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Some interesting things:
1. Checking out my keyword analysis today It is as follows:

  • malt shoppe provo, utah
  • pologomist in utah
  • sister beck controversy (interesting… had this a couple of times lately)
  • chastity fun (btw, don’t google this, take my word for it)
  • get drew’s curls
  • skinny cow ice cream on sale in utah albertsons
  • shad newson (sorry)
  • sister beck talk

2. The computer fast went really well today. I mean, I’m spending time with my kids, I’m getting more stuff done. Even though I plopped on the couch for a little tv this afternoon, I still count myself job well done.

3. Tonight was “fantastic Friday” (which was prior to a couple of years ago Super Saturday — I like it on Fridays better, works better for Drew and my schedules). I was driving to the church and just realized how grateful I am for a church that recognizes a few things: First, that women need to gather. It’s important to foster women’s friendships, to feel a community. Secondly, that women need to have creative outlets… I’m not really what I would consider crafty. However, I do love Fantastic Friday — we’re learning and making stuff. We’re chatting and eating soup. Frankly, it’s one of my most favorite activities of the year. Thanks you guys, for doing such a great job. Perhaps I’ll take pictures of what I made.

And now for some sleep. Flu shots are tomorrow. Give me strength… :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    If you’re not crafty, I don’t know who is–you’re an expert scrapbooker, a creative costume seamstress, you make amazing cards…the list goes on, need I say more?-C

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