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Ok, I would probably rather have the baby again than make him a birthday cake. I think the particularly saddest part of all of this is that I worked in a BAKERY for like 3 years in collge. I made and FROSTED cakes for a LIVING (which is perhaps why I finshed my job there only making like $5.05 an hour). Anyway, this is the birthday cake from last year and I am completely embarassed about it. It was cracked, the frosting wasn’t as blue as i would have preferred and I am the complete loser that bought those nasty Spiderman acessories. Sigh. So, I just pulled the cake out of the oven for this year. Conner chose a rich funfetti cake, for which he should be the envy of the block… However, they’re only like 1/2 in high and both have this psycho air bubble in them. I guess they’re 9 inch cake pans, and I am used to 8 in cake pans… but STILL. Oh well. That would be it, on the right… Have you seen anything so pitiful. My mom can’t even believe I sprung from her loins. OH well… it’s just cake, and it I can make a decent fronsting, it’ll all turn-out right… right?

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  1. says

    :-) I have giving up on baking homemade cakes. I’ve had the same cracked cake experience. Just have it be a suprise cake and they have to keep their eyes closed the whole time!

  2. Anonymous says

    Okay. Let me explain. You are MISSING THE POINT. It is not about the birthday CAKE. It is about the BIRTHDAY. Been and done the whole cake story. The whole thing is to make the CHILD feel great about having a birthday. And you are making it more special by BAKING THE CAKE YOURSELF. Conner won’t ever really remember the cake, itself. He will really only remember how you made him feel on his birthday. So even though you think that the cake is a total disaster, let Conner lick the beaters on the frosting. Let him tell you how it should be decorated. Add a little more frosting than you think you should to hold the whole dang thing together. Sing with gusto!! Open the wonderful presents, and just let it be the best day ever. Just take a minute and think back, and you will know that I am right. All you really want him to remember are the wonderful memories that you are creating. (And your mother is still sure that you came “from her loins”.) Just look at the schedule you are keeping and the cake you are making and the happy smile on Conner’s face as you sing the birthday song. It can all work out.
    Love, YOUR MOM

  3. says

    Hmmm…I was going to write something entirely different and then I read your mom’s comment. What a wise woman. I often get stuck in the minutiae…the stuff that doesn’t even matter…so thanks, Hilary’s mom for helping me to realize that!
    As for the cake…I stink, too. Joel is such a better cook than I am, that I have just finally relinquished it all to him. Sigh. But I’m still a good Mom…at least I hope I am!

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