Hypnobabies + Online Prenatal Class Offer

With both friends, cousins and patients I have seen a lot of people have luck with the Hypnobabies Method

I am a Hypnobabies partner but I believe their method has the least bias and can be helpful for many stages of parenthood.

I have chosen to offer The Online Prenatal Class at 50% off if you purchase it with Hypnobabies

Only valid on future purchases.  I reserve the right to remove the offer at any time.

I believe this to be a great combination because...  Hypnobabies teaches a different way of mind control to manage your pain and stress at delivery.  They do NOT teach about your delivery or what to expect -- so between the two courses I believe you will be WELL prepared!

Here's how it works (be sure to follow the directions):

Purchase Hypnobabies

 Purchase Hypnobabies here (to qualify — purchase either the classic or the online Hypnobabies courses) — you can even save 10% with code  hypno1528 -- this deal isn't applicable for smaller sets. 

You MUST purchase through my link.

Let me know

Fill out this form (it’s going to ask for your name, email,  date & time of your purchase so I can match sales).  Please do this right after your purchase.

I will email you a code for 50% off

I will email you with a 50% off code (most often with in 24 hours).  Then, head to The Online Prenatal Class and purchase any option at 50% off!

If you’re planning to do this deal, do not purchase it until I send the code — I will not refund purchases made before I send the coupon).

Any questions please email me hello@pullingcurls.com