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Families are busier than ever. Feeling overwhelmed doesn't have to be your new normal.  This Family Routines Course will help you simplify the many daily tasks confronting you -- creating a happier family and a much happier you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Dinner Time seems so stressful between planning, making, feeding and cleaning up!

Cleaning your home is pushing you to the edge.  

Why can't people help out more?

Morning Time is so stressful you get out the door feeling so anxious and overhwelmed.

Life can be easier

You can effect change.

Nothing feels worse than life being overwhelmed and chaotic, and you having no control to make it easier.

You can make positive changes with simple fixes that this course will teach you.

We all have hurdles in our day:

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Hey mammas, I'm
Hilary Erickson

Mom to 3, wife to one who I felt was never home when my kids were little.  Between balancing  a nursing career and raising 3 kids I understand that those mundane tasks can be a killer.

After helping millions of moms each year on my website Pulling Curls (named that because my life was making me "pull my curls"), I can share with you the changes I made in my own life, so that you can create margins for your own family.

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Pick which area you want to work on first.  Use the video & written material to inspire you!  The course allows you to work through it at your own pace & priority.  You can join our Facebook Group for more ideas & inspiration!

Celebrate your easier life!

As you work through the course, you'll see that the small changes you're making are making you more relaxed and at ease!  Enjoy it!

What's included?

#1 Written material in each chapter

Let Hilary help you think through what your plan is for each section!

#2 Video by Hilary in each chapter

Learn from Hilary's mistakes, as she shares key points in each chapter

#3 Assignments in each chapter

Get going with Hilary's assignments to make choices for your family!

Current Chapters Include:

What Others Say


I’m one exhausted momma and this course has taught me it’s because I’m doing too much!

It never crossed my mind that my toddler can help out with simple tasks. This was mind blowing and so helpful. I can’t wait to get started.

I will be referring to this regularly as my daughter grows up!!! 

Keyona G.

Nurse Anesthetist

& mom to one


This course is amazing!

It’s super straightforward and very practical.

After watching only a few episodes I walked away with lots of tips and several things I can easily implement NOW.

Thanks for helping my kids “not suck” Hilary!!

Kaylynn Y.

Mom to 3.5


I especially love the section on cleaning routines. I find it super helpful to implement with an infant at home to make sure the cleaning still gets done even when I'm short on time.

Hilary also has a unique and brilliant way to handle homework:)

Anyone that has young children will benefit from taking this course!

Adriana L.

SAHM to one

Risk-Free | 14-Day Guarantee

Try the course, take the material.  If you find that none of it was helpful to you in your progression as a family, email me and fill out the return my email sends you.

You must have given the course an honest try, and return form must be made within 14 days of purchase -- any questions, learn more here.

How much is the stress & guilt of daily routines weighing on you each day?

Join today and free yourself of that!

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  • There are currently 13 chapters!
  • All updates are included and price stays the same as long as you keep your monthly subscription

  • Join the Facebook Group for extra help!
  • Cancel at any time from within the platform
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee!

What does it include?

Family Routines is Also Available in a Bundle with the Organized Home.

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