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Here are some of my favorite 

Cleaning Products

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Do laundry with nature! Non-Toxic Laundry Care Delivered Right TO YOUR DOOR! JOIN NOW!

Right now, My Green Fills is running a trial offer.  For only a buck you get:

  • The Detergent (choose between unscented and or their signature scent)
  • The Rinse aid (again, a choice of scents)
  • Enzyme Stain remover
  • Stain Stick
  • When I tried their product line I thought:

  • It's the best "eco-friendly" laundry detergent I've used -- it actually gets clothes clean (unlike some other brands I've tried)
  • I LOVED the rinse stuff. No more staic-y, stiff clothes
  • I love the packaging -- no omre throwing away giant bottles!
  • The enzyme cleaner and stain stick are amazeballs. I love them
  • I'm excited you guys can try it out for yourself for such a great price!

    I absolutely love the HomeRight Steamer.  It is our second steamer and this one is so much easier to use!

    Attachments are on the steamer, an easier handle to use -- you'll love how easy cleaning is with this one!

    Grove Collaborative makes getting GREAT cleaning products SO much easier.

    Each product is tested, and you can be sure it's a clean product that will leave the enviornment squeaky clean too!

    Grove often has promotional offers, and this link will take you to my best one:

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloths make cleaning so much easier!

    They easily grab dirt and debris to make the job so much faster!  This pack from Amazon is a GREAT deal!

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