What kind of tools? How will they help?

Free Lesson from The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

This prepares you for all things 3rd trimester -- testing, concerns & more!

3-Steps to Creating a Birth Plan

Do you have a birth plan? Do you even know WHAT to plan, or WHY you need a plan? Let me help you understand the in's and outs with this printable & video.

Labor Movement Cards

Movement is one of the most important things you can do in labor -- but it doesn't happen naturally, so these movement cards are SUPER helpful!

Let's make it accessible!

Ready for your confident birth? This one makes it the most accessible. It's the GPS to feel great in the labor room!

This kit comes as a downloadable magazine that has links to each option, so you can review them when you want!

Alyssa Z


"Very knowledgeable, supportive, and uplifting. Going through this course, I don't feel so overwhelmed!"

Keala H.


"Phenomenal class! Hilary is so knowledgeable and helpful and provides many resources. It’s been wonderful to have such an in depth class during the pandemic where we can’t go to in-person classes. Highly recommend even after the pandemic"

Dawn C

Former Student

"This class helped us know what to expect during delivery, how to advocate for ourselves, especially during Covid. It essentially replaced an in person hospital tour, as well as going over safety measures."

Hi, I'm The Pregnancy Nurse®

I am also the Curly Head at Pulling Curls®

Hilary Erickson, BSN-RN.

As a mom to three and a nurse to thousands, I know what you need to know as you step into the labor room.  I've been an RN since 1997, and I have 20 years of labor and delivery experience.  I can't wait to have you jump in this with me, so let's go!

FYI, This bundle was previously known as my Free Beginning Prenatal Class, but I re-structed it to offer you more.