Ready to know the secrets of the delivery room?

Finally, a childbirth class that had YOU in mind when it was created!

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Maybe you've tried looking for a class and found them to be:

  • At inconvenient times
  • Full
  • Too expensive
  • Too far away
  • Too long!
  • Insanely boring....
  • Or, turns out the only time you two are together are at 10pm and on Sunday mornings....

But not anymore!  I'm changing all of that!

I know you want to be prepared for your upcoming delivery!

And as a labor nurse, I really want that too!

Childbirth Classes on your own schedule, together.

Taught by a very experienced nurse, in the privacy & comfort of your own home.

This class will take you from scared to excited in just a few hours of your time!​

Do any of these things sound like you?

  • So tired, laying down seems to the only position you love?
  • Worried you'll be overdue and miserable forever?
  • You'll do something embarassing during delivery and be mortified?
  • So nervous about the delivery that your mind just can't get past that?
  • Too busy for the hours and hours that a regular class will require

Click on the image for a complimentary excerpt of the first chapter.

This course is going to change that.  You'll understand what will go on and the excitement will start to take the place of fear.  This course can make that possible; I'm excited to help you!

This class

  • Can be done anywhere, from any location, in any position (especially lying down)
  • Has insider tips from the delivery room so you know what will happen - stuff you won't see anywhere else!
  • In the full course, you have the ability to ask questions and get answers!
  • Can be done in a weekend or just a few days if you need it to be!  
  • Is meant to be done as partners, and has key points & videos to review together!

Why are some births easier than others?

After over 15 years of labor and delivery experience I had always wondered why some births were easier than others? I finally realized that when parents had some quality prenatal information, they were SO much more comfortable with the day. Everyone was able to enjoy it more and look forward to their new bundle of joy, instead of fear for the unknown.

The land of childbirth education is paved with good intentions.  

Couples PLAN to do a class, but then it's just hard to fit in.  Most of my patients want a class, they just don't get around to it -- and later wish they had.

This priceless class comes at two price points available starting around $50 $25

Grab it while it's on sale -- the class can be done at any time!
Hilary Erickson, RN, BSNCreator of the Course and Experienced L&D RN

Hi, I'm Hilary.  Sitting in high school anatomy class in 1993 I decided I wanted to be a labor nurse.  After 15 years of delivering babies I still think that patient education is my absolute most favorite part of my job.  I am on a quest to help moms feeling prepared and empowered.  

This course is a game changer in childbirth education.  It makes it SO EASY to get prepared!

Who this class is for:

  • Families who want to be prepared for their upcoming delivery
  • People who like to know what's coming next
  • Women who wonder what life will be like after-baby
  • Busy people who have a hard time fitting in a class elsewhere
  • People who want the correct info, from someone who knows!
  • First time moms who need a lot of information
  • Second (or more) time moms who need a quick refresher!

Who this class is not for:

  • People who like to be surprised (and I'm not talking a party)
  • People who aren't going to put the effort in to do the class
  • People who believe everything they read on the internet
  • People who are indifferent to their upcoming delivery.

What will you get out of this class:

After just a few hours of targeted learning, you're going to come away understanding what will happen as you go into labor and have your baby.  You won't be surprised by what happens in the delivery room.  You'll know what to expect from start to finish:

  • Comon third trimester testing, and what to talk to your doctor about.
  • Going into labor (I give you all the details of exactly when to go, and what to watch for)
  • During Labor - everything from monitors, epidural, and the actual delivery!
  • After delivery in the hospital
  • When you get home -- for the first days, weeks and even months!

Regularly $30 -- ON SALE TODAY!

Available immediately after purchase!

Regularly $99 -- ON SALE TODAY!

Available immediately after purchase!

Table of Contents:

  • What to come in for
  • Contractions
  • What happens L&D
  • Pain management options
  • C-sections
  • Equipment in L&D
  • Delivery Time
  • The First Days
  • The first few months

Each chapter includes:

  • Written material
  • Key Points
  • Video(s)
  • Couples questions for you to review together

The online course is built on a state of the art online learning platform.  Available 24/7.  It can also come as an e-book.

What are people saying about it?

Things you will come-away understanding:

Third Trimester Testing

Common tests your doctor might order on you in the last part of your pregnancy.

What to come in for?

Worried you're not going to know what to come in for?  I'll give you some good ideas!

Will It Hurt?

Spoiler:  Yes.  BUT there are things we can do.  Information on epidurals and other options!

Am I In Labor

How do I know I'm actually in labor?  Can I go in too soon, or too late?

Vaginal Delivery

What happens in a vaginal delivery?  What will they do -- and what do episiotomy and laceration mean?

Cesarean Section

What happens in a c-section?  How many women need them?  How will I feel?

