The ONLY Thing You can Change: And how to teach your kids that.

Here’s the thing about life.  The ONLY thing YOU can actually change is YOU.  You can change your attitude, your thoughts, your behavior, and your reactions.  And that is all.  You can’t change any of those things about anyone else.  You can discuss and try to help, but honestly — you have to look inside.

How can we best teach our kids that the only thing they can truly change is themselves?

After my Bully post I had a lot of people complain that it was a problem I wasn’t taking seriously. [Read More Here...]

The Curls Awards: Favorite Youtube Beauty Channels

I used to watch a lot of beauty videos — but apparently I don’t care as much, as a lot of those people seemed to really annoy me.  BUT, I still do have a few I enjoy:My favorite YouTube beauty vloggers.  I don't like a lot of them, but I like these 3.

The winner is….

Beauty Broadcast — this woman loves drugstore to Clinique.  I just appreciate all the different variety of things she tries, and never belittles something just because it is cheap (but will if it’s crappy). [Read More Here...]

All About ME

I updated my all about me page. Even if you've been a reader for a while, you might learn a thing or two. I even dug up this little sweetheart.... Cute, ain't I? Also, if you haven't been on the ol' main site lately -- swing by, I did a little redecorating.  :) A little fall cleaning... {even … [Read More Here...]

Understanding sunk costs can help free you from financial guilt.

Sunk Costs: Free Your Finances from Guilt

Do you know what a sunk cost is? It's something you've already paid.  You can't get the money back.  It's gone.  Hasta la vista money! A new shirt is NOT a sunk cost (unless you've removed the tags) because you CAN return it.  BUT, take those tags off and now that shirt is worth less than you … [Read More Here...]

My Favorite Youtube Cooking Channels. There are SO many good ones on YouTube -- there are the 3 I find most amusing, and helpful.

The Curls Awards: Favorite Youtube Cooking

I LOVE Youtube for cooking.  I love how really WONDERUL home chefs are able to show-off their skillz in short snippets I can enjoy. The winner for Favorite Youtube Cooking is: Hillah Cooking!  She's funny, she cooks cool food and did I mention she's funny.  She's funny in a crass way that I … [Read More Here...]

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