Courses Are Moving From Teachable

In Late July 2022 we transitioned away from Teachable, and hosting our courses on our own platform

We are doing this for a variety of reasons:

  • Cost -- with everything increasing, we are looking to keep costs low for our students, and this will help a LOT
  • Login troubleshooting -- this just make the process simpler for a variety of reasons
  • Control -- with this new platform we have a bit more control over our own things, and how it looks and runs.

That being said, Teachable will continue to hold the courses you have purchased. There is NO need to transition if you don't want to.

However, if you desire to get new/updated content, you will want to request to be added to the new platform.

There are two steps and in the 2nd step you will need to provide your course receipt/invoice.  
If you don't perform both steps, you won't get access to your course.

Fill-out the form below.  We will respond with a "magic link" for you to create a login to the classroom.  

Subscription Students:   I am unable to transfer your course to the new platform.  You will be asked to sign-up on new platform (but I will give you a free month for your trouble, and to compensate for any missed time).

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Purchase Type:
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  • Lifetime or 1-Year Access
  • Subscription
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Within 5 business days of filling out the form, we will email you a "magic link" to register for our classroom.  Use that to create an account, and then respond to that email with a copy of your receipt from course purchase and we will add you to the corresponding classes.


Downloadable items access will not be transferred to the new platform.

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