Make a DVD with Your Pictures and Video

I have made DVD’s of our lives since about 2005.  Mr Middle was just born and I didn’t want to miss a minute of his adorable baby-hood.  I then went and back-did all our other videos, often including the scrapbook pages as well (haha, as if those happen anymore!).  I also do a paper book, but today I’d like to share about family videos, and how to make a DVD with your pictures and video.

Make a yearly family video for your family to enjoy together.  Also makes a GREAT mother's day/birthday/Christmas gift for family that is away!


I think it’s just another way for our family to sit down and reminice about what life has handed us and how it has turned out for us.  A few weeks ago we watched our movie from 2011 – the year we moved here.  It was hard to watch.  It’s always hard for me to watch that movie.  We have a lot of pictures of our goodbye party and I ALWAYS cry during it.  I just remember WHAT a hard day that was. But, I am also able to remember ALL the people we loved there.  How blessed we were to have that time in our lives.  On other videos there’s pictures of new babies, prop 8, preschool plays.  Oh my goodness, they really are one of my favorite things.  I am also a lover of good music, and I love tying good music into the pictures that I love.    Anyway, I love them — and I think my kids do too.  Whenever we watch their baby video you see them get stars in their eyes that they can’t ever believe they were that little.  In fact, they were.  But, my pelvis thinks they came out the size they are now. :) [Read More Here…]

Happy 10 years, & an Update

This blog started on March 30, 2005.  Ten years ago!  Hard to imagine, although less so since Mr Middle was 1 at the time.  I had a house full of little boys.  There have been SO many wonderful things that have come out of me blogging.  Good relationships with other bloggers (including my BFF, Lara, over at Overstuffed — we met not long after that first blog post), an amazing audience that I get to participate with, I find it so fun to be able to write and design.  Honestly, they’re two of my favorite things!  I won’t pretend that the income isn’t a favorite too (honestly, it is HUGE right now).  Being able to be paid for two of your favorite things is an amazing opportunity.  Sometimes I can’t believe it’s actually happening! :)  Thanks to YOU my readers for making it happen!

10 years of pulling curls.  A big thanks to YOU my readers, and an update on where we are on the job front!

Can you even fathom all that goes on in 10 years?  We’re up a child, in a new state, possibly anticipating moving to a NEW state?  I’ve had 3 jobs, I’ve delivered countless babies and cleaned the counter so many times I could probably have cleaned to the moon by now. :)

I also wanted to give an update on our job situation.  I know some of you are following it.  My posts tend to be written weeks in advance, but I will try to write the updates in real time.  Every couple of weeks or so, I know they’re not of interest to everyone. :) [Read More Here…]

Sometimes you're excited and scared. This time, it was to have a baby.... after 5 years with no baby.

Throwback Thursday: Excited & Scared

I have had a strong love of "Into the Woods" since high school when we performed it.  I often sing Red's song in my head about being excited and scared.   This  post is an older one -- 2008.  We had been trying to have a baby for almost 3 years with no success.  I had been really open … [Read More Here...]

Fix fly away hair with this magic spray. Unless, of course, you like your kids looking like they rubbed themselves down with a balloon just a few minutes ago. ;)

How To Fix Fly Away Hairs

My baby (who is five) has super fine hair.  She gets it from me {poor girl} but mine is super curly, so it works for me.  When I straighten it -- I go CRAZY with hair all over the place.  I didn't want her to prance through life looking like she'd just rubbed a balloon all over her, so I did some … [Read More Here...]


The Ultimate Homemaker

Homemaking is a lost art.  I constantly see articles about how making dinner for your family is useless and causes too much stress.  The idea of having things REALLY clean only occurs to people when they have a housekeeper -- and just a pipe dream if people are cleaning their homes on their own. … [Read More Here...]

New moms are going to do it all, just not today.

Throwback Thursday: Favorite Post

I have a favorite post.  It doesn't do well on Pinterest, although it did pretty well on Family Share when they published it. It just sums up a lot of my feelings about having a new baby that I feel REALLY strongly about.  I had a tough transition to parenthood. Especially with #1, but also quite … [Read More Here...]

5 of the things I see in a recipe that turn me OFF -- plus 5 of the things that grab my attention and say MAKE ME {I call it the 50 shades of Grey for cooking}. :)

5 Recipe Turn-Off’s

I am a huge fan of trying new recipes.  I love having new flavors in my mouth.  I love trying sweet/salty combos and all the different ways ingredients can come together.  I peruse Pinterest pretty frequently looking for tasty morsels to fill our plates with.  There are 5 recipe turn offs at the … [Read More Here...]

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