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Today I’m giving the love to a blog that IS fairly popular… and I think I may have linked to it before:

I think a friend of mine showed me her blog (was it you Sarah?) and I’ve enjoyed it ever since…

5 adjectives:

1.  Pretty.  Shawni takes AMAZING pictures.  Really, super talented.  She also likes color and depth as much as I do.  And I like them a lot. :)

2.  Amazing.  I think that be virtue of the fact that she takes amazing photos, it’s easy to imagine that her life is entirely perfect (just like the pictures).  I’d like (or I THINK I’d like to) live in a place where all was perfect.  I think this about a lot of my photography friends blogs.  I know their lives aren’t perfect… but it’s easy to step into those photos like Mary Poppins does and think it’s all roses and honey. 

3.  Realistic.  Every now and then she does a post about everything that’s going wrong.  It toatally breaks #2 and somehow that makes me happy.  I am obviously quite shallow.

4.  Mormony.  She’s LDS and lives in AZ.  Also, her sister was a friend of mine here.  It’s nice to peek in on her world through her sister’s blog.  Also, her parents are the masterminds of “Joyschool” — its easy to think that their lives are perfect and Shawni breaks that down too. :)

5.  Mommy.  Everyone gest this adjective, but it’s rare that I read a blog that doesn’t have “mothering” at its core.  There’s just so much we can learn from other mothers.  Shawni has a special needs little girl and realizing all that she does for her makes me love mine own ever more.  Just like we learn in joyschool, she does seem to find a lot of joy in the sheer chaos that having 4 kids must entail.  A good reminder for myself. 😉

Anyway, go visit it, enjoy the eye candy.

Thanks for writing your blog Shawni, I really enjoy reading it.

As an update on our move towards independence, this morning I realized that Conner has lost 3 of his 5 jackets/sweatshirts.  I told him if he didn’t find at least 2 of them today he’d be paying for a new one (from the used kids store) out of his allowance.  He is very bitter.  I am very tired.

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  1. Sarah says

    Hi Hilary!
    Yes, it was me. I love her blog–it’s one of my regular reads. My favorite posts are the ones in which she talks about her crazy days, or how much goes wrong in one day. For some reason, it makes me feel better–like I’m not the only one who has days like that. On another note, I’m having FB withdrawals…however, I have done some chores around the house that really needed doing and I’m amazed at how much time I seem to have each day to get stuff done. :)

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