Are you nervous, or not feeling prepared?

This is the easy way to get prepared for your upcoming hospital birth.

The Online Prenatal
Class for Couples

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐    10/10 Recommend

"My husband and I LOVED this class. It being online was great because we could go at our own pace and really make sure we were absorbing the information. Hillary is so funny and down to earth and made everything less scary." -- Tyler B

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐    We loved this class....

"I loved the detail that she gave in terms of the why we breathe a certain way and how that helps with delivery. I also loved her non-judgmental approach. She gave all the options and listed the pros and cons of each." -- Nora

Labor can be simple.

Pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding seems really complicated, right? But it really isn't.  I'm going to break it down into easy-to-understand bites.

You can learn on your own timeline.

No more Tuesday nights at 6 pm when you're starving and tired. Now you can pick when you're both ready for a quick 20-minute lesson, available whenever you want!

It can be fun.

Done is the era of the boring birth class. I know it's hard to imagine birth being fun -- but this class will have you laughing and prepared in no time.

This pregnancy class was created for couples who...

  • Want an all-in-one class for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and life after birth.
  • Are looking to not only get prepared, but have a more solid relationship to bring baby home to (and the flexibility to make that happen easily).
  • Want evidence-based education from an experienced labor and delivery nurse
  • Feel anxious about their upcoming birth, and wish they didn't.

This is THE online class created for couples that they actually enjoy!

"We loved it! She was engaging, funny, & helped us feel more prepared"


2022 Class Participant

"This class was absolutely perfect! We wanted something that kept things lighthearted, while preparing us as much as possible for the birth of our daughter! The content was succinct and extremely helpful and the couples questions were great!"

Jeff + Christie


The Pregnancy Nurse  Presents:

The quick, affordable, fun birth class that helps you both feel confident about birth.

What does the childbirth class cover?

This birth class is split into 3 topics:


Life Before Labor

Wondering why your doctor ordered a certain test, or what exactly you should be worried about (because everything seems a bit weird).  This topic talks ALL about that.

  • Third trimester testing -- so you can know what your doctor is looking for.
  • When to go to the hospital -- be it labor or something else, when should you go in?
  • Signs of Labor - Learn how to take the clues from your body that labor is coming (because it's not just your uterus).

Chapters in this section include:

  • What to come to the hospital for
  • Third Trimester Testing 
  • How do you know if you're in labor?

"True" labor and "false" labor have a LOT of similarities, but also some things that are different and you'll understand all of it!

Labor & Birth

How does this baby come OUT?

The labor room seems so "mysterious" but it doesn't have to be that way.  Experience is key and you will be prepared in all these areas: 

  • Admissions Process - so you're not caught off guard in the very beginning.
  • Induction (the how's and why's) - So you can make good choices for your family.
  • How to say no without feeling awkward (how to drive your own delivery)
  • What exactly will happen at delivery - Enjoy that baby instead of being worried what everyone is doing!
  • Pain Management Options - We'll go over IV medicine, Nitrous and Epidurals at great length so you're prepared to get what you need.
  • Common Complications - Small complications are very normal in L&D.  You'll know exactly what the nurse is doing and why.
  • Cesarean Section Info - Instead of nagging worry, you'll know what to expect if you end-up going this route (we go through the whole procedure start to finish)

Chapters in this section include:

  • Hospital Routines
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Inductions of Labor
  • Pain Management Options
  • Cesarean Sections
  • Delivery time (including vaginal birth)
  • My BEST tips for L&D

Common labor concerns are no longer going to keep you awake at night.  You'll know how to make the best choice when the time comes!

mom and baby


What happens AFTER baby is born?

This is the part most people just ignore, and it's the part you're in for the longest (forever).  Let's get you prepared to make the most of your hospital stay and then a postpartum plan that sets you up for success!

  • What to expect during the "golden hour" (and yes, it's as good as it sounds)
  • The difference between labor and delivery and postpartum care - so you know what to expect from your medical team.
  • What you'll expect from your care providers during your hospital stay so you aren't left with a million questions.
  • How your body will feel both in the few days and weeks following delivery, so you can be as comfortable as possible.
  • Warning signs for both mom and baby, so you're filled with confidence that things are OK.
  • Breastfeeding tips, so you can make sure baby is being fed.
  • Feelings, so you're not caught off guard by what emotions you might be feeling .

