5 for Fitness: Labor Day

5 for fitness copyAugust’s big fitness plan was to get back on the workout horse.  I see SO many benefits to working out and besides a few days, I really enjoyed working out.  I really think it made my day go better. I finished Cameron Diaz’s book and really just felt like it was CONSISTANT good choices, with probably a bad choice here and there.  I’m not really sure what this month’s plan is.  I’m toyed with tracking my calories.  I finished using the Body Bugg.  My skin was kind of reacting to it after a while.  I now know, according to it, that I burn 2300-2500 calories/day.  I’m not sure that’s right.  Actually, I think my big plan is to get 5 a day of fruits/veggies.  That’s a good goal for me, and I think it’s achievable.  I tend to veer towards cheese and carbs if given the option.  So, without further fuss… [Read More Here...]

VBAC risks vs benefits: 5 things to think about

First off, they’re actually called TOLAC (Trial Of Labor After Cesarean).  But, no one wants to be a Toe-lac.  They’d rather be a VBAC (a VBAC would actually be a sucessful vaginal birth after cesarean section).  There, feel educated?

This is always on a pendulum.  I’m not sure how much of that pendulum is associated with the malpractice insurance, as that is where a lot of anything comes from in this business.  When I first started (13 years ago), NO ONE VBAC’d, and then we went to where most OB’s were trying it, and now I feel like we’re swinging back the other way.  Here’s my 5 thoughts on VBAC’s.Choosing to VBAC is something you need to discuss with your doctor early in your pregnancy.    There are plenty of VBAC risks.  Here's 5 things to think about. [Read More Here...]

Favorite Friday ~ My Favorite Measuring Spoons

I-yi-yi, this week has been busy.  I’m just trying to stick stuff into my agenda.  I may need to be a bit more thoughtful about the time I give the school.  I am REALLY going to try to compact my blogging time (promotion, not writing).  We’ll see how that works out for me.

BUT, I do have a favorite.  And that is this:

Measuring Spoons are SUCH an important thing to have in a baker's kitchen.  Come find out my favorites!

Magnetic Measuring Spoons.

Holy Guacamole, do I love those things!  We found them at Smith and Edwards this summer, randomly.  they were  a decent price, so I thought I’d try them.  I have a LOT of measuring spoons, and I was just starting to think there was no perfect set.  And then I met these

They have a round side and a more elongated side (to get into your spice jars better)

They all magnetize to each other, so if you use your 1/2 tsp the rest still stick together in your drawer (HORRAY)!

They are a nice, high quality plastic.  Our tile breaks things, frequently – -but not these!  They even come in fancy stainless steel (might need to get a set of those).

I just get so much joy when I use them.  Let’s face it, I bake a lot.  Cookies, bread, more cookies, oh, did I mention cookies?  These are just so handy.

And that is all. :)

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?  If so, leave a link to it below so I can check it out!  Maybe it will be featured one day!

Making a Peter Pan or Wendy Costume isn't hard. Just takes some scissors and fray check.

Make Peter Pan and Wendy Costumes

I thought I would combine Peter and Wendy... mostly because Wendy is pretty darn simple. Wendy Get a light colored nightgown (long).  Dye it blue.  Buy a blue ribbon, tie it over your ponytail.  I used Rit dye -- and I did dye it in my front loading washing machine.  It worked alright. … [Read More Here...]

Giving kids chores is a win win. Come find out my 5 tips to figure out the best jobs for each child at your house.

Kids Jobs

I just revised my kids job chart.  I have 3 children (ages 14, 10 and 5) and it is HARD to figure out jobs that everyone can feel like they're competent to do, as well as actually help me out.  Here's my top 5 tips for kids jobs, as well as my own job chart posted below: … [Read More Here...]

who's got the cookies in the cookie jar....

Healthy Cookies: after School Snacks

My kids each lunch at 10:45. Seriously, 10:45. Of course, they eat breakfast (quickly) before catching the bus at 7:12. I guess they're ready for lunch by almost 11.  They do have a "snack" recess later in the afternoon... but sheesh that all seems early! When they come home they're RAVENOUS. … [Read More Here...]

5 for Fitness: 8/25

  3 things I did good at: 1.  Workouts are going strong.  I feel good and am "excited" to get it done.  Waking up early isn't something I have a problem with this time of year.  We'll see how it goes once winter is here 2.  I did a walk with Drew one of the nights.  I really need to walk … [Read More Here...]

Family Finances: Your $ side, on track.

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Menu Planning

Menu Plan Monday

I have started coming up with a TON of recipes that I have most of the stuff on hand for, and having those as my menu … [Read More...]

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