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What does your labor nurse know?
Today we're going to talk about what your labor nurse knows -- that you don't know. Why you should trust[...]
How to Save Money at Disneyland
There are easy ways to save money at Disneyland.  These tips and ways to save money will make your Disneyland[...]
Keeping a memory journal for kids.
Creating a memory journal for a child is a gift that you and they will treasure in the coming years. [...]
Monthly Subscription Boxes for Girls
Having a girl, aged 8-12 leaves you in an odd spot. These subscription boxes for girls, or even tween girls[...]
Does labor still hurt with an epidural?
Most women's #1 fear of labor is the pain they will be in.  One of the most often asked questions[...]
What happens during a teacher strike
Recently, teachers in Arizona went on strike.  This post is going to talk about what happens during a teacher strike,[...]
How to keep your house clean during the summer with kids home.
Keeping a clean home with kids is magnified during the summer months. Cleaning your kids with kids will reap benefits[...]
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I just updated my Family Travel post with all my most recent tips!
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