Brand new in 2024: All class options now include "Postpartum Care Made Easy" where you learn in advance the problem areas to watch for in yourself after baby, at no additional cost (because it's SO important)

Chapters in this section include:

  • The First few days postpartum (in the hospital)
  • The first few months postpartum (after you go home)

Let's make a great plan for life after baby. (because that lasts longer than even pregnancy & birth)

What is included in this pregnancy class for couples?

No matter your learning style, we've got your covered!

The Online Course

This is your chance to learn all the tips and tricks for a successful pregnancy with 13 bite-sized lessons from an experienced RN.

Our lessons provide the perfect solution - each one comes with a convenient video, taking no longer than 20 minutes, so you can easily squeeze them into your busy day!

  • Video & photos of items, so you won't be caught off guard with supplies
  • Anecdotes from Hilary's long career to help you understand confusing topics.
  • Quizzes and key points highlighted to make sure you get the important parts!
  • Subtitles, headings so you can easily access areas you want to re-watch


  • Objectives
  • 3rd Trimester Testing
  • Understanding Contractions
  • How to know if you are in labor
  • Hospital Routines
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Inductions
  • Pain Management
  • What happens at delivery
  • C-sections
  • My best tips for L&D
  • After baby in the hospital
  • First few months after baby
onlien prenatal book for couple

Downloadable E-Book

Includes 100 pages of clear, concise, engaging content will will cover labor, delivery and your after-baby time with success!

  • Easily go back and find just what you need for easy access. This is 100% downloadable

Couples Questions & Workbook

It can be hard for couples to be on the same page with the unknown.

Prenatal class might be the first time you've really sat down together and thought "We are having a baby... what is that going to look like?"

Your goal is to get you on the same page for this pregnancy, delivery and baby.

Things like:

  • Who is coming to the delivery?
  • Where is the baby going to sleep?
  • Who do you want coming to the hospital or your home after delivery?

So many things you haven't thought of {yet}. These are also available as a printable workbook as well.


Printables to help you remember your labor plans and preferences

  • Kick Counts Tracker - Keep baby safe on the inside, peace of mind is invaluable.
  • Hospital packing list - Don't be burdened by over-packing
  • Birth Plan Printable - so you can get your preferences down for both you and your providers (plus advice on each of your options)
  • Postpartum Checklist - Everything you need to be ready to come home, so you can enjoy those sweet newborn hours.
  • Partner Checklist - Ideas for their best support in the labor room.
  • Baby Decisions Checklist - Don't be caught off-guard for choices you'll need to make in the hospital.
  • Concern Checklist - No more worrying about every.little.thing -- keep track of what to really be concerned about.

New printables often being produced

Labor Movement Cards

Movement during labor can be one of the most important things to help labor progress.

  • Multiple positions shown -- as well as reasons why each position is great.
  • Tips for partners to know what to do to support.
  • Other things to include into your movement to help with labor as well.
private pregnancy group

Private Group

Really wanting the feeling of an "in-person class" but still enjoy the fact you can do it from your couch?

Join other families to ask questions, get support and expand your learning

Live Classes & Replays

From time to time I do live classes and extra classes on specific topics (pain management, informed consent, what happens at delivery) by request.

The replays of these classes are also available in the class.

bump to bassinet planner

Pregnancy Planner

Worried you'll forget something important? This birth planner is just the ticket to staying on track!

  • To Do Lists - From the nursery, to hospital prep you'll be ready!
  • Weekly Memories - and just print what you want to use (no guilt for weeks you skip)
  • "Firsts" -  don't forget all those little things that will be so important some day.
  • Important Lab Results - Take control of the things that are super important for your health!
  • Extra Resources for Each Trimester - As always, vetted by a birth pro!
  • Health Trackers - Keep your health on track by monitoring them yourself too!
labor made easy

Pregnancy Mini Classes

Short classes on specific topics to get you extra prepared in these areas.  Current classes include:

  • Labor Made Easy - Understand the signs of labor with the "labor gang"
  • Inductions Made Easy - Prepare for an induction and how to get the information from your provider if it is right for you.
  • How to Go into Labor Made Easy - My Best tips for getting baby out SOONER rather than later!

