Nursing School: {the school that shall not be named}

How nursing school was for me.  Do you want to be a nurse?  Come get honest details at Pulling Curls from an RN.Have you ever wondered… what was the happiest day of Hilary’s life?

Was it the birth of her firstborn?
Was it the day she married that prince charming Drew?
Perhaps having a girl child, or a giant child like Mr Middle.

Answer:  None of those.  My best day ever was the day I graduated from college.  I have never felt such a giant relief as I did that day. The toture, the constant checks of myself to make sure I was right… it was over.

I was done. [Read More Here...]

How Our Library Books Were Turned In and the Parable of the Oil Tanker

Life is a detour.Readers might remember the Parable of the Library Books.  It was actually something I clung to for much of the summer.  For a recap, Drew’s job (he is a band teacher) was turned part time at the end of the school year last year.  The school district just seemed to shrug their shoulders on his desperate pleas that he would still be WORKING full time, but not being paid for it (they took away his 2 piano classes, which are his easiest, he is still the marching band director).  We felt like there was something that would come along.  We know how it feels to know we’re going to move, and we didn’t feel like that.  But, that still left us getting 60% of a salary that was already quite low.  We had to just keep faith in our back pocket.

I actually did a lot better after that entry.

Church continued to be hard.  I’m not sure why.  Except that maybe Satan is real.  I could still hear the scream in my ears sometimes at church events, but I smiled through it.  Suffice it to say, it was hard to take a slap on something I had been SO vocal was a blessing of our faith.  I’m over it. :)  Mostly.

Ok, fast forward to the day before our trip to Utah — the end of June.  Drew comes home and tells me he has an interview, at 8:15, at a charter school that needs a part time teacher.  We had planned to leave at 5 am to beat the heat here.  Once again, I made a plan and God laughed at me.  I flipped out.  I was SO dang mad that we are FINALLY going somewhere as a family and this is RUINING IT.  but I relented.  Mostly.

We decided we’d pack the car and head out together while I got gas and breakfast for me and the kids while he interviewed.  His interview didn’t end until 10 (read: 2 extra hours in the car for me and the kids, and it was SO hot outside, no one wanted to get their wiggles out).  Drew said it was a great interview, and away we went.

Until I-17 closed, the one freeway that goes north from Phoenix.  There had been a oil rig turnover and we now faced a 3 hour detour, but we faced it with a smile and figured it was an adventure.

15 hours later from when we left our house, we arrived in Utah.

Fifteen. hours (it’s a 10 hour drive).

I was so tired, but we made it and we actually had to get up and go to Idaho the next day.  So, we packed up in the car and as we left my mom said, “well, at least you won’t have any detours today!”

Don’t say that.

There we were driving, and all the sudden a highway patrolman goes zig-zagging across the lanes slowing us down to a crawl.  We’re stopping.

We did go about 5 mph for about 5 minutes with Drew and me saying. “no. freaking. way!” but then the highway patrolman turned his lights off and sped up.  We were free to go.  I called my mom to tell her you NEVER say positive things to us, when we got a call over the bluetooth.  Drew got an offer on that job, it’s a job that fits perfectly into the hours he has available in the day, leaving him still free after school.  He even has Fridays off.

The library books were turned in.

Is it perfect? no.  I find myself dwelling on the imperfections and the uncertainty of it all sometimes.  Sometimes I mentally have to slap myself.

Life. isn’t. certain.

Life has imperfections, but we had a wonderful trip to Utah and we made it safe and sound.

Life is so terribly wonderful, and while the news is full of horrible things happening all over, I know that God knows each of us and watches out for every single one of us.

**As I re-read this entry it makes me sound like a brat, but I’m not one to hide how I feel.  It’s hard to smile when life gives you changes.  I’m not one to pretend like it’s easy.

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