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Ways to prepare as a couple for your upcoming delivery
Having a baby is a BIG step - -and making sure that you two are on good ground before you[...]
Cricut Maker vs Silhouette: A dummy’s guide to set-up
The Circut Maker and Silhouette can see very similar at first glance, but which cutting machine reigns supreme in 2019?[...]
How Old Does a Child Have to be to Babysit
Figuring out how old a child has to be to babysit can be rough.  Plus, there is the issue of[...]
Splurges that are Worth Buying: Expensive Stuff I Love
I'll agree -- this post sounds like I am rich and snobby.  And I want to tell you I am[...]
How To Track Your Finances
How to track your own finances and make sure you're on top with bill payments. Tracking finances is SO important. [...]
Unmedicated Hospital Delivery: Increase your chances to do it your way.
An unmedicated hospital delivery or, a natural baby delivery would be one with the least intervention as possible including without[...]
Disneyland Family Packages: Finding YOUR Hotel at Disneyland
This post will show you the very best in Disneyland family packages, plus how to find YOUR perfect hotel and[...]
Disney Feet: Proper foot care for happy feet at Disneyland!
Your feet are so important at Disney!  Let's talk about taking care of your feet at Disneyland.  As usual, I'll[...]

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