Pretty Fierce Week 3

People, do you see the frowny face in this graphic.

PF week 3

Last week I had lost 6 pound loss (and that is cumulative loss) and now I’m at 4 pounds. Meaning I gained…  I’m not going to lie and say that my cheat day wasn’t AMAZING (as outlined her diet).  I had both nutella and cheese dip.  However, I think I always have the hardest time losing on the first of her weeks because my body is really working to just get into the exercise so it’s kind of “holding on to what it’s got” that week.  Hopefully this next week will be better.  I mean I REALLY HOPE so because the workouts were Hard this week! [Read More Here…]

Toy Rotation

Problem:  My kids want to play with plastic items, and I want them to leave me alone every now and then.

Using toy rotation will help your kids clean up better, limit the useful space you spend on toys and actually get more use out of your toys!

I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, ladies.  I love toys.  I love toys of all kinds, I love to see kids brains grow and very often GREAT toys are cheap, or easily picked up at Goodwill. (BTW, that trash can on the left isn’t actually a trash can, but it holds the toys that go with that castle — when organizing toys I would HIGHLY recommend find what fits the item, rather than what is pretty.) [Read More Here…]

Sunday Mornings

Problem:  I spent all of Sunday morning laying in my bed trying to ignore the fact that I had a family.

Sunday mornings is a great time to come together as a family, as long as you can pull yourself from your bed. :)

There is nothing wrong with a lazy day in bed.  It’s glorious, in fact.  One of the weirder parts of the LDS church (at least to other faiths) is that you are assigned to a ward and they tell you what time you will meet at.  So, a ward might meet at 9 am one year, and then at 1 the next year.  Each time has it’s people that prefer it, and while I mainly prefer morning church, I have grown fond of afternoon church because it forces us to have some time together. [Read More Here…]

a family packing spreadsheet that will allow you customize it to your own family, but get some ideas on how to get a packing system.

How To Pack Your Family

Problem: My family seems to think they need things, and clean clothes while we are on vacation.  Think think there is a magic packing fairy that supplies these types of items. Ladies, maybe I'm the only one, but when I had little kids it was me packing for hours on end, my husband throwing a … [Read More Here...]

Cleaning your bathroom could be one of your favorite jobs if it doesn't seem so overwhelming with all the dang surfaces!

How to Clean your Bathrooms

Problem: I have 3 bathrooms.  My children are creators of filth. I guess I can't totally blame it on my children.  I mean, I have curly hair that sheds like a long haired dog.  Regardless, the act of cleaning the counters and toilets isn't my issue, it's the rest of it. There' just SO many … [Read More Here...]

lush decor review

Lush Decor Haul

This post, and the giveaway are both sponsored by LushDecor and I was compensated with store credit for writing it.  You can read my full disclosure here. I got my items I ordered from Lush Decor yesterday.  I am THRILLED with the quality and the great pop of color they give my living room. … [Read More Here...]

Ultimate DIY Bundle

Ultimate DIY Bundle

This post contains affiliate links -- you can read my full disclosure here. Do you ever look around your house and wish that things were different?  You wish you could change the color of your dresser, take pictures of your own family or sew your own pillow covers?  I know I do -- and sometimes I … [Read More Here...]

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