⭐ 9 Bonus Videos

Additional material that I think can be helpful for you guys at this stage, often taught by outside experts.  They include:

  • Stages of Labor -- I talk through what to expect from your body as you progress into labor.
  • Healthcare Communication - See some helpful "scripts" on discussing things with your provider to get the information you need.
  • Natural Pain Management -- My best tips for coping with contractions with the help of your parter!
  • Newborn Care -- I give some helpful tips for new parents taking care of your baby, and the necessities you'll need in those first days home
  • Helping Baby to Sleep -- I invited one of my favorite infant sleep experts in to talk about tips for baby sleeping when you get home.
  • Pregnancy & Labor Nutrition -- Come join a nutritionist on great snack ideas for small meals or during labor!
  • Arrive Trial Bonus Video -- One of the most controversial studies in OB in the past decade -- I break it down for you and why a 39 week induction might be a good choice!
  • Breastfeeding Basics - Join my favorite lactation consultant on all things early breastfeeding! (no need to take a breastfeeding class in addition to this one - a full hour of breastfeeding prep!)
  • Tips For Young Moms - Things teen or young moms need to know to have their most healthy pregnancy!
  • New videos being produced frequently!
key point videos for the online prenatal class for couples

Key Point Videos

Want a review before labor (or maybe one of you only wants to do the bare minimum)? These are for you!  

Each chapter is reviewed in what is important before heading into the hospital.  Couples LOVE these videos!  Think of them as the cliff notes for pregnancy!

Postpartum care made easy , you matter too!  / mom & new born, screenshot of the class

Postpartum Class

Learn what to watch for after baby is born to stay healthy!

  • Call 911 - Learn the urgent signs that need immediate help.
  • Call Your Provider -What should trigger a call to your provider to get help!
  • Ways to Help - Feel like things are spiraling downwards? What can you do to help?

Let's hear from someone who took a variety of classes, and see how this one compared:

MARY H. Class participant

Hers was hands-down the best

"Hilary's class was great! We went through a few classes (nervous first-time parents) and hers was hands-down the best. Her style was straight-forward and direct, but still funny and definitely engaging. I would (and will!) highly recommend!"

This Birth Class is taught by an RN with 20+ Years of Experience

Hey Mamas

I'm Hilary, I'll be your nurse today.

I've been a nurse since 1997, and have 20 years of labor and delivery experience, and many of you know me as The Pregnancy Nurse®

Every time I'd knock on a new door and share that I was going to be their nurse today I'd know I was just so lucky to get to be there.  And even after helping thousands of families, it never gets old.

I know you're nervous, things are new and it doesn't feel good to be out of your element.  The good news, the labor and delivery floor is entirely my element -- and I can help feel familiar for you too.

As a mom to three myself, I know how busy you feel and how much there is to do to get ready for this new baby -- but I can promise that this prenatal class was designed to give you just the information you need, and get you on your way.

In just a few hours I can get you prepared and excited for your upcoming birth.  I guarantee it.

Online Prenatal Class for Couples FAQ's

Will health insurance / HSA cover this?

As you know, insurance companies vary a LOT in what they will pay for.  However, more and more insurance companies are covering birth classes.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples does come with an itemized receipt, and is taught by a licensed provider and meets any stipulations an insurance usually requires.

Health education is an HSA/FSA covered expense.  Our credit card processor may not allow the debit card you get directly from them, but our itemized receipt should make for easy reimbursement.

I am happy to provide any other information you need.  FYI, I've never had a student who's insurance said they covered it who didn't get it covered with the information I have.

Is taking a birth class really necessary?

I'm so glad you asked.....

