Have Courage and Be Kind When It Is Hard

If you follow me on Facebook you’d know that I never go to movies, but I took my 5 year old to Cinderella last week. {heart swoon}.  My daughter was touched by a lot of things.  She loved how beautiful Cinderella was, and how kind she was, but the audible gasp was saved for her Stepmother.  I won’t ruin it but there are several parts that really put the Evil Stepmother right in the evil column.  Possibly even more than any of the other Villains as she was the only thing Cinderella had left who bared any resemblance of being a mother.

Cinderella's main theme of Having Courage and Being Kind can transform all the princesses in our lives!

And I loved it. [Read More Here…]

Teaching Your Own Kids Piano

Music lessons can be really expensive.  I know this, because my husband is a music teacher.  He taught lessons for the first few years of our marriage until he now teaches music at a school.  I get the sense that not many things strike fear in the hearts of parents more than teaching their own kids music lessons.

Teaching pianoI also spent a fair amount of time teaching music lessons on my own.  That, of course, was after years and years of my own lessons.   [Read More Here…]

Kids Health Round-Up

When it rains it pours, doesn’t it?

It seems like kids always have something.  Here’s a few kids health posts you might find helpful as cold and flu season seems to last all year with my little ones!

Kids Health Round-up [Read More Here…]

Family Systems Book is ON SALE March 16-22 -- pick yours up now! Act fast as the price goes up through the end of the week!

Family Systems ON SALE

Getting Back from Spring Break is like a breath of fresh air to me. It's time to finish the school year out RIGHT and throw away the things that have been bogging me down since Christmas. I'll be headed back to my workout routine and I thought you might like a little zip in your step to help … [Read More Here...]

My March Menu Plan. It's family, budget, health, and time friendly. I am a real mom making real food for my family. See if anything peaks your interest!

March Family Meal Plan

Menu plans took a bit of a pause for my family systems, but never fear.  My family still ate.  Here's what's on the docket for the coming days: 1.  Shrimp and Mushroom Sauce -- I found this one on Pinterest.  Siracha and cream kind of has my name all over it.  My kids will almost eat anything … [Read More Here...]

Family Activties are easy to find in Tuscon, if you know where to look!

Family Activities Tucson

I asked on personal Facebook page recently what fun activities there are to do in Tucson.  I recieved 2 or 3 answers that said the best part is driving back to Phoenix. :)  We had decided it's time to get some Arizona under our belts instead of longing for the sunshine state. :)  Spring break seemed … [Read More Here...]

Moms need to have each other's back. I have to trust other moms to have my back, and they have often come through for me. I'm so grateful for that.

The Mom Club

I really believe the moment you have your own baby, and you feel that bond of a mamma bear as fierce as everything, you realize that everyone has a mom who has that fierce bond for their baby.  Welcome to the mom club! And it makes you want to protect all of them. … [Read More Here...]

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