Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Forced Commenter

Sometimes I read blogs and I can't help myself but type away at how inane the post was.
So, I'd just like to mention that I love those posts on my own blog, I like re-thinking the way I'm thinking by seeing it through someone else's eyes.
Anyway, I just read this post:
Now, this isn't a great blog to read, but being that I'm a fairly conservative women I must admit I like a peek into their crazy on-the-edge-of-excommunication-lives (and I'm not saying that all the posts are that way -- nor do I read all the posts, just when I'm uber bored, or really wanting to avoid cleaning). I wouldn't recommend reading the blog to anyone - -but since this post doesn't deal with the church, but a ring I thought I'd just tell you how CRAZY these women are.
They have lots of posts about taking their garments off (btw, for my non-LDS friends, Garments are sacred underwear that we are able to wear once we go through the temple, and it reminds us of covenants that we make in the temple -- aka, promises we've made to god -- most of them just to be a good person, nothing crazy -- although, I will admit when I write sacred underwear I do get a little giggle in the back of my throat, but I digress -- I love my garments, they truly make me feel protected and whole).
ANYWAY, these women have a few posts on how they're not wearing their garments anymore and this particular post is about a woman who isn't going to wear her ring anymore, and THEN it hit me. Yes, sometimes I take my ring off -- if I'm going to knead bread, if I'm doing CRAZY dirty yard work, if I'm going someplace where it's going to be very cold and wet and I'm afraid it will slip off. But, once those activities are done, I put it back on. I enjoy wearing my ring, and it's the ONLY piece of jewlery that I wear most days. I like to think of Drew as my one little fancy thing in my life. :)
BUT, then it clued me in. Sometimes I take my garments off. If I'm going to sweat, if I'm having some post-partum hemorraging issues, but once that time is done they're right back on, and I took them off to preserve them (like I do my ring). These women take their ring off to show that they're their own woman, and they're doing the same thing with their G's.
So, I find that most of life is bound in our intentions on our actions. I was feeling guilty after readng their posts for ever taking the G's off (besides to shower, I'm totally fine with that part). I mean, will I somehow slip onto their path of self-destruction.
Doubtful... especially if it involes clots.
And yes, I am guessing this is more then most of you wanted to hear. BUT, back to the topic of the post, I commented for the first time on that blog to show these women how CRA-ZY they are. And I wonder if this woman is making a point of the non-garment wearing by the post, or if it is truly how she feels. I'll never know.
Unless, of course, she comes and comments on THIS post.


  1. I like your epiphany. It is interesting since both items are symbolic of very important promises we've made, either to God or to our husbands. To me, that doesn't in any way mean that I am not my own person. I am not understanding her line of thinking at all....but whatever.

    And, I can't even take off my ring at this point, unless I take a lot of time and lotion out of my life. :) I couldn't wear it at all the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and about a month after I had S I was really missing it...because it is very meaningful to me and I forced it on.

  2. I couldn't get through all of that other blog - too much thinking and self focus if you ask me! Your comment was funny too! In the Bible it says "out of the heart the mouth speaks" so if I was taking the time to comment out loud about some of those thigs on the blog I would check myself and see what is really going on in my heart. Our marriage and our comitment to God should not be taken lightly.

  3. If you think the authors of such posts are crazy and self-destructive you should avoid reading it. That said, did you notice a rebuttle to your comment by another reader mentioning that in the temple ceremony the rings are not exchanged? I'd have to say that's a good point. I felt like the author of The ring post values her husband and marriage just doesn't like some of the stereotypes the world puts on rings so she's protesting it. But there's nothing wrong with being fiercly loyal to ring wearing either. Huh interesting subject. Brandon lost his ring like three years ago and we still haven't got a replacement maybe it's time for ring shopping!


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