Mind Organization for Moms {MOM}: Step 1

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I’m going to be sharing how I mull over the Mind Organization for Moms from the Power of Moms over the next few weeks.  I have a pretty good system in place right now, but I’m hoping this will help smooth out some systems and keep me a little more focused on what’s important.  Like keeping every blade of grass watered. :)
Bush Furniture Vantage Corner Desk, Harvest CherryWell, first off they tell you to get your supplies together, and thankfully the list isn’t very long.  They recommend having a desk for yourself.  That doesn’t really work for me but I do have a “space” — which is all a person can really have in our quaint little villa. :)
The main things I gleaned from step 1 is to find all of your “inboxes”.  This was really insightful to me, as I don’t really think of all the ways I get info.  Here’s a short list of mine:
1.  Email.  Most people who know me at all know email’s the best way to get a hold of me.
2.  Telephone.  Duh.
3.  School folders.  Spencer brings his home daily with paperwork, etc. Conner’s is weekly.

4.  Snail mail mailbox.  Although rare, sometimes I actually get something in my mail, oh and I do get bills {boo}
5.  Husband. He’s not super open and reminding-ful of things I need to know from him.  I often have to pry important dates, etc. from his bloody little hands.  Ok, maybe they’re not bloody, and not from his hands… but you get the picture.

They recommend having your family place everything in a specific inbox of yours. 

I like this idea.  I don’t currently have one that’s really accessible, although I am mulling over making one by the computer.

They also recommend you do a “mind sweep” — basically clear your mind of every little minutiae you need/ want to do in your mortal existence.  Frankly, I think I’m good on this one.  At the beginning of the year I try to write down “big picture” items.  Like one year, I said I’d like to get published in a magazine and in a matter of sorts I did.  Anything else goes into my phone, and I’m pretty good about putting what I want/need to get done into it.  You will find that my phone is my main organizational tool.  If it dies, I die.  Simple as that. :)  Except, that I do have it backed up on my hard drive.  Phwesh!  I know you were all worried for my health.  I also have other systems of grocery lists and store lists, etc. that help keep my nagging brain from killing me.  I do appreciate how they gave us examples of everything you’d want to sweep your mind of.  I do admit there are sometimes things that nag at my brain, like an upcoming register reward that’s going to expire, etc.  It’s a really comprehensive system that they’ve laid out (possibly a little more comprehensive then I need).

I think this week I’m gonna mull over an inbox idea.  I think that might be helpful when I have a lot of papers — esp. from the kids school, or work.

What do you do with all your papers?  Do you have an inbox.  Do you think that a program like this might be helpful for you?  Don’t worry, I’m hoping to delve into a couple of steps each week on this here blog.  Lucky you.

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  1. says

    Looks very cool. I have tried so many ideas for an inbox for school papers, but each of them has failed miserably. So let us know what you come up with, I’m sure it will be genius!

  2. says

    I definitely need my own space. somewhere to put my own stuff where it won’t mix with anyone else’s stuff. I like the inbox idea too. I’m interested to see what works for you. I read Saren’s blog and was a little overwhelmed.

  3. says

    I have my own computer desk and with stacking slots for papers but I don’t utilize them very well. I have a slot for ‘to file/put away’ and a slot for ‘action required’ (that is where the bills, etc go). They usually pile up until I can hardly use them and then it takes a big project to clear and sort and organize.

    I really like something Carol McDonald mentioned in Relief Society – the ‘touch it once’ idea. It isn’t completely possible to do with kids’ needs coming first most of the time, but it has helped me to hang up my coats in the closet instead of on the backs of chairs and to try to file things away immediately instead of putting it in the pile. Sometimes it shows me what things I need to make easier to really work for me.

    I am intrigued by the ‘mind sweep’ idea. I am a worrier, so clearing things out to help me concentrate would be a good skill to learn.

  4. says

    I just checked my inbox after commenting and I had an email from The Power of Moms about the program – definitely considering getting it.

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