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K, we went into Seattle on the second day for the Seattle Center and Pike’s market. I’d just like to add HOW FREAKING FAST you can go when your kids aren’t around. I mean, we did TWO things in ONE day, not possible with my centimeter/minute walking kids. Pure delight (thanks Kristen). After a bit of an ordeal to find parking, we took the monorail to the Seattle Center (a complex basically built around the space needle — which we did NOT pay 13 bucks — each — to go up in). I could see Drew wanting to go to the Science Fiction Museum and the Experience the Music. They were alright. At least the Science Fiction museum had some interesting things to see (you see Drew at the enterance here on the right) — Yoda, ET, costumes worn in specific movies. Of course, my Science Fiction knowledge is pretty much limited to some Star Trek and Star wars… but it was still fairly interesting. Then we went to the Experience the Music complex that is next to the Science Fiction museum. We (musical snobs that we are) decided it should be “experience the rock/pop” We (shreik) did get to see Britany SPEARS outfit that she wore in Oops I did it again (OMG… imagine how EXCITED Drew was). It was alright, air conditioned, and child-free. BAscially anything can be enjoyed under those cirucumstances. I have chosen to save one entire blog entry for our hotel that night, so I bid y’all adieu.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Wow – I am getting a great virtual tour of Seattle. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow is about. My husband would have liked the music museum. Look at all those guitars!!

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