The Most Important Thing about Kids

A room of 50 kids, full of energy and the excitement of friendship.  How on earth to contain them?  So many happy spirits in a small room where we hope they will be reverent and sweet.  My minds whirls at how on earth I will make it work.  How will I get across what I am hoping to?

The most important thing about kids, and how it will change your priorities. [Read More Here...]

Friday Fill-in: So-Cal Style

First off, I’d like to say that I am fully behind splitting California into different states.  Do you have any idea how different the areas are?  Suffice it to say, VERY different. That’s all.

For our fall break we celebrated Drew finishing Graduate School in style by a trip to California.

IMG_1693 [Read More Here...]

Blogging for Income: September CFO Report

How much I made on my blog in the month of September (my 7th month of good income).  What I'm doing right and what I need to work on.  Maybe it can help your blog too!Just another boring post about blogging for income.  Again, if you’re here for organizing and cleaning, just skip on by.  It just so happens I have a valiant list of people who LOVE these posts.  Whatev’s, I’m happy to share.  I’ll be back to organizing or pregnancy next time. :)

September was a good month.  I had hints to the month it would be when I did my August CFO report.  Here’s the nasty deets:

(all info for this report is calculated for me by my spreadsheet -- if you are looking for a way to track your blog income, look no further) [Read More Here...]

There are lots of tips for making better bread, it will allow you to make it more easily and more often for your family!

Bread Hacks: Tips for better bread making

This is a sponsored post by Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores.  All the opinions and "hacks" therein are mine and are obviously amazing. Yummm, is there anything better than fresh baked bread? To me, it shows my family I love them enough to make something they ALL appreciate.  The fall is a great … [Read More Here...]

The hospital and delivering a baby is a scary place. I've done labor and delivery for 13 years, and being nervous is normal. Doe that make you feel any better?

Nervous About Delivery: You’re Not Alone

Sure, pregnancy is great.  9 months ago you made a baby.  You were sure it was the right thing to do (or you weren't, either way is fine) but picking at clothes and bedding and dreaming what your little bundle of joy will look like is fun!  Babies are fun, right? But there's that nagging feeling. … [Read More Here...]

Some good music really helps you get down to BUSINESS. What songs inspire you to get busy?

Songs That Help Me Be Productive

I had just gotten off a walk with my friend, and housework is staring at me like a hungry Hannibal Lecter.  Could I really vacuum out my couch?  The popcorn between cushions said it needed to be done -- but my body.  Not so much. In walks Mr Maroon 5.  In walks my headphones at a volume that I … [Read More Here...]

A wireless laser printer can help you do SO many things. It was certainly worth the investment for our family!

Wireless Laser Printer

I honestly don't know how I survived in a land of just ink jet.  So many cartridges, that ALWAYS needed changing. Last year in December, I happened to find an AmexOffers deal that lead me to a sale on a Laser Printer, along with using the Amex Offer I got it for almost HALF price.  I had mulled … [Read More Here...]

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