Friday Fill-In

fill-in copyOh fall… why can’t I just sit around and sip warm cider and enjoy the falling leaves?  Oh wait — becuase A)  it’s still 100 degrees here and b)  There are no leaves falling.  I do have a lot of weeds growing from that GIANT storm we had a couple of weeks ago.  Yipes, even made me consider flood insurance here in the desert.

Life is good here, things are busy and people are happy. [Read More Here...]

Using an Interval Timer for Cleaning

The truth is, I can do almost anything for a few minutes.  Burpees, mountain climbers, dealing with whiny kids.  If I have a SET period of time, I am good.  But, to think that I need to do my WHOLE house and who KNOWS how long it will take.  Frankly, the idea is REALLY overwhelming to me.

Hence, I love timers.

Using an interval timer to help you clean can be an effective way to stay focused and get the job DONE. #cleaningBut, sometimes I have a lot of smaller things that need to get done, or I need to go room to room and not get TOO tied-up in one room,but not be watching my watch as I’m very focused on getting the house clean.

Enter, my HIIT interval trainer. [Read More Here...]

Youtube is a great place for kids to take a small "breather" from whatever they're doing and cuddle up with mom. Here's some of my favorite channels.

The Curls Awards: Best YouTube Kids Channels

My kids love Youtube -- and frankly, what isn't there to love?  But I love to give a little "treat" of a video when they're doing a good job doing whatever it is I asked. My #1 favorite goes to Bored Shorts.  Man oh man my kids find this CRAZY funny.  A great one for a short break before they get … [Read More Here...]

How much I made blogging for income in August 2014

Blogging for Income: August Blog CFO Report

**Again, sorry if you hate these, but I think it's good info for the bloggers out there.  I blogged for 9 years before making much at all off this blog.  I love to blog.  I just like getting paid for it too. :)  I'm always looking for input though -- if you hate these, let me know! :) August was … [Read More Here...]

My favorite pot scrubbers. That's right. I love this pot scrubber, that's what my life has come to.

Favorites Friday

I bought stainless steel pans quite a while ago.... I love them.  I'm glad I made the change from non-stick, but {wait for it}.... *sometimes my kids don't wash them right after we're done cooking* {dramatic organ music}.  I'm left with an ugly, messy pan. I was using copper scrubbers, but … [Read More Here...]

Star Wars is a great family theme. There aer lots of options for larger families with a wide rang of ages

Star Wars Family Costumes

Hans.  I love you. I know. Best movie quote of all time.  Sadly, my husband did not want to be Hans Solo... Here's our version of Star Wars Family costumes.  Links for each family member inside. … [Read More Here...]

Get in your child's classroom and spy on them. You NEED the info, and you need to show your child that school is important to you.

Go Spy: Help in Your Child’s Classroom.

Hello, the name's Jane.  Jane Bond.  This is a crazy, crazy world we live in.  I need info.  Reliable intelligence I acquire on my own.  No second hand info here.  It's time to take the jump and parachute in on my own. To Kindergarten. … [Read More Here...]

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