How to Access Your Course

This page will share how to access your courses from Pulling Curls or The Pregnancy Nurse

If you gained access to a class prior to August 2022, your course may be on Teachable -- learn how to access it here. The following information is for people who access the courses through Learn more here.

Go to your email inbox where you will see 3 emails (it may take up to 15 minutes for the emails to arrive).  They will be:

  • A payment notification (even if the class was free -- there is no charge it just verifies you were added to the free course)
  • One that says "Verify your email to access your course" << That is the most important email
  • An email from me welcoming you to the course

Any of these emails could be in your promotions, or spam box -- please move them to your primary email box.  Please be sure to check your spam if you don't see it soon.

Most of the paid courses send you to that login page automatically after you purchase.  At that time you likely created a password for you account.  You can use that password to access your courses at 

If you do not have a password yet, follow this step:

Click on the  email "Verify your email to access your course" -- you'll find the words "Click here to log in." -- click on that link.

This will take you to a registration page where you can set your password.

The password registration page looks like this:

pulling curls create an account

If you have forgotten your password:

Go to and click on forgot your password (screenshot shown here)

This will send a password reset email to the one you entered, where you can click it and have a new password sent to you.

If you have not received the emails:

  • It is possible that they are in spam.  PLEASE CHECK YOR SPAM, PROMOTIONAL AND OTHER INBOXES
  • It can take up to 15 minutes for them to be sent, please be patient
  • If you got NONE of the emails, it is possible that you entered the wrong email at sign-up.  Please email us at

The Most Important email is the one that says "Verify your email to access your course"  This email will get you into your course very easily.

Due to the nature of online courses, these types of emails often land in the SPAM BOX or PROMOTIONAL TAB of your email.  Please check both places before emailing us for help.


  • Those with PAID CLASSES will sign-up with your password after purchase
  • Those with FREE CLASSES will get an email that says "verify your email to access your course
  • If you can't find any of the emails, check your other inboxes and  spam and move them to your main inbox (be sure to also mark them as NOT SPAM so you can get future emails from me)
  • If none of those work, click "forgot password" on -- if it says your email is not found (make sure it is typed correctly) then email us -- there is a chance you mis-typed it and only we can fix that.

How to contact us for assistance

Before sending this email, please make sure you have:

  • Checked all inboxes, including promotional tabs and spam
  • Been patient, email can take a bit of time
  • Tried "forgot password" on

I just want to save you any time I can so you can access your class as quickly as possible.

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