Hilary LOVES Bosch mixers -- I use mine all the time!

I was a die-hard Kitchenaid user, but once I switched to Bosch, it was a total game changer.

My cookies are soft and crisp in all the right places, my pancakes are fluffier, I can do mounds of bread, and everything's just a little easier with it.

Plus, no more burning kitchenaid smellBonus!

Did you know there’s a mixer that’s almost as good as the Bosch but is $120 less? The Artiste is a great option for the home baker who wants a great stand mixer (way better than the Kitchenaid).

Check to see if either the Bosch Universal or Artiste are in stock -- if so, grab them.  Availability has been extremely limited for over a year and deals are hard to come by as of late.

The Black/Stainless bosch comes in and out of stock!  Grab it if you see it and you want it.

The Artiste is a bit cheaper (guys -- THAT price!!!!), but still performs better than a Kitchenaid.

Nutrimill is the sister company to Bosch, they have previously just made wheat grinders. 

I have a post that compares the Artiste, Bosch and Kitchenaid if you're looking for more info!

Looking for more info on Bosch Mixers:

Interested in a Bosch Mixer?
I have a few tips and share why I love mine.