Christmas Sharing Time

Here is my Christmas sharing Time.Christmas Sharing time ~ What can children learn from the nativity. This sharing time will help them think about themselves and how they can be better each time they look at a nativity.

My idea is to have the nativity characters in a bag, have them pick them out one by one and we’ll discuss it (in Sr Primary we will read the scriptures).  I took a vague reference from this week’s sharing time, but I wanted to go a little further about what we can learn from each member of the nativity: [Read More Here…]

Hearty Pancakes

Uh mom!  You were right!  Breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day, which means when I send my kids to school with a hollow pop tart in their stomach, I’m not doing the best I can.  I found this recipe during the summer when I didn’t want to hear all morning long about how hungry my kids were.  These hearty pancakes will FILL. YOU. UP!

Do you need a breakfast that FILLS your family up?  These hearty pancakes do JUST that!

[Read More Here…]

Core Workouts: Zip it up!

I had a baby 5 years ago.  My symphysis pubis split.  During pregnancy, your “seam” between the two sides of your pelvis (that part isn’t bone, it’s a soft structure that allowes some movement of your pelvis) relaxes, and mine just kind of fell apart.

To quote Jimmy Fallon.  Ew. — right?  Luckily, you can still walk and stuff, your muscles and ligaments keep it together, mostly.

I am hoping that stregnthening my core will help protect my back and make other workouts easier.  Come find out what I'm doing! [Read More Here…]

My income in my 10th moth of blogging and how I am working to increase views and income.

Blogging for Income: November 2014

November saw some decreases.  BUT, there is plenty to be thankful for and I'm optimistic, but also realistic.  Let's jump in: Why I do these posts:  It's not to say hip-hip-horray, I am RICH!!!  it's mostly to say it's possible, with a lot of ingenuity and hard work.  I love writing this blog, I … [Read More Here...]

How to wash your hands to keep you and your family as protected as you can this winter.

The Best Way to Not Get Sick: How to Wash Your Hands

Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Kids with dirty hands -- who stick them in their mouths. EWWW... right? The A#1 BEST way to NOt get sick is not hand sanitizer, it's knowing how to wash your hands well and when to do it. If you teach your kids that (and frankly, YOU that) you might … [Read More Here...]

December Meal Plan

Weekly Menu Plan December 2014

Here's what's on tap for dinner at our house, coming up: 1. Broccoli Rabbe with Bacon and Chick Peas -- who doesn't like bacon?  Mix it with anything and your kids will eat it.  This time it's broccoli.  Yum! 2.  Pizza -- whatever variety strikes me at the time.  I have some fresh mozzerella … [Read More Here...]

like to clean copy

6 Things I Like About Cleaning {I know, I’m Crazy}

You must like to clean? Trust me, my cleaning schedule is often a topic of conversation at both work and with my friends.  They wonder how I can be so OCD (me, wondering how other people can't be) and how I make it through all those tasks.  They figure I must love cleaning.  Frankly, I don't … [Read More Here...]

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