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It’s true, Conner’s a full-fledge Kindergartner now. I’m so excited for him. I wish blogger would act normal, I could put a couple other pictures on. Of course he only went from 8:30-10:17, so that wasn’t too much of anything (and I had to stay for a lecture with the principal the whole time). Tomorrow it’s til’ 11 something or other. Sigh, the loss of control, it’s hard… Posted by Picasa

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Thi is what I do on a sick day


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    So adorable. I wish I had a picture of Bria on her first day. I haven’t even bothered to take one since…Guess I should tomorrow. Off to a new phase of life Conner!!!

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    That first day of K is hard – off our babies go to school and into the world. But after a day our two you’ll be loving the little bit of extra time you can scrap (well, if your other one still naps)!


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