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Heating Pad While Pregnant: Can you use it on your stomach?
  Heating pad while pregnant:  A lot of women would like some heat to relax tense muscles.  Is it OK[...]
Dressing for a Blog Conference: Dia & Co Unboxing March, April & June 2019
This post will be an unboxing of my Dia & Co boxes  March, April and June 2019.  It includes shirts,[...]
School Locker Organization: Ideas for High or Middle Schoolers
Organizing your School Locker can be as simple as you make it.  A few simple things will make your tiny[...]
Decreased Fetal Movement: Kick counts for the win!
In this post we will learn what decreased fetal movement is and how you can use kick counts to be[...]
Dressing Your Truth ® 30 Day Transformation
Let's talk Dressing Your Truth -- specifically Dressing Your Truth type 1 -- this is my 30 day transformation with[...]
Kindergarten Readers: Leveled beginning books for kids
Kindergarten Readers are books that kids use to step into the world of reading.  They are leveled books that are[...]
Let’s talk Cell Phones
There is a BRAND NEW chapter in Family Routines all on cell phones. I tell exactly what we do at[...]
All-Inclusive Disneyland Vacation Packages
An All-Inclusive Disneyland Package sounds amazing.  To not have to worry about tickets, travel, food, or hotel -- have it[...]

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