Let's see what the studies show:

Benefits of prenatal education classes have included increased confidence for labor and birth among women who attended prenatal classes, higher likelihood of breastfeeding, improved communication between childbearing women and their maternity care providers, decreased need for analgesic medication in labor, and increased satisfaction with birth (Chalmers & Kingston, 2009; Enkin et al., 2000).

Sounds pretty great, right?  As a nurse for 20 years, I stand behind this data.  People who take a class have a happier, more confident birth.

Why an Online Course?

After thousands of deliveries...

I saw that people who took classes for expecting parents felt happier with their births, and their transition into parenthood. I KNEW that childbirth education was so important. I knew we needed to do better, and I started teaching prenatal classes for my own hospital to make a change.

But,what we were doing wasn't working....

Couples were:

Busy -- 6 pm on Tuesdays just didn't work for a lot (and sometimes one would have to miss)

- after a busy day at work they couldn't concentrate & the rooms were uncomfortable, and they were STARVING.

Missing -- Childbirth education classes filled fast, couples schedules were hard to mesh to find a time that would work.

Not doing it -- So many couples WANTED one, but just couldn't make it work.

So, I changed it

In 2014 I launched the first edition of this class, and have edited and adjusted it until it was one of the best selling, and the most helpful childbirth class on the internet.

I am excited to help you get the confident, collaborative birth you want -- on your OWN schedule. This class is taught entirely on demand. It can be done anywhere or from the comfort of home

Longevity, studies and reviews show that this is one of the best online birth classes available!  

If you're worried about the online version of the class and are wondering if you should take in-person classes, try mine out.  With the money-back-guarantee you can test it and see if it works for you.  If it doesn't, just return it.  You've got nothing to lose!  Register online today!

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples Has Two Guarantees:


Best Price-Guarantee

I will prepare you for delivery at the BEST price on the market. I have been creating courses since 2016 and I run a lean business where I pass the savings on to you - I can offer a high quality prenatal class at a great price.

Find a comparable class to the online course at a better price? Send me the link, and  I'll price-match it for you.  More details here.


14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Get in the class, check out the material.  If you find that you are not satisfied by the course -- just email me, fill out a form with your tfeedback and I will refund your money.  It's just that simple.

Why just 14 days?  The reality is that I want you to DO it.  Not to let it sit on the shelf while you think about doing it.  So, get in there and make sure it's the right class for you -- and get it done!

Katie Rivers


"This class helps you feel more prepared, and also presents the main video points for easy future access when you need a refresher. The format is easy to follow and Hilary's humor really helped me relax about this daunting time in my life."


Keala Holden


"Phenomenal class! Hilary is so knowledgeable and helpful and provides many resources. It’s been wonderful to have such an in depth class during the pandemic where we can’t go to in-person classes. Highly recommend even after the pandemic"


Amber Breeding


"I absolutely love this course. I came into it knowing bits and pieces, but it has really given me more confidence in what to expect and things that can possibly happen. Hilary has an amazing personality and great knowledge and experience."

This Birth Class is #1 in Experience

Get her 20 years of experience in just 3 hours on your couch.

  • Say goodbye to traffic, hospital parking, hard chairs, or searching the internet for answers. It’s so convenient!
  • Turn your partner from a cheerleader into a teammate in your dynamic birthing duo!
  • No lost sleep over what will happen at delivery. You'll know just what to expect each step of the way.
  • Skip the boring marathon Saturday class, get just the info you need in a few fun hours, together.
  • Have a plan for when baby comes home that you create together - start off strong!
  • Be the calm, decisive patients you want to be, ready to collaborate with your birth team.

If you're looking to get prepared and really enjoy it together, this is the birth class for you!

You have two options to prepare you:

Bump to Bassinet Bundle:

This expanded bundle is perfect for people with more questions about 👶 babies, 💕 partner's role, 🤱breastfeeding, 💬 communication, and more. 

Key point videos allow easy review before birth!

If you have more questions beyond "just labor" this is the class for you.


