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My thoughts on the articles from the LDS church on Polygamy.

LDS Church: The truth will set us free.

Perhaps you saw this article on CNN about Joseph Smith having many wives.  The LDS church recently put out a few articles telling about the early history of polygamy, including Joseph Smith.  My heart sank as I read these articles, but perhaps not for the reason you think.... … [Read More Here...]

Save time by shopping at Dollar General this holiday season with a FREE SHIPPING code #ad.

Fight Calendar Bulge by Shopping Online

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine. Oh, December.  You seem like a month full of possibilities.  There's all those weekends, and you think you won't have a problem at ALL figuring out how to stuff all that … [Read More Here...]

Life’s a Balance: Calories vs Calisthenics

Muscle, bone, hormones, cartilage, ligaments, organs, blood and the ever-important brain.  Can you imagine being a teenager with all of these things growing, changing, and with all of your friends in a similar state?  Imagine how your body tries to keep things level.  I really try to teach my kids … [Read More Here...]

October blogging income report from Pulling Curls -- alll the great details you want to know about making money from your blog!

Blogging for Income: October CFO Report

October was a good month here at Pulling Curls.  I'm proud to say it's probably my best month, so let's dive right in: Why I do these posts:  It's not to say hip-hip-horray, I am RICH!!!  it's mostly to say it's possible, with a lot of ingenuity and hard work.  I love writing this blog, I did it … [Read More Here...]

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Giving kids chores is a win win. Come find out my 5 tips to figure out the best jobs for each child at your house.

Kids Jobs

I just revised my kids job chart.  I have 3 children (ages 14, 10 and 5) and it is HARD to figure out jobs that everyone can feel like they're … [Read More...]

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