Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update on past topics

Potty Training Many of you are concerned about how this is going. Besides a very nasty stint about a week ago (and the nice accident on Conner's first day) we have been doing really well. He has finished 1/2 of the ginormous dry pants check chart. He got some fancy superman underwear for his efforts (his choice, of course -- but DANG does he look cute with the little superman logo on his backside... trying to figure-out how to take a tasteful photo of that...). He is now in the stage where, when he has nothing to do, he'd like to see the disgusting insides of every restroom God has given us. Lucky, lucky me.
First Grade Just rockin' along. I was worried that Conner wasn't making friends. When I ask him how he's getting along with his peeps he doesn't have much to say. However, I talked with his super-fabulous teacher today and she says he's doing just fine. Now, if I could just get him to tell me what he's learning... besides PE, we'd be on the right track. I did notice that he STILL can not keep his bum planted in his chair for any set amount of time. I don't know what to do about it. I mean, every 5 minutes while we're at a meal I'm reminding him to sit down. I'm thinking of putting a bungie cord on him, just as a reminder. Anyone else's kid have that problem?

Oh, and as a final word -- Mervyn's is having the BEST sale EVER. I got 14 pieces for 42 bucks today. That's only one shirt for Drew (sadly, nothing for me) and the rest were for the kids, most being 2 or 4 bucks. Anyway, it was a rockin' good deal. Get on over there before 10 pm, see if you can find anything.

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  1. Bria can't sit still either. I nearly go crazy at the dinner table reminding her we can't eat and walk around. So now she's taken to asking to be excused every 5 minutes to "go to the bathroom"


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