  • Downloadable E-book
  • Downloadable Couples Workbook
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Course & Video Content 
  • Key Point Videos
  • Live & Replay Q&A's
  • Printable Labor Movement Cards
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Mini Classes
  • Bonus Printables
  • Postpartum Care Made Easy Class/Video
  • ALL Current & Future Bonus Videos:
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Stages of Labor
  • Deciding on an Induction
  • Tips for Partners
  • Newborn Care
  • Baby Sleep
  • Natural Pain Management
  • Healthcare Communication
  • Pregnancy & Labor Nutrition

Added Perks:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Couples Questions within Course
  • Ability to ask questions in the course
  • Every Pregnancy Product We Sell is Included


Also available as three -or- five payments

When we say get prepared from Bump to Bassinet, we mean it.

It's an all-in-one pregnancy class with everything you need to know.

The course can help you easily understand:

  • 3rd Trimester Testing
  • Knowing What Labor Is
  • Natural Pain Management
  • Hospital Routines
  • Medical Pain Management
  • Healthcare Communication
  • Using Movement in Labor
  • Prenatal Nutrition
  • Possible Hospital Interventions
  • Recent Studies & Implications
  • What to Expect at Delivery
  • Cesarean Sections
  • After-baby in the Hospital
  • Life Postpartum
  • Newborn Care & Sleep
  • Breastfeeding

Easy to do

  • Main class videos take about 3 hours
  • Lots of information on specific things you may want know more about (but not everyone will do all of those).
  • Simple course platform, easy to just click video to video
  • Text available if you'd rather read or skim
  • More videos available on other topics, plus key point videos and bonus videos gives you 10+ hours depending on what you want.


  • Created by one of the most experienced prenatal educators online.
  • Covers third trimester testing through your first months home after birth
  • Bonus videos on topics like baby care, sleep, natural pain management and more.  Everything you need in one place
  • Use Hilary's experience to prepare you quickly, while also not missing a single essential item.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples has been taken by thousands of expectant couples:

Will My Insurance Pay for This?

I know that some websites are touting that classes are free with insurance from the affordable care act, but it really depends on your policy (and sometimes your state).

Some insurances and employers do offer to compensate you for the course, so I would encourage you to check with them by calling their customer service number or your HR and checking about your policy.

I can give you my RN License #, my provider tax ID, along with this info that usually covers it:
Diagnosis code: Z32.2
Procedure code: S9436

I am happy to provide any other information you need.  FYI, I've never had a student who's insurance said they covered it who didn't get it covered with the information I have.

Is it HSA /insurance eligible?

Some insurances do cover a childbirth class, and your receipt of my class should be enough to be reimbursed (but I would certainly call before expecting that).  I do provide a receipt that says what it was and who I am.

HSA rules seem to vary a bit by provider, but a class that covers about the delivery of your baby is covered, so I would expect it to be elligible, but of course -- I would talk to your tax man before you plan on that too. :)

Note:  HSA cards often won't work with the teachable system, so you may have to reimburse yourself from it.  Those cards often only work at direct pharmacies or doctor's offices.

Does this include breastfeeding?

Yes, Breastfeeding Basics is included with the Bump to Bassinet Bundle.  If you'd prefer to purchase it along with the online course you can do so for a small fee within the course.

How long does this class take?

It really depends on your learning style and how much time you have.  The minimum would probably be 2-3 hours, just to watch the videos (which can be sped up).

What does Lifetime Access Mean?

It means as long as the course is available on the internet, you will have access to it.  Any further updates, or changes to your level of access -- you'll get those too.

Pretty great, right?

What is the best price guarantee?

I know, this sounds crazy.  But my goal is to allow as MANY people to get a high-quality prenatal class from an experienced teacher who can really help them understand birth and prevent birth trauma. And I know that price is a problem for lots of pregnant families.

Terms (to make sure we're comparing "apples to apples"):

  • Price must be publicly-available  (not just through a newsletter link or after you give them an email address)
  • Price must be for at least 9-months access
  • Can not be affiliated with a hospital
  • Must include everything from pregnancy through postpartum (can't be split into different classes)
  • Class must be from a labor and delivery RN
  • Class must have original video within it
  • Must be hosted online (not live or an e-mail course)
  • Must have a money-back guarantee
  • Send me the link here prior to or within 3-days of your purchase and I will refund the difference (or give you a coupon for your purchase).

How Can I Give This as a Gift?

A few options:

1)  Just put in your giftee's email address instead of your own at check out (happy to also email you a gift receipt if you send an email to

2)  Use your own email at checkout and then email me so I can switch everything over to them.

3)  If you'd like you give the gift yourself -- just purchase the class, and then email me.  I can give you a 100% gift code that they can "purchase" the class themselves.

Any questions at all -- just email

Do you need to be a couple?

Not really.  However, I wanted Dads/Partners to feel involved and appreciated in this class.

There are couples questions, but you could totally skip that part very easily.  You could also invite whoever is coming into your birth space with you (mom, friend, etc) to do the questions with you too.

I have had many single parents take this class and really enjoy it.  The items for couples are pretty separate, so you can skip them (or ask yourself those questions as many will help prepare you for what to expect).

Who is this class for?

Many classes I have looked at seem to be targeted towards a specific "type" of mom:

I believe & created this class is for every mom planning a hospital/birth center delivery.  Because I have always supported moms and their  choices at the bedside, this class does the same.

Planning on a natural or even a cesarean birth -- because birth is so unpredictable, this class covers all of it.

When Should I Start Prenatal Classes?

I think the best time to really focus on your birth class is around 30-34 weeks.  I think trying to finish a month or so before your due date is ideal, but not everyone is able to do that.

I do recommend purchasing a class once you find one that is a good fit for you, even if it's early in your pregnancy.  I encourage couples to start shopping for a course around 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Even if you're within days or weeks of your due date, you CAN finish the class in a day or two.  So, unless you're in labor RIGHT now -- there's still time!

Do I Need a Class If I Am Using a Doula?

I love a good doula, but if you plan to deliver in the hospital there may be interventions your doula isn't aware of that you could benefit from knowing about.  I would definitely recommend taking a prenatal class, even if you are using a doula or a certified nurse midwife.

What classes should you take when pregnant?

I recommend you take a:

  • Class on how to know if you're in labor
  • Class on managing labor & labor pain
  • Class on postpartum life & what to expect
  • Class on basic newborn care
  • A breastfeeding class

The good news is The Bump to Bassinet Bundle covers all of those things.  I'm excited to be able to offer it to you in ones spot!

Why is this a Prenatal Class?

You may be wondering what the classes are called before you have a baby, because you'll find that they're called many things.  Birth classes, childbirth class, pregnancy classes.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples is NOT just for managing pain (as some of those are).  It is really about the entire process and what to expect throughout the whole thing to decrease anxiety and manage your expectations of birth.

As a hospital birth expert, Hilary will take you through the process step by step to really get you prepared.

We also include natural pain management.  Truly the best of all worlds.

How Up to Date is This Class?

This class is being constantly updated and added to.  Hilary reads studies weekly to be able to give you the most research-backed information available.

Fun fact: The Online Prenatal Class for Couples has been around since 2016.  It was one of the first online prenatal classes out there.  I am really proud to have been around with it that long and a pioneer for online prenatal education.

Since 2016 it has had three MAJOR updates, and is in the midst of it's 4th update.  All information is available in each section, I am slowly editing videos and replacing the previous versions.

Every year, thousands of couples take this class and rave about it!

You can be sure that the course is up to date as possible and I am constantly vigilant about making sure it gives you what you need to know.

Is The Online Prenatal Class for Couples Worth It?

In an ongoing study couples show that this class decreased their birth anxiety 100% among respondents.  Couples also felt much more prepared for birth.

If you are looking to get prepared for birth, the science shows this class is the right one for you, and will give you a better pregnancy and birth experience.

What to Expect in This Prenatal Class?

This class aims to meet you at how you like to learn.  The classes incorporate:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Written Material
  • Quizzes
  • Printables
  • Couples questions

Finally, an online birth class for couples that is able to teach you how YOU learn best (and partners can pick what works for them)

How do I get my birth partner to do this?

