The Art of Selling What You Know:

Harness the power of Online Learning in your business

Ever thought you wanted to:
  • Teach your passion. Have something you'd love to share with the world -- someone has to teach them!
  • Increase profits? Online learning is a booming business you can get in on today!
  • Stop relying on other people for your income? Finally, you can be in control of the pricing, and how things are run.  You're in the drivers seat.

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Bonnie Wiscombe, Wisk 'Em

“Hilary's knowledge of courses and e-books is all-encompassing! I learned everything I was wondering about platforms, structure and pricing, as well as extras I hadn't considered like legalities, videos and how to launch. Now I'm not only convinced I need to create a course, but also

confident that I CAN!

This book will help you discover:

Add to your bottom line with online learning

I'll share the exact numbers I am making from my courses at this point.  They're real courses, targeted to moms (not bloggers) and add to my bottom line each month!

Find Your topic

It's easy to feel like you want to create a course, but picking the right topic (that will be worth your efforts) can seem daunting.  I'll show you JUST how to pick it!

Should you make a book or a course?

Would your topic be better served by a book or would a course be a better use of your time?  Hilary has created both and can tell you the benefits to each.

How you put it together!

There are plenty of "add-ons" that will help your course sell better, we'll go through those and help you pick what will work best for your topic!

How to launch your course

I'll go through a course launch, step by step so you can be sure to not miss something simple that will help boost your sales!

Course Platforms

There are a lot of options -- which one is best?  Which will work best for YOUR needs?  Includes why Hilary moved platforms in 2017.

About the Author: Hilary Erickson

Hilary is the curls behind Pulling Curls.  As a part time nurse, full time mom and a respected blogger, Hilary launched two courses:

These are real courses, aimed at her target demographic, and while she has never had a six figure launch, she can share how to teach what YOU know.

Hilary was a speaker at the 2017 Snap Conference on this topic.  Attendees felt like they could 100% create a course after her presentation. ​

What people are saying about Hilary

Debby Schaefer, Time to DIY

“I've always been intrigued by the idea of creating an e-course and supplemental blog income, but had no idea where to start or how to do it. Now I have several topic ideas and feel confident that I can create one (or even a few), because Hilary covered all the steps and provided her expert tips after creating several herself. From ideas for brainstorming topics to the advantages and disadvantages of various platforms, along with other details like legalities to consider, she covered it all! I'm less intimidated and excited to get started! ”

Camille Walker, My Mommy Style

“I have been wanting to create a course for a long time. Hilary broke it down into step by step pieces that I could follow and understand. She has clear understanding of what needs to be put in place to

diversify your income and monetize your expertise
and voice. I cannot wait to get started.

Bren Fey, Bren Did

“Hilary makes developing e-courses seem do-able for anyone from big bloggers to small entrepreneurs. She is the guru of teaching what you know (and brainstorming ideas about what courses can sell). I love her no-nonsense approach (and appreciate the humor she brings to an otherwise dry topic). If you want to start an e-course but have no idea where to dive in this class is for you.”

Camille Whiting, Fridays We're in Love

"I'd been researching how to get started, what

to use, and pros and cons to all my options and this course put me on the right path without guessing or hesitation where to go next.

Totally worth the price
and incredibly helpful!"

Chapters include:

  • The full history of how I started writing my courses (including my fails)
  • Why you should consider writing an online learning option (as if I need to convince you)
  • Finding your topic
  • Which platform to choose
  • How to write the course
  • What to add to the course to increase value
  • Creating a sales page
  • How to price your course
  • Using affiliates
  • A launch checklist
  • Maintainting your course/customer service
  • Promotion of your course

What's included:

37 page e-book, newly updated in 2019 (no physical product is delivered)

Accompanying email series that will go a bit deeper into how to create your course, as well as give some examples of items in the text

You will also recieve my newsletters with new or relevent posts ~ unsubscribe/adjust at any time.

Passive income by selling what you know.


Creating courses isn't brain surgery, but there are several points you will NOT want to miss (or spend your own time investigating) -- this book is going to save you time and effort in creating your course!

Why Wait? Get the book now: