Welcome July

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So, some of you might wonder about the “role reversals” on my banner. July is a rare month, in that I work almost full time, and Drew spends some quality time at home with the boys.
And, frankly — we’re glad it lasts only about 2 months. I don’t do well working that much, and not having my hand in stuff at home, and Drew gets easily frustrated and wishes he had more of a “summer break.”
But, in the end it’s a win-win situation in that our bank account is ready to suffer through me working less during marching band season, Drew remembers how painful it can be to stay home with 2 little boys and I am reminded that home IS where I want to be.
So, for those of you who’d like to put your husband at home for a bit, I’ll have a few blog entries for you. Sometimes it is amusing to call him and hear him freaking out like I so often do…
It’s off to work right now. Wish me luck!

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    Ah…I did wonder a bit about the role reversals. Makes sense. Always good to have a reminder of where your roles should be, while padding your bank account at the same time. :)

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