Once you tell them it's not that long, they may be on board.  Remember the MAIN class is just 3 hours.

If they're still not willing, perhaps grab the Bump to Bassinet Bundle and just watch a key point video every night.  Most of those are 5-10 minutes and really give the cliff notes versions of the chapters.

Your partner may surprise you.  Just tell them this is important to you, and show them all the reviews written by men that may change their mind!  I really did create this class to engage them too.  Many couples actually call it "fun" which is a real win for me (and them!).

I am planning a home birth should I take this?

This class is not about home birth.  At all.  It is entirely about the birthing process in a hospital setting.

However, many home births do end-up at the hospital due to increasing risks or prolonged labor.

Having some knowledge about what might happen in the hospital would be very helpful in those cases.

Is this helpful outside the US?

Absolutely.  This class has been done by hundreds of couples outside the United States and has had rave reviews.  Currently, the class is only in English (but can be translated in your browser).  While there may be some differences between the US and your country the majority of the class is useful for your country also.

All purchases are covered by our satisfaction guarantee -- so, if you get in the class and don't find it helpful for your situation please contact us right away so we can make it right.

How Do I Ask a Question?

You can ask it here:

What are you waiting for?

In just a few hours you could be prepared and anxiety-free about your upcoming birth.  Join me today!

  • No more worries about how to talk with your provider (and refusing things with ease)
  • No unexpected  roller coaster of a delivery.  You'll know what to expect, and even what complications might arise.
  • Be on the same page with your partner about what you are both expecting!
  • Check "take a birth class" off your to do list!  Just get it done in record time!

Kayla Malarkey "This class is everything that I wanted and more. It focuses on the hospital and the facts of birth. Most importantly, its taught by a great nurse with REAL experience! I could not ask for more in a class."

Like  Reply  10h

How to Prepare for Childbirth:

It's just 3 simple steps:

Purchase the Class

Pick which class works the best for you.  The bundle is very popular, but if the budget is tight, the online course will work!

Follow the Instructions

Don't worry, it's all included.  It's super clear where to go/what to do once you sign up.  I've got your back (and your bum).

Love Your Delivery

Enjoy the peace of knowing what's going to happen each step of the way.  We won't miss a thing of your hospital stay.

"This class helped us know what to expect during delivery, how to advocate for ourselves, especially during Covid. It essentially replaced an in person hospital tour, as well as going over safety measures."

Dawn Chenette, Former Student

"Easy class to follow with your partner with all the key info. There's also a ton of extra resources if you need them (extra videos, notes, etc.). You can also always reach out to Hillary with questions at the end of each video."

Daniella, Former Student

Expectant parents, new mothers, pregnant moms and new parents are looking for online classes that talk about the stages of labor, birth plans, and the birth process for the birth of their baby. This class is taught by a registered nurse about comfort measures for new moms. It can include include support groups with childbirth educators. It is really important that you learn about medical interventions at your own pace in online birthing classes. You have plenty of time to take it, it has 3 hours of instruction. Similar to in person classes, we will talk relaxation techniques for natural birth, cesarean birth and what your support person can do for you. It is a great option for busy couples. Pain medication is an important aspect that your delivery nurse will discuss with you. Don't forget you don't JUST need these online programs, you'll also need a car seat . It is like the current Lamaze classes that give you valuable information. This class does not cover infant CPR , but it is one of the best online childbirth classes. This class has proven to be enough for natural childbirth or unmedicated birth. Expectant mothers who expect no pain relief in their birth stories might want to get a course from a Lamaze certified childbirth educator or Hypnobabies. This course does cover baby care, how family members can help even with their busy schedule. Your vaginal birth is important for pregnant women and this class gives you convenient access -- and we even have virtual classes that are similar to an in person class. Make sure that you are getting your prenatal care. for your new baby. This class is OK for people giving birth in a birth center, and have a good internet connection. It is parent education for the entire family to prepare for their birth. It is not created by a lacatation consultant and it is not the Mama Natural Birth Course.  But it is one of the best birthing classes for expectant parents.  Best birth class for couples.

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