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These tips are created by Hilary Erickson, BSN-RN - The Pregnancy Nurse®.  Let her 20 years in labor rooms help you get your best birth!

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"Hilary was great about explaining terms and not assuming everyone is familiar with medical/OB vocabulary. Her very approachable, down to earth personality made the course feel personal and easy to watch."

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Top childbirth educators often give expectant parents information about the stages of labor.  Expectant mothers know they need a car seat, but may also be looking for an online course from a registered nurse.  In person classes can be so hard to fit in.  Get an online class you can do with your support person.  New moms need help with their new baby, especially if they have had a cesarean birth.  You may be birthing at a birth center, or are looking for support groups for online classes or virtual classes.  Learn relaxation techniques during the birth process is a great way to do it at your own pace with your delivery nurse.  Your birth partner should know about your birth plan, and be ready for lamaze classes or pain medication with you.  Let's learn about baby care or newborn care.  Let's give you some great comfort measures you won't find in local classes.  Postpartum care is one of the best things you can fit into your busy schedule with lots of virtual options too.  Make sure you're getting your prenatal care, and take your free childbirth classes on a wide range of topics for pregnant women.

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