You can have an organized home!

Home Organization Course

Stop the sinking feeling of missing items, hours of cleaning or being embarassed to have guests.

The Organized Home Course will help you create a peaceful, happy home by getting organized today!

Does any of this sound familiar?

A dirty, cluttered home

You always need hours of notice before having guests because you're embarrassed about the state of your home.

The Anxiety

Always worried you misplaced an important document or won't be able to find things when you need them.


It's not fair

Why can't YOU enjoy peaceful time on the couch or enjoying your family instead of always stressing out about the state of your home?

It sure did to Brianne:

Organized Home Course


My drawers will forever be grateful for these tips!

"Taking this course really inspired me to get my house organized. 

Hilary offers some great tips and insight on how to practically store and arrange all parts of your house!!

I love her down-to- earth attitude and real life examples of what her house looks like. If you want some help, but don't want that magazine and tv picture perfect world they portray, this guide is for you!!"

Brianne Rsmall business owner.

Hilary Erickson

Course Creator

Hello friend!  I'm Hilary -- the creator of the Organized Home. 

I well know about the pain points of a dis-organized home.  The missing library books, the lost keys, and all the time it took to clean my home!

Plus I just wanted to have friends over and have a nice time without worrying they were going to open a closet or cupboard and find an avalanche of stuff.

Taking the time organize my home started to become one of my favorite things and surprsingly lead to me feeling better about all the facets of my life.  Let me help you get started today!


Here's the plan


Buy the course

The course comes in either an annual version, or a monthly version.

Same stuff, different prices & periods of time.

Organized Home Course


Join the Group!

Think you're alone?  NO WAY!

Join hundreds of others hoping to clear the clutter and the chaos in their lives in my Facebook Group!

organized woman on laptop


Pick an area to start

Homes are already split into rooms, so pick one to start in.

I'll give you videos, emails, assignments & pictures of my own home to encourage & inspire you along the way.

Organized kitchen


Celebrate your wins!

The changes are going to be huge.  

Once you see changes, you'll want to see more and more, and be so glad you finally started!

organized home

What have those four steps given others?

What do our past students think of the course?

Hilary really covered every SINGLE area of the house!

No drawer un-turned, no shelf un-attended. I love that she shows her actual home and makes the tasks seem do-able for real people.

This is a must have course for anyone looking for some realistic ways to get their house in order without having to stress about perfection!

Victoria P, Modern Homesteader

Organized Home Course

"I like that the book is laid out in different areas with assignments along the way."

"I really liked the idea of organizing the pantry... {it} will make it easier to find food, get dinner on the table after work, and spend less money at the grocery store.  I call that a win, win, win!

Shannon M, Nurse Practitioner

Organized Home Course

Risk-Free | 30-Day | Money-Back Guarantee

If you try the course (yes, you do need to do the course) and don't find the tips to be helpful in making your home more organized, we'll promptly return your money.  So, really -- you have nothing to lose! Any questions -- just contact me!

Return form completion must be recieved  within 30-days from initial purchase.

What are the benefits?

What's included?

This Home Organization Course

Is to teach moms how to organize their family

Created for someone just like you, we'll go room-by room taking easy to swallow pieces making it:

  • check
    Easier to clean
  • check
    Able to find everything you need
  • check
    Able to have guests over with minimal effort

This course also subscribes you to my cleaning & organization newsletter ~  you can unsubscribe/adjust at any time.

Get Organized At Home

How much is your dis-organized life costing you?  The effort to find the missing papers or keys.  The sinking feeling when you find out you're having guests over soon.  The hours and HOURS it takes you to clean-up your house?


The Organized home is going to help you change all of that.

Get Started Today

The Organized Home Comes at Two Price Points!

Both options include the same course, just changes in the prices and access period.


The Organized Home is also available in a money-saving bundle with Family Routines -- learn more here.

$15 / month

Billed Monthly  | Cancel at any time

No Credit Card Required


The Organized Home is also available in a money-saving bundle with Family Routines -- learn more here.


Is NOT re-billed at year's end

No Credit Card Required

Not sure you're ready for the whole course?  

I do have a 5 Word Organization Challenge that prepares you to take the full course.

an organized home

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