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Green Kids Crafts

Green Kids Crafts is a HUGE hit at our house!  My daughter absolutely loves the things in the mail.  This is a great one to use in the summer!

Kiwi Co

Kiwi or Koala Crate is a great option for crafty and inquisitive kids!

Last Christmas I was looking for experiences for my kids.  I was tired of all the stuff.  I got two of them Kiwi Crate subscriptions and the joy comes every month and they are learning SO much cool stuff!

Much glee comes when it's Kiwi Co. day at our house!​


mail for sticker lovers.

If you have a child who loves stickers, this is the program for you.  She finds original, character-free (because, we have enough Ana and Elsa stickers, thank you very much) that can let your child's imagination fly.  We love, love, love the days the PipSticks envelope shows up at our house!

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