  • Learn from an experienced nurse about the mistakes she has seen other families make
  • Added bonus video where you'll learn what medical staff REALLY thinks of birth plans, and how they are useful to both you and them!

It includes:

  • 2 pages of most common options in labor & after delivery
  • 1-page printable birth plan with extra spots for your specific needs.
  • Bonus video and email series from an experienced RN on what those choices mean and how to think them out!

Hi, I'm Hilary I'll be your nurse today.

I've been a labor nurse since 2001, a mom to three and the curly head behind the popular blog Pulling Curls.  

After thousands (literally) of patients, millions (literally) of readers and so. many. hands held, I can hold yours too.

I know what you're worried about, I know how to prepare you and I love doing it every single day.

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