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Bonus for some subscribers: Open the confirmation email

How you signed-up may have a confirmation opt-in

Find the message sent by us It is sent by Hilary

It will look like this:

If you have a download, it will download in your browser.  It may not work on your phone!

Not all sign-ups have a confirmation, so if you don't get it -- don't be alarmed. :)  

(These types of emails usually come when you've opted-in for a downloadable item)


Click the download link

If you signed-up for a download -- Click the link in the email and you will instantly receive access to any product you signed up for, as well as my email series!  They will download in your browser.  Note: Not all sign-ups have a confirmation link, so you can just dance like this anyway. :)


ALL SUBSCRIBERS: Click always open pictures

Find the email from me (you'll ALL get an email from me)

In that email, click "always see pictures from XXX" (depending on your newsletter the from email may vary)-- it looks like this:


BONUS POINTS: Drag the email to your primary tab to always see things from me!

Bonus points if you drag the email to your primary tab (in gmail) and click "yes" that you always want emails from me to go to that tab. :)

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