Make small changes that affect your day to day

Families are overwhelmed by ALL that is required from parents and children.  Practical parenting will help you prioritize your day and actions to make parenting easier with better outcomes.  And it is totally free!

  • Consequences
  • Helping kids get things DONE
  • Giving kids tools for things they will encounter
  • Setting boundaries for YOURSELF
  • My #1 tip for making changes at home.

New parents, or parents with years of experience need a break for their mental health with some practical parenting tips.  These work no matter if they have a medical condition, or you're stuck at church meetings a lot.  Good parenting doesn't mind your sexual orientation or gender identity.  If your child struggles with drug abuse, or just wants to watch sesame street all the time.  This free course goes a long way towards raising great young adults no matter your child's age.

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