Is it time to make a change?

The Organized Home

The realistic way to manage a home, reduce clutter & clean less.

How to get organized with YOUR family:

  • You want a warm and inviting home that your family enjoys being in.
  • You've realized that buying bins will only take you so far, and may not even work!
  • Being organized can make clean-up SO much easier!

I love a good organization catalog.... 

But, no one lives in the Pottery Barn

All the adorable bins, the perfectly lined up shelves.  Not a single My Little Pony in sight!

After scouring one of those (and living in the dream of it for a few moments) I quickly realized that they just wouldn't work for us.  I didn't mean that they wouldn't work for us now -- I meant that they wouldn't work for us, ever.

In the areas that we live in, space is always at a premium.  I needed functional storage ideas for the many different items my family wanted to use.

And I didn't want to be always yelling at my family to help me clean up, or feel ike a slave to my home.

“I make no secret of the fact that I would much rather lie on a sofa, than sweep beneath it.” ~ Shirley Conran

I needed a plan to make things:

  • Easier to clean-up, so I could do it in minutes, instead of hours.
  • Find the things I was always looking for, create systems that made me efficient
  • Made my house look fairly put together at most times of the day, with little effort.

After trying many different organization systems I have landed on an organization solution for REAL families. It's simple, it's dobable, and it works.

I've made small adjustments in the 6 years that we've lived in this home -- and for the most part we've bid farewell to lost papers, cluttered counters and the stress that a messy house can bring!

This course puts your family, and the life you're building above all else.

This is not a course about perfection.

It's a course about simplifying organization, so you can enjoy that life more.

By enrolling in this you’ll get the following benefits:

You'll figure out your prime real estate

What's the areas in your home that you REALLY need to focus on? Those places need to be slick and efficient.  You want to focus on what is most important.

You'll Save Time

Are there things you're always hunting for?  Wish things were easier to find?  Yup, this will help that!  PLUS, cleaning is WAY easier when stuff is put away!

You'll love more

You aren't a slave to your children or your home.  You can deal with small pockets of clutter because you know it will be easy to clean up and you want to enjoy your family time today.

Do images on Pinterest stress you out because they seem more like a fairy tale?

I get it, I have one of those boards too!

The perfectly aligned paper towels, and perfectly folded bedsheets.

That is NEVER going to happen! {especially the bedsheets}

But, I could take ideas -- like the silverwear drawer, or the shoe container.  Those ideas could help me make each day run more smoothly!

"The point of simple living, for me has got to be: a soft place to land, a wide margin of error, room to breathe, lots of places to find baseline happiness  in each and every day." ~ Leo Babauta

What's Included?

The course currently has 8 sections, including:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Playroom/Toys
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Motivation
  • 5 Words of Organization
  • Big Finish

Each section has several lessons within it -- doable bite-sized chunks!

Each lesson has assignments for you to complete before moving on!


The course is entirely self-paced. You'll work at your own speed and in your own time frame.


Follow up emails will come to encourage you to stick with the process


Ability to ask questions within the course!

>> Even can be used/done with an ios app! <<

What This Course Does for You:

"Hilary really covered every single area of the house!"

"No drawer un-turned, no shelf un-attended. I love that she shows her actual home and makes the tasks seem do-able for real people. This is a must have course for anyone looking for some realistic ways to get their house in order without having to stress about perfection!"."

- Victoria P (Modern Homesteader)

"I like that the book is laid out in different areas with assignments along the way."

"I really liked the idea of organizing the pantry... {it} will make it easier to find food, get dinner on the table after work, and spend less money at the grocery store. I call that a win, win, win!"

- Shannon M (Nurse Practitioner)

"My drawers will be forever grateful for these tips!"

"Reading this book really inspired me to get my house organized. Hilary offers some great tips and insight on how to practically store and arrange all parts of your house!! My drawers will be forever grateful for these tips! I love her down to earth attitude and real life examples of what her house looks like. If you want some help, but don't want that magazine and tv picture perfect world they portray, this guide is for you!!"

