Too Much

I recently heard that a very old friend’s parents are getting divorce. It hit me like they’d both died. I am so totally sad. Word on the street is that the dad had an affair. This is all coming to a head for me. On the scrapbook message board site I frequent SO many people’s husbands have had affairs, and at work there are 3 people getting divorced — I just feel like the world is anti-marriage.
I mean, don’t get me wrong — Drew and I have our own fair share of problems. I do feel like some people aren’t willing to work stuff out or deal with their issues. I also feel like sometimes one partner just takes it on themselves to ruin someone’s life by having an affair.
I’m just so sad, I don’t really have the words to say what I’m feeling, besides sad.
Perhaps it’s time to go to bed, being that it’s 8:53 and I am starting my fancy little diet and new work-out program tomorrow.

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    I think there’s a definite reason we have the Proclamation to the Family. The world does seem to be anti-marriage…I can’t believe how much of it I’ve seen in the past few years.

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    I’m sorry to hear that. We’ve had that very situation in our extended family and it just amazes me how the selfishness of one person can affect so many lives negatively. I agree with Lara – there’s definitely a reason we have the Proclamation at this time.