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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cape Cod® Potato Chips. Stay tuned for a little known Hilary fact. 

What’s a girl who’s spent the last weeks focusing on a serious fitness routine talking about chips? You might ask.  The reason is because if it’s salty and crunchy, it’s mine.  That’s my thing.  I don’t really miss candy, or cookies or bread.  I miss salty, crunchy things.  The reality of a new, healthy, lifestyle is that you’re going to splurge every now and then.

What's your favorite splurge?  When I splurge I wanna go BIG (or not go at all).


capecod ssandvCape Cod® Potato Chips  are that splurge for me.  They’re thicker cut, have a good amount of salt, and don’t even TALK about the sea salt and vinegar.  Something about the sour and the salt.  Oh baby! [Read More Here…]

Should You Hire a Doula?

Should you hire a doula?  I get asked that frequently.  I sometimes have a hard time self-editing…  Here’s a labor nurse ready to tell the truth about Doulas.  At least my truth.  Should you hire a doula?  Come find out some pro’s and con’s of having a doula!

Should you hire a doula?  A labor and delivery nurse's thoughts on doulas.  I think they can be REALLY helpful, but are they the help you want and is it worth it?

A doula is someone you hire to get you through labor — a labor coach.  Sometimes they teach prenatal classes, or meet with you during your pregnancy to give you tips and tricks, they can even go after to your home to tell you then…  Their services vary pretty widely.  There is an organization for them called DONA.  I am pretty sure you can certify.  Many of them to internships with experienced doulas.  They are zealous about labor and empowering women.
[Read More Here…]

Pretty Fierce: Week 8 ~ final results

I finished the whole thing!  I remember looking at the chart before I started just wondering if it was even doable.  Turns out, it was.  It was a lot of self-determination, but it was doable.

Pretty Fierce Week 8

Last week’s workouts weren’t too bad.  It does have one day, the longest day where you do all the muscle splits and I had just planned on laying on the couch the rest of the day after I was done.  I did a few things, but I also did lay on the couch a lot. :)  I did skip one day, I was supposed to run last Tuesday but I had done something to my ankle and it was painful just to walk  so I decided to not run.  Life goes on.

But, I know you’re wanting to see if i’m an anorexic super model  yet.  On to the… [Read More Here…]

Use Apple Cider Vinegar for your Itchy Scalp

Apple Cider Vinegar as an Itchy Scalp Remedy

I really could itch my scalp all day.  I am an black woman in my hair follicles.  I don't create grease.  I could go WEEKS without washing my hair (except I'd have to cut it off since it'd be so snarled).  I had tried T-gel and Lavendar but nothing was working, but then I tried something … [Read More Here...]

The Nurse's Guide to Picking a Doctor will help you ask yourself some questions to see what kind of doctor you REALLY want.

Finding a Primary Care Physician That Will Match You

With all the brew-ha-ha over measles/vaccinations plus how much flack I get about my birth plan post I have had a post bubbling at the surface for a long time.  The reality is that choosing a doctor isn't just finding a name that sounds good from your insurance booklet.  You need to find a good … [Read More Here...]

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss Program.

Pretty Fierce: Week 7

One week left, I can't believe it! The OCD in me likes how I've lost 7 pounds in the 6 weeks.  The rest of me is still frustrated, but not AS frustrated as last week.  About Tuesday the tired-ness and possibly hormones got the best of me.  I did, however, make some self discovery so that helped … [Read More Here...]

Use vinegar to rinse berries to help them last longer {wierd things that work}.

Make Berries Last Longer

Sure, I might put some berries on a salad or something and then throw on some vinegrette, but I think that's as close as my berries and vinegar should get to each other. Or should they? … [Read More Here...]

Using podcast helps your day be more productive and enjoyable in many ways. See how I use them in my day!

Using Podcasts to Help You Get Things Done

I really need to be distracted to clean well.  Be that great music, or talking to a friend.  I figured my friends were tired of me lately, and while I love listening to my scriptures/conference talks -- I needed something  a little less righteous (shocking, I know). I was desperate for some good … [Read More Here...]

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