Get in the DRIVER'S SEAT of your birth 

What kind of lessons? How will they help?

Lesson 1

Third Trimester Testing

Third trimester testing is often ignored by patients until they realize they consequences that testing might have on their birth preferences.

Understanding the testing, why it is done and what it could mean is the first step in sitting in the drivers seat of your birth.

Lesson 2

Birth Plans 101

I'll send you the basic birth plan printable to get started on making choices for your own birth

But I'll also send you a video that helps you understand birth plans and what they can truly do for you (and what they may not actually do for your birth team).

Birth plans are wildly misunderstood, and I think most people don't understand how useful they can truly be.


Labor Movement

Movement during labor doesn't always come naturally, so having some tips and tricks is helpful.

Your baby is going to have to twist and turn to find their best way out of your pelvis, and you can help them by changing your own position.

Bonus tips for partners to be extra helpful!

This class comes as a downloadable magazine that has links to each lesson, so you can review them whenever you want!

Alyssa Z


"Very knowledgeable, supportive, and uplifting. Going through this course, I don't feel so overwhelmed!"

Keala H.


"Phenomenal class! Hilary is so knowledgeable and helpful and provides many resources. It’s been wonderful to have such an in depth class during the pandemic where we can’t go to in-person classes. Highly recommend even after the pandemic"

Dawn C

Former Student

"This class helped us know what to expect during delivery, how to advocate for ourselves, especially during Covid. It essentially replaced an in person hospital tour, as well as going over safety measures."

Hi, I'm The Pregnancy Nurse®

I am also the Curly Head at Pulling Curls®

Hilary Erickson, BSN-RN.

As a mom to three and a nurse to thousands, I know what you need to know as you step into the labor room.  I've been an RN since 1997, and I have 20 years of labor and delivery experience.  I can't wait to have you jump in this with me, so let's go!

FYI, This bundle was previously known as my Free Birth Prep Kit, but I re-structed it to offer you more.

Top childbirth educators often give expectant parents information about the stages of labor.  Expectant mothers know they need a car seat, but may also be looking for an online course from a registered nurse.  In person classes can be so hard to fit in.  Get an online class you can do with your support person.  New moms need help with their new baby, especially if they have had a cesarean birth.  You may be birthing at a birth center, or are looking for support groups for online classes or virtual classes.  Learn relaxation techniques during the birth process is a great way to do it at your own pace with your delivery nurse.  Your birth partner should know about your birth plan, and be ready for lamaze classes or pain medication with you.  Let's learn about baby care or newborn care.  Let's give you some great comfort measures you won't find in local classes.  Postpartum care is one of the best things you can fit into your busy schedule with lots of virtual options too.  Make sure you're getting your prenatal care, and take your free childbirth classes on a wide range of topics for pregnant women.