Best Tip for Curly Hair

I have one best tip for curly hair.

It’s not using a t-shirt to blot dry, or a microfiber towel {although those are good tips}

It’s not a certain brand of gel.

But it is about conditioner.

My Best Tip for Curly Hair

And that tip is…. [Read More Here…]

A blog post where I wallow in my own pity for a bit....

Everything is Wrong

My name is Hilary, and I feel like my life is falling apart. I mean, quite literally my life IS falling apart. But, yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 39.  This is my last year as a fun, hip, cool, youngster. Ok, maybe I've never been that.... But it was my birthday. … [Read More Here...]

Finding clothes at thrift stores that match YOU may not seem as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips!

Thrifting My Truth

FTC Disclosure: This post has affiliate links. Saturday was the day I was headed to Goodwill to shop for my new style.  I have started Dressing Your Truth ® (see below for a special offer only available through May 20th).  My husband gave it to me for Mother's Day and after a lot of thought I … [Read More Here...]

Here are 5 ideas to cure your sinus pressure or sinus headaches!

Help with Sinus Pressure Problems

I have had a TON of headaches lately.  Contrary to my belief that they are probably from stress, the regular methods just are NOT cutting it.  Things are certainly in bloom here in the desert.  That leave me sinuses hating me.  Here are a few tips when sinus pressure is getting the best of your … [Read More Here...]

Dress Your Truth helps you dress as the person you really are. Not just fashion trends, who YOU are.

Dress Your Truth — Beginning

I have never really been into clothes.  Yes, I like to look nice, but I also need to just get dressed and move on with my life.  I feel VERY unproductive when I spend a long time figuring out what to wear (which is why my shirt filing and rotation works so well for me).  BUT, I would like to feel … [Read More Here...]

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Having a good quiet bag or a church bag can mean the difference between both you and your child enjoying the meeting, or a LOT of grief.

Quiet Bags

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