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It seems like I haven’t done my usual family home evening update in a while. We are working on the third article of faith this month, buyt I never showed y’all our family rules. Well, here they are in all their glory. Honestly, it’s been working pretty well. I am quick to keep my voice at an even decible and I’ve had a lot of backrubs and songs from the kids. I am glad for the decrease in yelling though. Sometimes our house just gets way too loud. Since we all voted the rules into our family it’s been easy to remind the boys that they agreed to it, and they seem to be fine with it. I recommend it highly. Our family motto is to have a Happy Eternal Family, so that’s why that’s at the top. So far, the rules are contributing to the motto, I think.

Last night our lesson was on prayer We are hoping that Spencer will learn to say the prayers a bit more on his own, and that our entire family will think about their prayers a little bit more. I know it’s something I could work on. I believe that prayer is SO important, and yet there are SO many days I forget it or say a useless one, while actually trying to figure out what to have for dinner. My mind just won’t shut-off. Anyway, it’s a goal of mine — praying, not shutting-off my mind. :) We ended with texas sheet cake, with TWO batches of frosting on it. Note to readers: Texas sheet cake frosting sets-up REALLY fast, so don’t have your six year old think that’s his part of the whole dessert-making process…. It STILL didn’t make it to the edges on try #2… and the cake is about 1/3 frosting and 2/3 cake…. but VERY enjoyable nevertheless. Thanks for the recipes my friends!
Happy Tuesday friends. I have a dentist appointment today… so if you find my limp lifeless body somewhere… it’s because I couldn’t take the drill. Or, that one of our tree trimming quote-givers killed me… or, that I was killed by our van door which opens only when it feels like it… really, there are a number of options.

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    Very good consequences with the rules. I like them.

    I have that problem of trying to pray while my mind is basically doing other things.

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    You are the master FHE giver! I always love reading your ideas because we are trying to be more regular ourselves about it and have good lessons. Awesome poster!

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    Awesome rules…love the blonde lady…is she singing or mad?????

    Our FHE was on prayer last night, too. Must have been the SWK lesson on SUnday got us all thinking. I have trouble staying focused…like I start to pray and it’s going well and then I say something and my mind takes off down that road and all of a sudden I’m a minute into this thought process and I remember I’m praying…you’re not alone! Making a goal to do better, though, is a good first step and I’m right there with you on that!

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