Mom Holding Child

Have you reached your wit's end?

Wit's end is something I met at least monthly, and often daily. It doesn't have to be that way. Let's get you some PRACTICAL solutions to make parenting easier!


Small changes really CAN make big changes!

Families are overwhelmed by ALL that is required from parents and children. Practical parenting will help you prioritize your day and actions to make parenting easier with better outcomes. And it is totally free!

  • Consequences
  • Help kids get things DONE.
  • Giving kids tools for things they will encounter
  • Setting boundaries for YOURSELF
  • My #1 tip for making changes at home


I get it.

You are overwhelmed. I know how that feels.

Parenting sucked the life out of me. I felt so responsible and yet my kids felt no responsibility.

I felt so lost, and I knew that my priorities weren't what I wanted them to be.

By really taking stock of what I wanted to do and who I wanted my kids to be, it really helped me change my parenting to reflect what I wanted done. And I can help you do that too.

Hilary Erickson