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Hair Supplements: Hair Helper?

People, I have a blog whose title reflects my hair, and that’s all. I’ve mulled over my blog title quite a bit, considered changing it — but my hair really is my most memorable thing about me. So, why not try to grow it long and luscious, right? I was approached by HairFinity to do a sponsored post. I had always wondered if these fancy hair vitamins would do anything for me.

Do Hairfinity hair supplements really help your hair grow longer and more full?  Come find out what happened when I tried it! [Read More Here...]

Ways I saved (and spent) at Disney. Read it! It might inspire some ways for you to save at Disney. {this does not include anything free -- Disney is expensive, don't fool yourself that it's a cheap trip!}

5 Ways I Save at Disneyland

Here's a girl walking around in a 200 dollar bippity boppity boo look, while my 5 year old walks around in a 2 dollar clearance Walmart Minnie T-shirt, eating string cheese we bought from home.  EVERYONE spends their money in different ways. It's interesting to look around at Disneyland and see … [Read More Here...]

A healthy budget friend meal plan for October.

October Meal Plan

Here's my meal plan for the dinners coming up: **First off, I should say that we have started doing bountiful baskets again, as a way to get me to jam more veggies into our meals. We only do it every other week, which I think allows me to make sure I use what we get, and also supplement with … [Read More Here...]

The most important thing about kids, and how it will change your priorities.

The Most Important Thing about Kids

A room of 50 kids, full of energy and the excitement of friendship.  How on earth to contain them?  So many happy spirits in a small room where we hope they will be reverent and sweet.  My minds whirls at how on earth I will make it work.  How will I get across what I am hoping to? … [Read More Here...]


Friday Fill-in: So-Cal Style

First off, I'd like to say that I am fully behind splitting California into different states.  Do you have any idea how different the areas are?  Suffice it to say, VERY different. That's all. For our fall break we celebrated Drew finishing Graduate School in style by a trip to California. … [Read More Here...]

How much I made on my blog in the month of September (my 7th month of good income). What I'm doing right and what I need to work on. Maybe it can help your blog too!

Blogging for Income: September CFO Report

Just another boring post about blogging for income.  Again, if you're here for organizing and cleaning, just skip on by.  It just so happens I have a valiant list of people who LOVE these posts.  Whatev's, I'm happy to share.  I'll be back to organizing or pregnancy next time. :) September was a … [Read More Here...]

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