Hilary LOVES Bosch mixers -- I use mine all the time!

I was a die-hard Kitchenaid user, but once I switched to Bosch, it was a total game changer.

My cookies are soft and crisp in all the right places, my pancakes are fluffier, I can do mounds of bread, and everything's just a little easier with it.

Plus, no more burning kitchenaid smellBonus!

Check to see if either the Bosch Universal or Artiste are in stock -- if so, grab them.  Availability has been extremely limited for over a year and deals are hard to come by as of late.

The Black/Stainless bosch is BACK IN STOCK!  Grab it now (it's been MONTH since I've seen this one!)

The Artiste is a bit cheaper (guys -- THAT price!!!!), but still performs better than a Kitchenaid.

Nutrimill is the sister company to Bosch, they have previously just made wheat grinders. 

I have a post that compares the Artiste, Bosch and Kitchenaid if you're looking for more info!

Click here to get the Grain Mill, and click here to get the seed mill (and use coupon code FATHERSDAY21 to see the discounts at checkout).

Looking for more info on Bosch Mixers:

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