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I love, love, love how Mckenzie from @girllovesglam re-frames decluttering our beauty stuff this week. Be sure to listen in!⁣ ⁣ You can find this episode in your favorite podcast player (leave a review!) on my home page, through the link in my profile (scroll down and tap on this image) or right here: ...

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Are your dishes their best selves?⁣ Are you storing them the right way?⁣ My MOST popular article (even with all the prego-talk on my site) is about organizing your kitchen.⁣ You can find it through the link in my profile, or right here: ...

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New nails for a new lease on life today. Big changes as of late. Still process them (none are bad, just different). Nails from @lunanailwraps ... So far pretty good. We will see how they wear.... ...

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We've been enjoying a two year fix of this little situation lately. It's not my favorite. The lesson I learned -- even when it's sewer stuff, get MULTIPLE QUOTES. Don't just go off yelp reiews. That is all. :) ...

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What I would give for a cruise ship animal about now. What about you? ...

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This week's new episode is all about picking your provider for your pregnancy. Also good tips for anyone picking a provider for their own healthcare (which is just as important after you have a baby). ⁣ ⁣ You can find this episode in your favorite podcast player (leave a review!) on my home page, through the link in my profile (scroll down and tap on this image) or right here:⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #pregnancynursepodcast #untangled⁣ #podcast #podcastlife #podcasts #podcast #podcast🎧 #podcaster #podcastshow #podcastlove #podcasting #podcasthost #podcastaddict #podcastmovement #podcasters #podcastinglife #happierpodcast #podcastcommunity #podcastersunite #podcastersofinstagram #podcastalert #pregnancy #pregnancypodcast #pregnantlife #preggers #pregnancystyle #pregnancyandbeyond #pregnancybrain ...

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YES. SO MUCH SO, don't you agree. Thank you @happify!⠀⁣ .⠀⁣ .⠀⁣ .⠀⁣ #motherhood⠀⁣ #mommyblogger⠀⁣ #momblogger⠀⁣ #boymom⠀⁣ #girlmom⠀⁣ #daughter⠀⁣ #son⠀⁣ #thehappynow⠀⁣ #momlife ⠀⁣ #momlifeisthebestlife⠀⁣ #momlifestyle⠀⁣ #momliferocks⠀⁣ #momlife❤⠀⁣ #familyfirst⠀⁣ #family❤ ⠀⁣ #family1st⠀⁣ #momhacker⠀⁣ #parent⠀⁣ #parentlife⠀⁣ #parentingdoneright⠀⁣ #parentslife⠀⁣ #parentslove⠀⁣ #parenting101⠀⁣ #parentingwin⠀⁣ #parentingtips⠀⁣ #parental⠀⁣ #parentingblogger⠀⁣ #lifestyleblogger⠀⁣ #parentsofinstagram ...

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Man, if anyone's real -- it's me. Did you know I have a course for pregnancy, home organization AND family life.⁣ They're all "real"... ;) AND, you can find them through the link in my profile! ...

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I don't love church as of late.⁣ There. I said it. ⁣ Turns out mask wearing is something I can get REALLY judgy on, and my 24 years of being a nurse is likely not going to allow me to adjust on that....⁣ How's church on your end? ...

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