The Online Prenatal class for Couples is for busy couples who lack time and knowledge about the birthing process to get quick, engaging and accurate prenatal education so they can have a more relaxed pregnancy & birth.

Online Prenatal Class for Couples!

This type of class is known by a few names:

Online Childbirth Class

Available 24/7 -- whenever you are!  Easy to complete, in the course, the book or the app!  Take in days or weeks.

Prenatal Course

Do it with an experienced L&D nurse who's been at over a thousand deliveries -- you'll be engaged and learning!

Birthing Class

Do it on your couch, your bed or the floor.  Eat a snack.  Stop & start as you'd like, it's all on your own terms!

This Online Childbirth Class is:

  • Quick -- not a minute wasted.
  • It's all about you -- fits in your busy schedule!
  • Engaging -- between videos and key points you'll know exactly what's important with a dose of humor.
  • Accurate -- Over 16 years of experience makes this class a winner!

This course has hosted hundreds of pregnant mammas.

Let's hear what some have to say....

What a great course!

"Due to our hectic schedules we were not able to take a traditional hospital birthing class. Being able to complete on our own time made things so much easier for us. 

I loved this format because as the pregnancy went along we still had the support for any of our questions."

Megan B  //  Third trimester participant, now a proud mother

I was overly impressed with her ability to let me read something that is super scary & yet laugh simultaneously.

She covered every phase of this journey so thoroughly & clearly. I’m so happy to be apart of this class & will be looking to this as my #1 reference as it gets closer to my due date."

Alysa  G //  Third trimester participant and mom to 2

Hilary is the Labor Nurse everyone hopes they get

"The course itself is very detailed and doesn’t leave anything out, and being able to be in the private Facebook group with access to Hilary’s knowledge and level-headed advice is worth the cost of the class alone!

Don’t think about it – just buy. I promise you won’t regret it."

Katie C  //  Mother of 2 boys

It's just 3 simple steps:

Purchase the Class

There's 3 price points, so pick which one works for your life, your budget and your needs.  There's something just right for you!

Follow the Instructions

Depending on which one you buy -- you'll download the e-book, join a facebook group or log into your course!

Love your Delivery

Enjoy the peace of knowing what's going to happen each step of the way.  We won't miss a thing of your hospital stay.

The fourth step looks a little something like this:


Click to learn more about this online course:

The Course is for busy couples like yourself:

  • check
    Can't find or fit-in a traditional class 
  • check
    You have anxiety about a lot of the hospital processes.  From pain to  IV's, to episiotomies, even what your life will be like when you go home.
  • check
    You're worried that anxiety is going to make your delivery less special

Click to watch a special message for you from Hilary:

Click to learn more about the class:

What will you learn in the class?

Why an online class?

Who is this class for?

Do People like it?

How does the course run?

What's the difference between the options

Tell me more about the instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the class compare to other classes?

Have other questions?

Purchase today!

How much is the anxiety over your upcoming delivery affecting you?  Knowing what is to come can only make you more excited to meet your new baby.   I can help you do that -- becuase I've already done it with tons of other moms.

No more fear, just the joy of your new baby.

3 Options to Choose from!

Basic Version


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    Downloadable 100 page E-book
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    Couples Workbook
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    Supportive Email Series

Does NOT include:

  • Ability to ask questions wtihin the course
  • Any  further updates
  • Videos
  • Facebook Group



The Online Course

Most Popular Option


  • check
    9 month access to the full online course (and app)
  • check
    Online course updates
  • check
    Videos within the course
  • check
    Ability to ask Hilary questions wtihin the course

Does not include:

  • Downloadable e-book/workbook
  • Facebook Group




Make Installment Payments:

3 Payments of


Deluxe Full Course

Limited - sells out monthly!  

Includes everything!


  • check
    9 month access to the full online course (and the app)
  • check
    Online course updates
  • check
    Downloadable 100 page Ebook
  • check
    Videos within the course
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    Ability to ask hilary questions within the course
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    Inclusion in the Private Facebook Group where we will complete the course together!




What to do if you want this version?

Wondering what the class looks like?  Try my beginning class that lets you see a chapter.

Legal Talk:

Finally (and most boring) the terms of the class:

Information provided in this website, course, or through our online social network community is for informational and educational purposes only. The contents of our course are not intended to offer personal medical advice, diagnose health problems, or for treatment purposes It is not intended, as and does not substitute for, medical advice or medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional. If you are a patient, please see your doctor for evaluation of your individual case. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, contact your doctor, seek emergency services, or call 911. Under no circumstances will the authors be liable to you for any direct or indirect damages arising in connection with use of this website, course, or online social network.
Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website, in this course, posted in our online social network community, or in any linked materials.
The appearance of external hyperlinks to other websites or posts, statements, or information provided by members/users of the online social network community does not constitute endorsement. We do not verify, endorse, or take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or quality of the content contained in these sites or posted by third-parties.
The views expressed on this website and in this course have no relation to those of any academic, hospital, practice, or other institution with which the authors are affiliated.
The online social network community is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Inc.

You, again, will be asked to accept these terms before buying. 

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