Online Courses for Families

Looking to simplify life, organization or even pregnancy -- you've come to the right spot.  These online courses for moms are the internet's #1 spot for moms to create a home they are proud to call their own.

No matter if you're looking to get your kids in line, get your pots and pans organized, or reduce fear and anxiety during pregnancy, we have the course for you.

The creator, Hilary Erickson (the curly head behind Pulling Curls) has been a mom and a Labor Nurse for almost 20 years and her content is seen by millions each year.  This Mom-Blogger, labor nurse and previously VERY overwhelmed mom is ready to help you make a change.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples is an online course that will simplify the labor process so you can have a more relaxed pregnancy, birth and postpartum time.

  • Simplify childbirth in ways that make it less scary
  • Taught by a 20-year experienced RN.
  • Get prepared as a couple for what is to come (not JUST the delivery day)

Free Beginning Prenatal Class

My free prenatal class includes info on third trimester testing, movement in labor, birth plans and postpartum issues.  Let's help YOU be your own birth boss!

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Families are busier than ever. Feeling overwhelmed doesn't have to be your new normal. This Family Routines Course will help you simplify the many daily tasks confronting you -- creating a happier family and a much happier you.

  • Help kids pitch in more around the house.
  • Feel less overwhelmed by the tasks that have to be done
  • Have more of "you" to give when things get a little crazy.

Free Online Parenting Course

Practical Parenting for Modern Moms give you useable tips for how to simplify parenting, while still giving your kids boundaries and great memories. 

Stop the sinking feeling of missing items, hours of cleaning or being embarassed to have guests.
The Organized Home Course will help you create a peaceful, happy home by getting organized today!

  • Learn how to declutter in ways that help your family (and you)
  • Find ways to store things that make good use of the space you have
  • Get motivated to make a change that lasts.

Free Organization Course

My 5-Word Organization challenge will help you see organizing in a whole new way.  Plus, it is a great way to teach kids to organize from a young age!

Which Online Course is Best for Moms?

I think it depends on what you're after.  Clearly, if you're pregnant and concerned about being prepared for your upcoming birth -- The Online Prenatal Class for Couples is perfect for you!

The other two courses are a bit more confusing -- but I'd encourage you to pick which area you would like to focus on first 

Or, buy my Home Life Bundle which gives you both The Organized Home & Family Routines at a great price.

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