Friday Fill-In

Yipes, just today I am feelin’ the school year kicking in.  Last week I kind of took it “off” since P had such an issue seeing me at school.  That party is over.  Today I learned about fractions and copying . Turns out, I am below expectations on both of those. :) fill-in copy

Conner is loving band.  They have their first game coming up.  He’s forgotten a couple of assignments already and I’m trying not to smash my brain against the wall just thinking about him being disorganized.  {deep breaths}.

I went in to play fraction blackjack with Mr Middle’s gifted class.  Yowzas.  My brain hurts.  That was a lot of math in a small room with many kids.

I stopped by Princess P’s room to do some copying.  She came up to hug me.  I guess we need to talk about staying in our seat, even when we see mommy.  Her teacher seems so nice.  We won blackjack with her.  Although, she is neither black, nor named Jack.

I’m messing with some advertising here at Pulling Curls.  Let me know if you don’t like the way things are looking or if you have thoughts.  Always tweaking, always tweaking.  Never twerking.

Me and Mystery (get it, Mr E — there is no mystery in this house) had a nice little anniversary getaway last week.  We even had some raw oysters.  Neither of us died.  I’m a lucky gal to call him all mine.  He’s in a flurry of marching band work.  nothin’ new with that.

And the blog goes on…. happy Friday everyone — TGIF, I hope you have fun weekend plans!


Make a Darth Vader Costume

True confession time.  we already had a Darth Vader costume from a Christmas years prior.  That really takes the hard stuff out of Darth… but there are masks out there.  REALLY, if you want a REALISTIC Vader costume, you need a good mask.  I can’t imagine making one.  BUT, the rest of the costume is easy!  There are just a few bullet points to make a Darth Vader costume:

Make a Darth Vader Costume -- it is all about black, and scary.  Get those two, you make the costume. :)  After all, it is the DARK SIDE!!!! [Read More Here...]

They're simple. You and I do them every day - - but this after school checklist will helpfully remind my kids what needs to be done when they walk in the door from a long day at the "office".

After School Checklist

Hello. My name is Hilary and I am the mother of a new Kindergartener.  She is adorable, but we have Kindergarten ALL day and when she comes home you'd think she's run a marathon, and she's now Cleopatra.  If I knew how to peel grapes,and was willing to cut a palm frond off -- you can guess what I'd … [Read More Here...]

Sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work. It may be fixable, but it may not. Come find out more!

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First off, let me state CATEGORICALLY, I am a STRONG proponent of breast feeding . I think it is the A#1 best way to feed your child.  There are so many wonderful things about it.  I won't get into all that here, maybe another post.  But suffice it to say that I push breastfeeding hard. But, it … [Read More Here...]

5 for fitness copy

5 for Fitness

3 Good things: 1.  I wore my BodyBugg all week.  I think it lies.  I'st still sayin I'm burning 2300-2500 calories/day.  It seems like on the days I DON'T work out I burn more.  I'm confused.  I'm taking a little break from it. 2.  I did great at eating REAL foods.  When I was hungry for … [Read More Here...]

Family Finances: Your $ side, on track.

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