- Brianne R (Small Business Owner)

What You’ll Get...

Guys, get excited -- because this was meant for YOU and your busy schedule!

Available on your laptop, desktop, phone, or any internet device!

The online class is available in a state of the art online learning environment that makes it easy to learn & take action!

Easily navigate to the section you want to work on.

Each section has its own lessons, so it's very manageable!

The course is now hosted in my Teachable school.

The class is designed to motivate you to keep going!

Includes a motivating & helpful Facebook group!

Get Instant Access to the course!!

Organized Home Course Options:


All the goods, a month at a time.

Great low-cost option!

Cancel at any time!

  • Full course available to you!
  • Including all the updates!
  • Access the course on any device!
  • Access to the Facebook Group with the monthly challenges & support!

$15 / month

No Credit Card Required


Organize All Year Long!

Get a full year of access!

  • Full course available to you!
  • Including all the updates!
  • Access the course on any device!
  • Access to the Facebook Group with the monthly challenges & support


No Credit Card Required

Both options have the exact same content & information, the only change is if you pay in full or monthly!

The Organized Home is now hosted in my Online Learning Classroom at Teachable.

"It helped me change my mindset about making my home work for my family."

"My favorite part of this course is that it is real life for normal households . It is not about copying magazines or 

someone else's idea of what "organized" should look like. I like that it has really practical, easy to follow ideas, and what doesn't work for my house still gives me inspiration to brain storm what will work. It's divided into sections with simple, yet effective assignments to help you organize your own house. My favorite tip is already used in a few places and it is working. Overall, this is a great course to get your house organized for everyday living."

- Rene B (Ready to get organized!)

"You understand how it feels to be disorganized and how we can fix it."

"I enjoyed the way you made me feel. I felt like " yeah, I can do this" and that .  I would give it 5 stars!!"

- Suz (Involved Mom)

"This course is a treasure box full of goodies to fit most of our real organization."

"Each lesson has how-to to assignment but Hilary always leaves us a room to play and try to fit to our own house's problem ."

- Nobu O (mother of 4 boys, & "future organizer of her home")

"I loved it!"

"Having everything set out in an orderly fashion that I could follow was so helpful! Also, there were a lot of tips that I would never have thought of. The assignments were doable even with my kids under my feet and a home business to work on.

It felt amazing to see the progress that I was making.  Having everything broken down into small sections and seeing your honesty in the True Confessions really made me feel a lot better. :-) I would absolutely recommend this to any mom who knows she needs to do SOMETHING and needs someone to walk her through where to start. !

- Angela (CO of a busy household)

But now you're thinking...

I bet I could just do this on my own.  And yes, I bet you could.  But, ask yourself HAVE you?  Have you really just dug in and made your home an easier place to live in?  If you have, you don't need this course.  

​It's kind of expensive... Yup, the best things in life aren't free, but at this price, you still have some money to be able to grab a few great organizers as well!

I'm not sure  I've got time right now.  Simply put.  You'll never have time.  It will never be the right time to invest in yourself and your home in a way that will make each and EVERY day easier thereafter.  You can just take it one bite at a time.

The Organized Home:

Still available at low introductory pricing!

  • Full course available NOW
  • Assignments and emails to keep you on track.
  • Have the realistic home of your dreams.
  • Spend less time cleaning because of systems you have in place.

Pick your plan:

This very low introductory pricing ends soon!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I cancel?

How does the annual plan work?

What makes you so smart?

I have another question!

Do I REALLY want to be more organized?

Not sure you're quite ready yet?  

Check out these 5 words that will change your oganizing habits for good!

Ready To Make a Change?

If you are ready for a home that you are proud to present, easier to clean and totally manageable then...

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The Organized home will give you a plan to get YOUR house organized!
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