birth prep pack

Stop Wasting Time Preparing for Your Birth

Use an experienced nurse to start your prep FAST.

Labor Movement Cards -- To help you do one of the MOST important things in labor!

Free lesson on 3rd Trimester Testing & When to Worry -- From one of the most experienced labor nurses on the internet!

Birth Plan Help is Here! -- A printable sheet & tips to make it the most helpful for you & your team!

The Postpartum Tips No One Else Will Tell You -- but you'll desperately need!

Includes free video lessons, printables, tips & more! -- your ultimate free guide to birth prep!

birth prep pack

Hi, I'm Hilary.

I'll be Your Nurse Today.

As a mom to three and a nurse to thousands, I know what you need to know as you step into the labor room. I've been an RN since 1997, and I have 20 years of labor and delivery experience.
I can't wait to have you jump in this with me, so let's go!