Back to School Primary Singing Time

Guess who’s subbing again in Primary!  I’m tellin’ you, if I could get a once a month gig in there, life would be pretty darn grand!This back to school sharing time will get out the first day jitters as well as spark their brains! #pullingcurls

I was hopeful that Sugar Doodle would do the work for me.  I wanted to do a back to school theme (our school starts tomorrow) because I love talking up school in primary. Plus, they’re all going to be insane anyway tomorrow, might as well join the fun.  I wanted a back to school primary singing time. [Read More Here…]

Playing the Game with Allegiant Airlines Deals

I have flown Allegiant Airlines a few times, and you can bet your bottom dollar I heard about 400 HORROR stories of flying them every time I did it.  I figured it was worth the gamble, and EVERY time it paid off.  BUT…

Buying a ticket on Allegiant is like playing a game.  If you win the game, you safe.  If you don’t pay attention to know which ball the shell is under, you will lose and you’ll pay for it.

Flying Allegiant is sometimes like playing the shell game.  Here's some tips for keeping your game on when buying and flying Allegiant!

Here are my 7 tips for flying cheap on Allegiant [Read More Here…]

Take prenatal class on your own time, on your jammies and in the cofy seat of your choice as a labor nurse and 2 other knowledgable bloggers take you through prenatal class, internet style. #pullingcurls

Prenatal Class On your Terms

Prenatal class -- it's just ONE more thing to add to an ever-growing list of things to do "before the baby" and it's at an odd time, and with people who ask the dumbest questions.  No fun.  Not fun at all. {unless of course, you're in my classes, but I am currently on hiatus} That's why I'm … [Read More Here...]

The best of my thrift store tips all on one page. Check them out to save some serious cash!

My Best Thrift Store Tips

I just updated all my best thrift store tips.  With school shopping heading many of us face on it's time to think of ways to save money and clothes is at the top of my list!  Check them out! … [Read More Here...]

Changes for Pulling Curls Direct

Changes To the Newsletter

Pulling Curls Direct Daily is Dying.   That's right, no more general daily rss feed alerts. BUT, I am keeping some daily alerts for my major sub-categories.  It seems like many people are only interested in ONE are that I blog about, be … [Read More Here...]

5 tips for family dental hygeine that will help keep you healthy! Teeth and all!

5 Tips for Family Dental Hygiene

Did you know that good dental health is linked with good pregnancy health?  Our teeth are a connection of our body to the world, and sometimes we're lax in their care!  I know we all want a nice smile, but are we as vigilant about our own teeth health?  Here are 5 tips for good family dental Hygeine … [Read More Here...]

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