Hospital Stay

What will it be like to stay in the hospital.  What are the nurses watching for?

Going Home

What will things be like when I go home?  Are there things I shouldn't do?


Some basic baby information.  Info on things like breastfeeding and what to watch for!

It also answers these important questions:

When is it too late to get the epidural?

How do I know when to go to the hopsital?

How can I make my birth as easy as possible?

How do I keep myself from tearing?

This course is for every pregnant woman at any time in her pregnancy:

Where are you in your pregnancy?

I thought of YOU and your busy, schedule when I created this class:

  • Short Chapters, get the information quickly!
  • Low Cost Options for what you feel you will need for your delivery.*
  • Couples questions to prepare you for delivery and beyond
  • Additional resources to fill in  your knowledge gaps

* Per WebMD the average cost of hospital classes are $50-$200

No Nonsense Approach to Childbirth

For years I've had friends and couples ask me why I didn't bring my no-nonsense approach to having a baby to their home town (or even their couch!)

Instant Digital Download ~ 2 Options!

I wrote this course because I want women to feel empowered in their hospital delivery.  I want them to know what's coming next and to feel a part of their delivery.

​By far the most important tip I have discovered is this: 

Parents who have taken prenatal class are less stressed-out by the birthing process than those who haven’t.

I had always wondered why some births were easier than others?  

I finally realized that when parents had some quality prenatal information, they were SO much more comfortable with the day.  Everyone was able to enjoy it more and look forward to their new bundle of joy, instead of fear for the unknown.

My in person classes have always been a huge hit and I am often asked if I have some kind of online course where my students can refer their friends and family because they love my no nonsense and humorous approach to childbirth.

This course will systematically take you from learning about normal third trimester testing to leaving the hospital with new bundle of joy and everything in between!

No More dealing with hospital schedules.  Take it when and where you want to.

Instant Digital Download ~ 2 Options Available!

This Online Childbirth Class is perfect for:

  • New Moms:  All the information you need for your hospital birth.  Feel comfortable.
  • Second, third or fourth time moms:  Just take the refresher part!  Get just what YOU need.  Maybe you forgot it all -- pick what YOU need!
  • Couples who really want to be prepared for what is to come (the couples questions are really what sets my class apart from other classes.

What Makes My Course Different, and better?

  • The Couples Portion: Starting on the same page is so much easier than shifting to the same page once you’re in process. This will get you off on the right foot as parents. Other classes tend to ignore the VERY important partner relationship. You love each other, you love this baby - that will carry you through.
  • Me:  Yes, a lot of nurses CAN teach prenatal class, but most shouldn't.  I have written a blog for 11 years because I love to write and teach.  I will make it engaging and compact for your busy schedule.  If you've read my pregnancy articles or newsletter, you know that my 15 years in labor and delivery have produced someone you can trust to know what they're doing.
  • Speed:  One of my bigger beefs with teaching prenatal class is the people who wanted their OWN question answered in depth while the rest of the class sat there.  I knew I was wasting everyone else's time.  None of that here!  Plus, if you buy the community or full editions, your questions will STILL get answered!
  • Cost:  Consider your time, traffic, possible babysitter (this class is awesome for 2nd time moms!).  The Basic edition is at a rock bottom price giving you huge value for your dollar!
**In the end, through the ability to really think everything through, as well as give you some outside information. I actually think that this prenatal class is better than the ones I have taught in person (and the class reviews on those were pretty stellar).**

Get prepared today!

Online Course

The full online course, on your couch!

Total Access Right After Purchase!


  • Six month access to the full online course
  • Any course updates during your participation
  • Videos from within the course (over an hour of video content)
  • Abilty to ask Hilary questions within the course

Does NOT include:

  • The downloadable e-book
  • Couples Workbook (couples questions are within the course though
  • Facebook Group

Limited Time Launch Pricing!



No credit card required.

Deluxe Full Course

The Total Package

The Whole Enchilada

Total Access Right After Purchase!

Due to class participation, this has a limited class size each month, after that is reach it will show "sold out".


  • Downloadable 100 page E-book
  • Couples Workbook
  • Six Months access to the full online course
  • Any updates during your course participation
  • Videos from within the course (over an hour of video content)
  • Admittance to the Private Facebook Group where each month we will "complete" the course together.
  • Ability to ask Hilary questions within the course, and the facebook group.

Does NOT include:

  • Me, delivering your baby. {sorry}

Limited Time Launch Pricing!



No credit card required.

The Book

Just the facts m'am

Great for 2nd time moms!

Total Access Right After Purchase!


  • Downloadable 100 page E-book
  • Includes Couples Workbook
  • Helpful Email Series

Does NOT include:

  • Ability to ask me questions within the course
  • No further updates
  • No Videos
  • No Access to the Facebook Group

Limited Time Launch Pricing!



No credit card required.

There's two easy options for you to pick what works for you:

Hundreds of students can't be wrong!

Erin HClass Participant

"I was kind of in "la-la land" about what giving birth would be like and was just wanting to get a grasp on what was to come. Your class helped me feel very confident that I was going to be just fine.

We went into the delivery room feeling very relaxed and ready to welcome our baby girl

I have and will continue to recommend your class to my friends and family."

"What a great course!!!! Due to our hectic schedules we were not able to take a traditional hospital birthing class. Being able to complete on our own time made things so much easier for us. We were able to complete the workbook and then ask any questions that we had. I loved this format because as the pregnancy went along we still had the support for any of our questions. We ended up with being scheduled for an induction and Hilary talked me through my concerns and other options that might be available for us. Even during labor I was able to be in contact with her and ask questions. I would recommend this course over a hospital course any day!!! I am forever thankful for Hilary’s guidance and support through our pregnancy."

Megan B,  Third trimester Participant, now a proud mother.

"My husband and I enjoyed going through the Couples Pregnancy Guide! We had also just done an online pregnancy class through our clinic so this was a great supplement to that. We really enjoyed the questions to go through together at the end of each section–as first time parents, there were many things we did not think of that we needed to discuss before D-Day comes."

Tara S,  33 weeks pregnant with her 1st when taking the class

"My husband and I were able to go through this course before we had our second child as a refresher. It was a fabulous way to remember all we needed to know before going through the birth process again. It is very clear and concise. I especially liked the couples questions at the end of each chapter because they got us talking about things we hadn’t discussed before the birth of our first child. It’s a great resource and definitely worth your time!"

Heidi M, Delivered her baby within days of taking the class.

"Amazing Reviews!”

"Hilary is the labor and delivery nurse everyone hopes they get. This course is an invaluable resource for anyone preparing to have a baby and need a little bit of hand holding. The course itself is very detailed and doesn’t leave any details out, and being able to be in the private Facebook group with access to Hilary’s knowledge and level-headed advice is worth the cost of the class alone! I personally have benefited from Hilary’s expertise in the baby world, and I often tell people that “everyone needs a Hilary when they are pregnant.” I took a hospital prenatal class when I was pregnant with my first, and I feel that this is a far better option – especially if you can’t carve out the time to go to an in-person class. Don’t think about it – just buy. I promise you won’t regret it."

Katie C, Proud Mom of 2 and writer at Clarks Condensed

"All I can say about this class is, “Amazing!” In its entirety, I found this so helpful. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second child and have forgotten so much as my son is almost 4 years old. Hilary puts things into perspective & it’s so well respected as a friend but more so b/c of her profession as a L&D nurse. She is so full of knowledge & I was overly impressed with her ability to let me read something that is super scary & yet laugh simultaneously. My favorite parts about this class is how much more prepared I feel going into delivery. She covered every phase of this journey so thoroughly & clearly. I’m so happy to be apart of this class & will be looking to this as my #1 reference as it gets closer to my due date."

Alyssa G.,  Third trimester participant, now a mom of 2.

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About Hilary

L&D photo
{get ready for some third person}

Hilary received her Bachelor’s of science in Nursing from Brigham Young University in 1998. She has worked pediatric urgent care, nursing home and hospice before making the big shift to labor and delivery in 2001.

Labor and delivery is her home, although she still dreams of being Julianna Margulies from ER every now and then.

She practiced labor and delivery in San Jose, CA for 10 years and moved to the Phoenix Area in Arizona in 2011, where she continues to practice labor and delivery.

She has taught in-person prenatal classes and really enjoys educating her patients as to what is going on.

She also almost threw up in prenatal class.

If you’re looking to see more of who Hilary is, check out my makeover video — I think you’ll find around 6:50 into the 7 minute mark extra amusing.  Also, check out my pregnancy section or my about me page!

Legal Talk

Finally (and most boring) the terms of the class:

Information provided in this website, course, or through our online social network community is for informational and educational purposes only. The contents of our course are not intended to offer personal medical advice, diagnose health problems, or for treatment purposes It is not intended, as and does not substitute for, medical advice or medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional. If you are a patient, please see your doctor for evaluation of your individual case. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, contact your doctor, seek emergency services, or call 911. Under no circumstances will the authors be liable to you for any direct or indirect damages arising in connection with use of this website, course, or online social network.
Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website, in this course, posted in our online social network community, or in any linked materials.
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The views expressed on this website and in this course have no relation to those of any academic, hospital, practice, or other institution with which the authors are affiliated.
The online social network community is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Inc.

You, again, will be asked to accept these terms before buying. 

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